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  1. Do you ever play the live casino games? I know you used to play the bookies roulette. I personally like the lightening roulette and the live blackjack!
  2. How times have changed!! I got into poker more than anything else and then 1 night while waiting to play a tournament i ended up talking to a guy about the slots and roulette (I was fairly new to the casinos), He told me to never bet against the wheel when playing roulette so i began with the odd £5 bet on red or black whatever it had been the time before! I missed my poker tournament and ended up playing roulette all night. Because i had only gone to play poker i only had £40 on me but i ended up leaving with £11000. Been very young and foolish i thought that if i could win £11000 from £40 how much would i win if i went back the day after with £1000 i won £1800 and started talking to another guy who was betting on the numbers and his payouts were huge compared to my even money so i thought i would give it ago and quickly proceeded to lose the lot! I only go to the casino once a month now and take £100 and once it has gone it is home time. i play slots when i go and it is normally only pharaohs fortune, lady luck charm and book
  3. Hi I have watched your videos for a long time and over time they have got more and more frequent. I was wondering what people’s background was eg jobs? How did you get started gambling? Do you still enjoy gambling? Are there actually any winners out there? Cheers
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