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  1. Hello @StopandStep, can we have abit of Ring of Odin or Genie Jackpot Wishmaker in a video soon? cheers
  2. First time I’ve personally seen this and I got it myself just playing silly 5p stake in the early hours of the morning. Never seen a 50x donut. X73 multi isn’t bad either@StopandStep
  3. Yeah it is difficult to bonus but certainly pays off if you hit it. Bit like Primal! How about primal as a suggested slot this week for your continuous bonus hunt? And how about a shoutout? Been watching your videos since day 1. Miss the old 20p roulette days and super gambler roulette @StopandStep
  4. Hello mate. Cheers for the reply. I cashed out and went to napoleon after this. Was playing on £5 stake and hit a bonus and won £600 on that. Added a screenshot of that.
  5. Crazy time finally paid for me! Had £2 on each of the bonuses. 10x come in on coin flip. Blue x250, Red x30. Lands on Blue and win £502. Forgot to screenshot the actual win but screenshotted the history! Get in
  6. Had two massive wins in the early hours of this morning on Ring of Odin and Primal. Both on £3 stake
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