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  1. I just played my usual £5 worth of 40p and a screen virtually full of Montezuma top symbol came up and this is the result! I can't believe it, what a shock!
  2. Try The Cheshire Cat by Williams and try to get a 3 scatter, 4 scatter and 5 scatter bonus. The number of screens increase with scatters to a maximum of 4 bonus screens displayed David
  3. I normally do 40p stake but for some reason pressed start and it was at £1. Well the bonus came up 1st spin then in the bonus it re'd and this was my final total - virtually all from one spin!
  4. Hello I've found this game on William Hill called Collusus Cracpot - think you might like to give it a spin Not sure I even understand it!! David
  5. Never had much luck with this game but look what landed today!!! Pity it wasn't a bigger symbol
  6. Look at the multiplyer!! 40p stake as usual. Ran out of spins! David
  7. Please could you include Montezuma megaways and Luck of the Irish Fortune Spins megaways in a future bonus hunt thank you David
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