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  1. I'm hoping the lack of response is positive. No immediate return to rant/mourn must be good, right?
  2. Bandit yes but not Nickslots. He'll just piss off to some dive apartment in Malta funded by the casino where he can be an employee pretending he is gambling
  3. It could just be Corbett. Just tried to collect to card for £100.90 and got told they can't do it.
  4. What Bookie? I had £1,100 payout from Hills in March no trouble so if them it's a policy change. Also, when you get your money send a very strongly worded letter of complaint about their failure to prevent you from gambling. It's lucky this time you won but it could have been a losing session. As you have won It won't look like sour grapes at a loss and the accusation you wouldn't complain if you won cannot be used against you.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/nov/03/call-for-radical-overhaul-of-online-casinos-after-far-reaching-inquiry Won't be any time quick but if they push this through it will be massive
  6. Just won the £1 jackpot at Coral Island casino Blackpool. Was up for the weekend before filling the blackjack table and machine up but this win means I've spent 70 on food and drink in two full days. Very happy
  7. Anything for Somerset or Avon area?
  8. Birkenhead Hills closed too I noticed on Tuesday
  9. https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/genting-casino-bristol-2 Great deal, especially if you can stick your £5 on an evens chance roulette bet Not checked to see if it is on other locations too
  10. No. But I do have a four fold that pays 11k with one already secure and England RWC win the second
  11. I played similar odds in Dublin in the downstairs of a bar but only because I would have been the only punter in the titty bar upstairs
  12. A screen graphic error doesn't make it a scam. Screaming scam constantly devalues belief and legitimacy of serious claims.
  13. He won't even get that much. The % will be of the casino profits. And that's of course after all licensing operating staff costs etc have been accounted for.
  14. 699 to go Kaleyards Chester bites the dust
  15. I suspect its more along the lines of have this stuff visible on your person or in camera sight and we will give you money.
  16. He's a bellend. Plain and simple. And I don't say that as someone he has blocked. He hasn't blocked me and he is still a bellend. He's blatantly on the payroll. Who the f*ck has slot machine promotional posters on their wall?
  17. You're confusing random chance with equal chance. Fruit machines are compensated and carry the warning along the lines of 'May offer the player a choice were there is little chance of success' which is code for you are not winning unless we choose for you to win. Essentially the outcome is decided before you press the button. An FOBT that says it is random does not have that fix in place. However when you are on the 50/50 gamble it might have a random number generator from 1-100 and it might be 1-30 win and 31-100 lose for a double your money. You are betting to double your money and the result is random but it doesn't mean that you have an exactly equal chance. The third possibility, which is usually only on select games and in the gamble feature, is true random. This will be your exact odds gamble.
  18. I wouldn't be surprised to learn nicks lots is already there. Saw his recent video with his casino grounds hoody on and the poster for 300 shields in the background. Pure cringe and totally transparent he has a serious deal with the casino
  19. Thrilled to f*cking bits! Now addicts... Sorry... Streamers will have to do something else other than play fucking Chilli.
  20. DaveM


    Definitely. It is an instruction on how you want you favourite football team, Crewe, to launch an attack.
  21. Chip obviously ain't enjoying it too much. Said he has to do it but he really doesn't. He can take a day or two off if it is what he needs
  22. Not today sadly but 5 years ago on 21 September. It came up on Facebook memories... Hobart and Kolkata to win their T20 matches. Ospreys Northampton and Biarritz to cover their rugby union handicap (11, 11, & 7 respectively) Plzen, Roman, Airbus and PSV to win, 17 or fewer Grand Prix finishers, BTTS in Leicester v Man U, and finally BTTS in Chelsea v Man City. £5 bet £1364.15 won. Wasn't the final event to finish but this was the day Frank Lampard scored against Chelsea! And City were a man down at the time and it was about 5 minutes to go. Remember thinking with a man down the bet was doomed.
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