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  1. Surely it will be the same as the Greyhound themed one. A multiplier opportunity?
  2. It's actually fruit Mad world not slots as I said at the start. Anyway. Today's video ends at excitement to have 500 quid in the balance as he was 700 in on 2 quid roulette. Guys needs proper help. Needs self exclusion. Suspect he's a lost cause. No idea where he is getting cash from if he's a bankrupt.
  3. He's definitely got a midlands accent. Might not be Brum but defo that or immediate surrounding area
  4. Fake money. No way they are making that much from sign ups
  5. Not aware of any machine that has only double zero roulette. They all have multiple roulette games and some are double but fairly sure all have single too. Looks like he is in Hills who definitely have single. Definite Addict too. Like IOW Tours bashes the screen manicly.
  6. Uploading bookies roulette videos to YouTube. Comments are turned off so can't ask direct but does anyone know why he is playing double zero roulette? Seems madness to do so
  7. I think I'm in a minority but I'd love a £100 Jackpot pub and arcade compilation video. Games like Batman Free Spins, One Hundred to One, Temple of Osiris, Austin Powers, Thai Princess, Slots of Gold, Luck of the Irish Free Spins. Few more as well but after a solid 3 months awayfrom the pubs I forget their names. Some only available in pubs and others only seem to appear on the i cabs. Not on the machines with Black Knight, Mushrooms, Friends, Martians etc
  8. £700 up over 3 days and a football bet in play. I'm done for FOBT now till a wekk Monday at least. Saving pennies for some Pub machine play.
  9. Yep. Same day as pubs and hairdressers. Got my barbers appointment for Thursday 9 July
  10. Chests all the way across pays well!
  11. Interesting. I suppose a lot will depend on where they are. That particular pub it is between the door to the ladies and the door to the disabled toilets. If the pool table is in use then it would also hinder the path to gents. The pub I usually start the night out in has more chance of having the machines on due to space.
  12. Thai Princess is much better as a cat c pub game as the wilds expand on £1 and the feature is more common. Gambled £99 off the feature for £100 JP once. Was having a bad session on it last week but it came good. Went on a mid value win streak. About £12 gambled to 14 spins which paid £90, £120 of feature and £150 off feature all off about fifty quid. Shame about the 300 put through before that 😂Love the feature on it and hitting 4 on pub terminal should pay jackpot. Might even have a video of the feature unless I deleted it No love at all for Thai Flower though.
  13. I can forgive that I suppose. For a legitimate reason.
  14. Frankie Boyle on Mock The Week while discussing the Large Hadron Collider: They don't need to build it. If they want to see something moving at a million miles per hour they can come round my house and look at the f*****g gas meter.
  15. Liverpool are champions of England 😁 You've all given us so much grief about how long it has been since the last time so yes we are going to be unbearable as you feared!
  16. Assuming machines have not been reset, replaced, or played by staff I know from a friendiin the pub night before lockdown that this machine still has all pots at £100. Table booked at a different venue late afternoon but wondering if there will be opportunity to hit it early afternoon. Not sure if the machines anywhere will even be on.
  17. Do you turn yours down? I usually have mine at the lowest setting that actually makes a noise. Really don't like it when someone in the shop is playing full volume and it's doubling annoying when you're having a stinker of a session and all you can hear are their free spins or the bell ring to signal a big win!!!
  18. DaveM

    Biggish Win

    Best ever win was a sports bet. Laid a £10k bet at 1.2 in Champions League Cricket. I was trading in play and within 10 minutes the team lost two wickets so I covered at evens to guarantee £4,500 whatever the result. Lucky and stupid as was chasing to cover a bad position and £2k was more than I could afford. Won £9k total on cricket in 3 months that year and gave £3k back in 3 weeks. Closed my Betfair account after the 3 weeks!
  19. Bought a 6 bag multi pack of Frisps. Got 7 bags in the pack. Oh, and I won £308 on Star Turns and £75 on Winfall
  20. Got a £2 bonus on Horus today. Retrigger. Didn't even get to the Eye. £50 win £8 of which was for triggering the feature 29 free spins. Lucky late Jackpot on Star Turns put me £50 up
  21. DaveM


    Are you classing the national due to its calendar date rather than specifically a flat race
  22. Kyc@ seems a common one. Seems weird live chat don't want to give you the address unless they use secure upload system rather than email.
  23. Flying visit today at lunch. WFH so 20 minutes instead of 90 seconds from the office. Stuck £90 in FOBT and a £10 BTTS & Result treble that pays £1,800 Lost £20 on Sparticus and in profit being was a little over £90 after Winfall. Went on Horus and was hovering thanks to 3 bonuses. Went in to a slide then with my 4th bonus
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