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  1. Doesn’t seem to popular in here but I really like Will from Hideous slots. My only problem on there is even though I love watched his live streams since the beginning I never feel comfortable commenting as you feel like your breaking into a friends circle.
  2. I just popped in to see if there was an answer to this. Prolly a little late now..
  3. A group pull would be great but not sure how it could be pulled off now with the 6 person rule. Instead I’d like to see you and Will finally go live together. Bring Bandit in as well if you could.
  4. Watched him a few times but it’s not for me. He seems to be getting a decent amount of subs now so good luck to him
  5. Im not sure it’s for YouTube to censor what we are allowed to watch and I’m certainly not happy they can remove all a Streamers content. Reference higher bets, they don’t attract me. I watch streamers that entertain me but I can see it helps to glamourise gambling. Watching bandit lose £20k on a gamble is heartbreaking but it’s his money, his choice.
  6. What’s everyone’s opinions about FB being dicks again over online streams. Bandit and hideous both had videos removed, now it looks like Ryanslots has lost his videos. So far it seems like Darren has been lucky. From what the others were saying they don’t actually know why they’d channels have been targeted.
  7. What does everyone think of the partitions that most amusements have now put in place? We went to one place in Torquay yesterday where they are clear plastic and are pretty hard to see. Got fed up banging my shoulder on them. Hoping a vaccine is found soon so we can all get back to normal.
  8. The best laid plans.. Wedding anniversary in 2 weeks so plan was to get a shout out for my lovely wife. That’ll teach me 😂 Thanks for all the videos. We all so wanted to see you get a BIG win live
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