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  1. Could do a Β£700 start with 7 different games playing at 7 pounds stake mate with possibly games with 7 in the title ?
  2. I’ve definitely had my share off losses too 🀭
  3. That’s exactly right mate was getting my haircut yesterday man off Hampshire πŸ‘πŸ»
  4. Started little black jack then got some really nice Straight TRicast and Forecast past few months
  5. Had a really good year gambling so thought I would treat my self 😁
  6. Hi Darren was there a video yesterday because I can’t seem to find one ? Anyone else know ?
  7. Jnrboi


    Nice win tonight 😁
  8. Jnrboi

    Kings of honour

    It was in Betfred mate and was virtual at southfork park IMG_2615.MOV
  9. Jnrboi

    Kings of honour

    Yes mate £5000 up got a lucky forecast at 10-1 and second place was 80-1 what payed £469 I had £10 pound stake 😁
  10. Kings of honour does it again 😜 and then followed a Straight forecast paying Β£469 with Β£10 pounds on it My lucky day πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ» In total Β£5000 up today
  11. Sorry I got it wrong I just see him collecting his winnings he had munic to win he won just over 30k was good to see someone actually win something decent
  12. I witnessed a old bloke yesterday put £15,000 on Barcelona in my local Betfred 😿
  13. Definitely great feeling mate hopefully will see u play this but more often πŸ‘πŸ»
  14. Glad you took my advice with kings of honour mate I have also had the Β£500 roll in like that quite a few times well done mate.
  15. Definitely I like the big odds never know
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