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  1. Ah maaaan was looking forward to it, only thing i look forward to on a sunday eve 😥. Maybe add sunday lives as an extra every week or maybe even once a month? I do however think should have maybe ended the lives at wnd of the month rather than an abrupt end? 😥
  2. My guess for tonights final balance is £868, good luck! 🤩🤞
  3. AmyLizS90


    to be fair that's usually our luck all over so was a nice suprise to get that, hope you do better next time 😃
  4. AmyLizS90


    Nice one!! 🙃
  5. AmyLizS90


    Thank you both 😄Well chuffed! Especially after a pretty poor bonus hunt of our own (only 4p on razor shark feature not even 0.5x! Now on our ban list lol)
  6. AmyLizS90


    Decided to follow your bonus hunt from your sunday live (17/5/20) and gave Napoleon a little go knowing its potential... well this happened on our first spin (of 25 auto) at 20p stake! #jumpingroundtheroom
  7. Thank you for the mini shoutout 🙂, Good Luck tonight! Guess at final balance £1,258. Look forward to your sunday eve live hunts, its nice to put a face to arcade videos. Your hunts inspire us to do our own mini bonus hunts (on min stake). Have had a few good decent wins even on the infamous Horus! Keep Safe and well. Amy, Raoul and Snoops (our pooch) from sunny seaside Dymchurch, Kent.
  8. Evening Darren! Hope all is well and greetings from Sunny Folkestone, Kent My guestimate for tonights final balance is £1,224 🙂
  9. Been watching for a while now and your inspiration for me and my other half to start doing bonus hunts of our own (on a lot lesser stake! Lol) My guess for this evening is £1,284 Shoutout if possible for Amy and Raoul in Folkestone, Kent
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