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  1. 5th spin in the bonus - nearly a full screen of shields and helmets
  2. Hi Please could you do a video playing nothing but CR games slots. I play these a lot at a low stake (but they do bigger) and find they have good bonuses which pay well. Thank you David
  3. Hi could you play this in your bonus compilation. The bonus is really good the multiplier is on each symbol in a winning line - so say for example there are 3 mona lisa's in a win then the multiplyer for mona lisa's in a win goes to 3 and increases further when wins involve a mona lisa. Same for all the other symbols. Thank you David
  4. I've just discovered a great new game by No Limit City called Tomb of Nefertitti - you must try it really great bonus and base game features. Doesn't seem to be as volatile as the likes of Deadwood
  5. Hi Please could you play Gaelic Luck or Super Davinci Diamond lines - both have great bonuses Thank you David
  6. https://replay.pragmaticplay.net/ReplayService/replayGame.do?token=2072de26d4979b02a6f0fdb8901ec13581ded1913a15d92c6109e0e532b501f9
  7. No Braveheart. I got £50 odd in the bonus which I was more than happy with but I couldn't believe when 15x landed!!!
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