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  1. O right yes I was wondering why lol thanks mate
  2. I was just wondering why everyone plays pure gold on 1 pound stake instead of the 2 pound ???
  3. Jnrboi

    Vampire desire

    First time I have ever won anything decent started with a £50 pounds win got the spiny wheel landed on the 3x banked £100 gambled the £50 for the bonus and finally got a 🎰 😁
  4. Jnrboi


    Something seem to be wrong it’s showing up on my phone I will have a look sorry guys
  5. Jnrboi


    Haven’t played it in a while forgot how good it was nice profit was £40 in 😁 IMG_7246.MOV
  6. Hopefully should be up now
  7. Jnrboi

    Good wins

    IMG_7124.MOV Was playing both machines and both came in at the same time 😁 over never seen rainbow riches play so well IMG_7125.MOV IMG_7126.MOV
  8. Was playing both machines and both came in at the same time 😁 IMG_7124.MOV
  9. Loving the long videos at the min Darren keep them coming buddy 😁
  10. Could do a £700 start with 7 different games playing at 7 pounds stake mate with possibly games with 7 in the title ?
  11. I’ve definitely had my share off losses too 🤭
  12. That’s exactly right mate was getting my haircut yesterday man off Hampshire 👍🏻
  13. Started little black jack then got some really nice Straight TRicast and Forecast past few months
  14. Had a really good year gambling so thought I would treat my self 😁
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