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  1. been watching your vids for at least 6 months but never registered here. I'm keen player myself but my biggest mistake is staying on the megaways games too long chasing the bonus..recently had 4500+ spins to get temple of treasure bonus which then paid me 5x324lines with a win of £6.60 at £1 stakes, Last week i started playing bonanza at 60p stakes. 1 week later - over SIX THOUSAND spins and still no bonus - about 75 teasers... Things i like about your vids : -Online - You keep it real with the stakes, I can afford £2 stakes myself so can sort of see what i might be able to win myself. -Your insane gambles at times especially the 5x and 10x multipliers. -(dont take it the wrong way!) You lose frequently in a single session like the rest of us. Ive stopped watching a few other streamers - their luck is insane and/or they have so much reserves in the bank they can keep increasing the stakes after losses to win back .
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