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  1. I do the set for life weekly with 4 lines a draw totaling £12 a week and occationally win £5-£10 and but due to the £175 million on the euro i will be playing £10 a draw (4 lines) cause you got to be in it to win it.
  2. I thought the law was they do not have to pay out which i completely do not agree with but he may not get the full amount so if i was him i would be careful to what he refuses and if he loses in court they may not pay out a thing!
  3. I guess you are talking about a tooth extraction and i had one a week before the first lockdown ended cause they were not allowed to use the drill. I had 2 injections which are relatively painless and after you go numb they get the tooth out. There is lots of jerking and pushing the tooth back and fore but the procedure is painless so i know what you are thinking cause i was concerned to. You do hear some bad noises and the gap seems huge when you feel it with your tongue (top - back - left) and eating does feel strange for a day but you do get used to it. You will be fine trust me, no need to worry.
  4. damn so excited then to be entered but i have bet blocker now so cant enter, Good luck to everyone who does
  5. Jackarmy


    just posted the same thing, i think so but not on youtube yet
  6. Is the live stream on tonight???
  7. Could you put the rally game on the list please
  8. i have a deposit limit on virgin games which i only play with £50 a week (set more if you can afford it) and i set a withdraw plan meaning if i say i make over £150 ill withdraw £150 and gamble what i have left. This has worked out in the past quite well (rarely) but i have withdrew £500 from this system last week, withdrawing £100 at a time. I have had issues in the past where i cancel the withdraw and cant even sleep knowing its there thinking i can double it and lost the lot and even called a friend to take my laptop for a day so it goes through when i had about $4000 on 888 so now once i run out of money with this system i just select cooldown which blocks me for 24 hours so by that time the money has gone through. This system works and you just gotta remember your more likely to lose than win otherwise they wont make any money so play for fun and not for a source of income. so just have fun and good luck in your future gambling.
  9. Looking forward to it. i dont know if your doing this but you kind of did last week when you select a slot you choose then spin the wheel then choose one and so on ........ anyway if you choosing some can you do that rally game, like that and still havnt got first yet . cheers
  10. could be dont have it on virgin games yet so cant check
  11. That rally racing slot. i wanna see what happens when you get first.
  12. Instead of doing an edited version Friday why dont you just do a live stream Friday instead or pick a day when your up for it? I know committing every Sunday must feel like work after a while when you wanna sit down and watch some tv or play on the PS4. Anyway thanks for your time on the past live streams and making lockdown Sundays enjoyable. #Good luck in your future videos
  13. instead of doing an edited version Friday why dont you just do a live stream Friday instead?
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