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  1. Just to start I do not work for and I am in no way affiliated with this company. This isn't an advert. But I use software for click intensive games, the software I use is Macro Recorder https://www.macrorecorder.com/ It's simple to use, there's loads of YouTube videos on it. You could use it to click the spin button over and over every few seconds to save you clicking. You have to keep an eye on it so you don't miss your bonuses and what not but it's a little easier.
  2. Afternoon Darren, hope you're doing well during this Lockdown (light). My list (And explanations as to why I've picked it) is: Wish Upon a Jackpot - Blueprint games bonus easy and this has some fun bonuses Dead or Alive 2 - You are due a huge win on that surely! Jamin' Jars - Same as Dead or Alive, you are due a huge win here too! Genie Jackpots Megaways - All the fun of Blueprint bonuses and megaways combined haha Slingo Centurion - A little different, mix it up :) 1 Million Megaways BC - I just love the art style and music, it plays like a normal Megaways slot Danger High Voltage - Again another one that pays big or pays nothing, take a gamble on it Deal or No Deal Golden Box - Try and hit the golden box Primal Megaways - Who DOESN'T love this game? Raging Rhinos RAMPAGE - A new variant on the old game, it's good fun
  3. I'm definitely missing them! We changed our takeaway night to Sunday so we could relax, watch Stop and Step and eat our tea haha
  4. I'm hoping you do well Darren, me and my girlfriend watch all your videos, Hoping you have a good day so I'm guessing We guess £1250
  5. Cheers mate I must have missed that I thought it was going crazy haha
  6. Am I losing my mind or did Darren forget to play Goonies on the live stream, I'm sure he won it but didn't play it? I was on the phone when he was playing on a call so I'm not 100% 😂
  7. Thanks for letting us know, better than keeping us hanging. Luckily I have been busy and missed your last video so at least I can get my slots fix 😂
  8. Hope it works, I can't stream twitch to my TV but I can YouTube 😂
  9. This one's a difficult one I think, go to the bookies, William Hill or Betfred, log in with a members card and play Wish Upon a Jackpot until you get the three pumpkins bonus. It exclusively for members, I've never seen it, never got it and I would love to see it!
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