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  1. Kings of honour please mate. and shout out please Darren 👍🏻
  2. Couldn’t Believe my luck this morning went on who want to be a millionaire got the bonus within 3-4 spins got 750x but I was only on 40P stakes still got £300 back was over the moon then got bonus again gambled it and lost was ask the audience 85percent A and of course it was D with something like 6percent lol
  3. Can’t wait mate something to look forward too kings of honour please mate 👍🏻
  4. I even got a £358 win on el torro after watching your video mate 😂👍🏻
  5. Thanks mate, and yeah it was good win I would have liked to have seen this setup online to see what could off happened.
  6. Not complaining but I had 10 spins left with top symbol and it gave me just £500 over the maximum payout cap wondering what it would have paid to f no £500 cap ????
  7. I must off got 10 bonus none off the paid over 50 pounds
  8. Have never had a big win on this anyone got anything good off this game?
  9. Totally agree with all the above been to shopping centre with 2K in my pocket really wanted some new trainers but thought I could win the money for them obviously lost everything so if I would have just brought my trainers I could have went home with £1900 in the end I left with no trainers and £000 in my pocket.
  10. Definitely mate I get lucky now and again with 100-1 or 50-1 but never do anything else for me need to stop all together I think just find it really hard.
  11. I never really used them my self until this 2 pound stake came out roulette is a balance killer
  12. Has anyone been in Betfred in past week lost over £4500 on spinbar roulette and virtual horses couldn’t hit a number to save my life 🤢
  13. I witnessed this yesterday I fort il see if this works and it really does 🤣😂
  14. Any chance of kings of honour on this weeks bonus hunt mate please
  15. Sorry for not explaining they was my withdrawals lastyear I kept reversing them but walked with £37K
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