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  1. Hi Darren! love watching your videos to get ideas of new slots to play. I’d never be able to afford £2 spins it’ll be nice to see you deposit £100 For a bonus hunt and do 20p or 40p spins only. The best I’ve done on that is Ted megaways 20p spin I won £89 and book of dead 20p spin and won £116! Just a video to show what we can win on the lowest steaks most I can deposit at one time is around £50-£100. A shoutout on your next video if you do try this would be amazing! My names Cheryl! Also who’s your favourite slot maker? Mine has to be lightning box I just think the payouts are decent xx
  2. Hi!!! Can you please play “Dolphin Gold Stellar Jackpots” 💰🐬💰🐬💰🐬💰🐬💰 & A Shout Out would be Amazeballs! HELLO DUDE! 👍🏻
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