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  1. Cant watch live, but can you put the session up after on youtube to catch up on 🙂
  2. Buddy love only put up winning videos these days, so he'd probably be 30k in for that
  3. Nice, I had my last slot bash for a while on Monday. Won't be heading back in for a while, I've always loved the bonus on Monty
  4. I made a post about this game a few months ago, its bloody awful (excuse the pun). Takes ages for a bonus and when you get one, it pays naff all
  5. Thanks, I cant say I'll be rushing back to play it. It's hard to bonus and when it lands it's really rubbish, so it's on my band list
  6. That's pretty good, I've only really played it on fortune spins. The top bonus is normally pretty crap for me. The 2nd bonus always seems to be kinder.
  7. I liked the idea, but thought it was more fair to compare how soon/much they cost to bonus. Like genie jackpots megaways, took £500 to bonus. But I liked the concept was a bit different
  8. Wow, that seems incredible from the game I was playing earlier. sometimes I think games are a bit more generous when they are first uploaded on terminals. I’m sure it is just me being superstitious, but when reels of gold came out the first few months I was on a great run on the mega spins, then it went downhill very fast.
  9. I wondered what everyone’s opinion on vampires desire fobt was? I’ve never really fancied but I I found myself in the arcade today, after having a very good week last week on the Fobts and the football, I fancied a dabble on the slots (and a decent coffee). Anyway I mainly getting hammered on tai princess (£100 jackpot Version) before switching to reel king and making it even worse, after a poor win from 15 spins on 7 to burn, I thought I’ll give vampire desire a go on £2 fortune spins. What a mistake that was, spent all my footy winnings and the best part of £200 chasing a decent bonus, none of which paid over £40, I even had the bonus drop in with the top screen open (rare I’m sure) and that paid £29. I’ve seen s&s play this slot a few times and have always thought it looks shit, now I know how bad it is. Has anyone had a decent win on this game, it’s tricky to bonus and when you do get a bonus it seems crap!
  10. Oh yeah definitely, I rarely treat myself to some decent new clothes, but would allow the machine to swallow £2-£300
  11. I was in a Hills today, and wanted to load the machine with my monzo card only to be told they don’t accept monzo and to confirm I tried it on the chip and pin to no avail. Now I know that it works in both betfred and Lewis bookmakers, I’ve not tried coral or ladbrokes. But if Hills are so concerned about their shops why are they operating such poor infrastructure that’s refusing bank cards?
  12. What a joke some people are. Maybe I'm too honest, I really dont get the point in cheating
  13. God knows, I was flabbergasted when I saw all those scrolls donk out! Talk about an anti climax
  14. Online yes, in a bookies I guess it is different 😞
  15. So earlier I was having a cheeky pre Christmas go on reel king in hills. I got the ping across and 5 scrolls! I’ve had this just 3 or 4 times before and every time it’s paid jackpot, or very close, so when I see this I’m thinking Christmas is sorted! The guys at the next machine look over, “wow I’ve never seen 5 scrolls before,” I’m smiling to myself, thinking this is going to be good! The result?! A measly £40, so it will pay for a takeaway tonight and a couple of bottles of wine, but I was so disappointed! Has anyone else had the 5 reels before on the classic version of reel king?
  16. Youre right, the industry isn’t to blame for everything the fobts did, but they dramatically increased the amount of problem gamblers as well as gamblers access to the quick high stakes games with little or no responsible gambling or age checks., the wider gambling industry should have and could have put pressure on the bookies, but Gambling companies are powerful groups, they lobbied the government and politicians to prevent change. There are clearly gambling areas in decline, but the industry itself has adapted and is doing ok, looks at bet 365s chief exec earning £37,000 an hour! The uk does have relatively relaxed laws surrounding gambling compared to a lot of countries, unless you count Swaziland. As I said the tougher laws are a correction to the easements that was created back in 2007 which the wider industry should be blaming on the bookies failure to regulate themselves
  17. He’s 30?? Tough paper round!?
  18. Reel king is normally 94%. I’m not sure if it’s the same in coral as it’s slightly w more modern version than the “slotto”
  19. You reap what you sow, the gambling industry has had it so easy in the past ten-twenty years and they blew their opportunity to self regulate by letting the bookies continue to milk their fobt cash cow at the expense of society. Now the government has been belatedly pushed into action, so they are going to go in heavy handed. In my opinion the industry needs to look in the mirror, this is a problem of entirely their own making. If the entire industry had only took the issue of responsible gambling seriously the government wouldn't have had to step in.
  20. I get what you're staying, some people are only interested in the freebies, not the videos or channel. I guess it builds the channel and the viewer ship, which is only a good thing I can only report that I didnt win, as I couldn't watch live nor do I have a twitch handle.
  21. Leaders of free spins world 😉 I cant watch live. Will you pop it on YouTube afterwards 🙂
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