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  1. When viewing the forum on a mobile device, I don’t see my thumbnail nor the notification icons to its left as shown in Darren’s screenshot. There is no indication that I am logged in, even though I am.
  2. As I am physically in the United States, I cannot participate. Good luck to everyone else. Let’s see those big wins!
  3. Hey Darren, Since it will be a while before you travel back to Las Vegas, I have a suggestion. Many slots that can be found in American casinos are also available online. Why don't you try a Virtual Vegas slots challenge for one of your Thursday videos? At Dream Vegas and Casimba, you can type in the name of a game provider and the site will list the slots. For slots in the US, search under IGT, Bally, WMS, or Scientific Games. Here's a sample list of slots that I made when browsing DV/Casimba: Cleopatra (IGT) Cleopatra Gold (IGT) Da Vinci Diamonds (IGT)
  4. Today we played at a casino in North Tahoe after a scenic drive around the lake. Unfortunately, no luck for me this time. $20 lost in video poker and another $4 lost playing minimum stake on Buffalo, just for fun. My mother had a couple of big wins during the free games on a slot called “Vegas Riches”. I have 2 pics of the first big win: Stake: $1.20 Win: $176.80 Finally, I want to share with you how prevalent William Hill is in the state of Nevada. Darren filmed one of the locations during his last trip to Vegas. Over the past several years, they have taken over many of
  5. We went to a different casino today. Similar set up with chairs missing and hand sanitizer, but also everyone had their temperature taken upon entering the building. First game I played was a Deuces Wild variant, which pays a huge premium for 4 deuces. I’ve played this game every year when I visit and still cannot get the 4 deuces here, even though I seem to get it elsewhere. I put $20 in and quickly built it up to around $50, mainly thanks to a couple of wild royals. Then I went back and forth between $40 and $50 for a while until I got a third wild royal. My balanced peaked at aroun
  6. At the one casino I went in, I noticed that every other slot had a chair missing, likely to encourage social distancing and not have people sit next to each other. Some of them had plexiglass in between. There is hand sanitizer at all entrances to the casino. Masks are mandatory. As for the 4 aces, this version of video poker is called “Double Double Bonus.” The payoffs for certain 4 of a kinds are increased at the expense of reducing the payoff for 2 pair to only money back, which makes it a very volatile game.
  7. Hey everyone, I’m on holiday in the Reno-Tahoe area for the rest of this week. My parents and I went to a casino in Carson City today, the first time I stepped inside a casino since the pandemic began. Played 2 sessions of video poker, with lunch in between. The first time, put $20 in, played until I was down to about $6 and got this for $100: I ended up cashing out $80. After lunch, I put another $20 in a different machine. The good luck continues when I was dealt this beauty: That’s $500 from a $1.25 stake! Cashed out at exactly $500. Walked away with
  8. Hey everyone! I'm not sure if Darren has read any of my comments in the chat, since they tend to get shuffled with everyone else's. I will go ahead and post them here on the forum. - Someone mentioned Fat Santa to Darren during the stream. I can confirm that it still exists, but is not available for UK residents. It still has the bonus buy, which likely explains why. - Also, 11 is considered a lucky number in our family as well, since it was the birthday of my late grandfather. I don't remember if Darren ever mentioned in a video why he likes #11. What do other people here have
  9. Seems that he has technical difficulties on YouTube. He was briefly on Twitch for only a minute until he realized YouTube was not working.
  10. Here in the US, every leisure establishment is closing. Las Vegas is completely shut down. The Governor of Nevada announced a mandatory closure of all hotels and casinos for one month. In California, nearly all tribal casinos have also closed. In the county where my father works, all non-essential businesses were forced to close, so my dad is now home for the next 2 weeks. My mother, who is employed in education, now works remotely from home, as campus is closed. Meanwhile, the bookies and arcades are apparently still open for Darren to record his videos. 😂
  11. It seems that a device of sorts is plugged into an actual machine, and with the camera pointing at the slot, the player playing online can transmit his/her wager and the game automatically spins the reels. I understand the confusion. I don't even know the best way to describe it, but I do have a couple of more links if you are curious. Official website of Softweave, scroll down to "live slots": https://www.softweave.net/ Wizard of Odds article on the subject: https://wizardofodds.com/online-casinos/live-dealer/slots/
  12. Hey guys, I just recently came across an article in my social media feed. For a while now, we have had the ability to choose how we want to play online roulette, blackjack, etc. (Virtual with RNG vs Live with real dealer). Now, we are seeing the introduction of "live slots," where you can remotely play a physical slot from the comfort of your own home. So far, this is only available at Hard Rock New Jersey online casino. If this expands to other sites and becomes available in the UK, would it be something you would try out? Here's a video I found that showcases it. What's your opinion?
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