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  1. It's a majority though, not just most seats. I would expect the tories to won a comfortable majority, but they where much shorter under may and equally ahead the polls, so too short for me to touch it.
  2. Here's hoping. I cant see how there would be an issue, as the accounts department shouldn't check against self exclusion or anything.Fingers crossed. Ps does Corbett, still have pictures of ronnie corbett everywhere??
  3. Got to agree with you, some are terrible at the moment. Leaders of the free spins world appears to return under £20 on the bonus when I've played at £2. I had noticed they had knocked the rtp down to under 90% too!
  4. I enjoyed it apart from the megaways. It maybe controversial, but I find them boring, they're all pretty similar
  5. Yes, why would you like to minimise your chances of winning! Give the casino that bit extra!
  6. I just nipped into hills to pop on my football bet and noticed people playing double zero roulette. I thought "that's a wierd choice". Anyway I thought I'd have a dabble on a terminal and notice they only seem to have double zero roulette now. Another way to up their percentage by 3% I guess.
  7. Must admit a agree with you, to me it's an over used concept now.
  8. If you have a local bookies and the staff are friendly, you could always have a quiet word. When I worked in ladbrokes, we had a few regulars who would get sucked in to playing when they didnt want to. One fella was a real old timer, proper nice chap and had bet his couple of quid on the horses for decades. But when the machines came out he started to struggle and would always ask us to look out for him. Mind you if it was a 7ft fella who was built like a brick shithouse, I probably wouldn't have been so willing
  9. I agree with you on the percentages, I think I've said before it's like playing roulette, if you had a choice between American (with double zero) and European, you would pick European as it has a better RTP. Anyway, it was thanks to the low RTP on worms, that I played and got my jackpot on reel king 🙂
  10. Thanks, I dont think I'll ever see it again! I was expecting the guy to say it was a machine fault!
  11. Thanks mentholdan, it certainly does. I've not had a bet for around a month, and I just collected and walked out. Hopefully I'll stay out for another month! It certainly does look pretty!
  12. So I was just in my local hills (which is closing this Sunday) and they must have been having a closing down sale. I put £40 in one machine and it crashed, so switched to another and started playing reel king. On about the tenth press the machine stuttered and displayed the below screen! Didnt believe it was genuine until I took the ticket to the counter! I've never seen that screen before on reel king!
  13. I was just in hills and was about to play classic worms on £2 and noticed, it has gone from 92% to 89%. Ouch, not surprised its closing this Sunday!
  14. I loved the bandits videos in the past, they where fantastic. He went on a mental run of winning thousands and thousands and when he was losing he just upped the stake and basically won it back. That's why I stopped watching either it wasnt legit, or a massive loss was around the corner. I always found him enjoyable and a good laugh, I was subbed to him from the early days when he was doing a few pence spins on Bruce Lee etc. But when you see how his channel developed into the massive stake videos, you know how much they must make from affiliation. I enjoy Darren's channel as it's different a mix of online/arcade slots and bookies. I get a little annoyed when people on YouTube comment that he should just play online. Because then the channel could turn into the same as all the other generic online slot series.
  15. Haha, thanks I had my best result ever on the old version £20 mega spins back in the day (back to back £500). I've never done great on mighty. Is it Thursdays video or next weeks? Luck forward to seeing it! I'd also love to see napoleon, the game not the actual french emperor 🙃
  16. Oooh which version, classic, community or mighty?? I've not played slots since my last loss on bk community about a month ago. I've been doing terribly the past 6 months or so, it's just sucked all the fun out
  17. That's why I said a fiver, to get a fiver back... as in I'd just get my stake back, great value!
  18. Sorry to hear that mate. The vast majority of people who have gambled are down massively overall. The last few videos of stop and step at the bookies and arcades show how brutal these machines can be on just a £2 stake. It took me years to get my head around it, but as soon as you withdraw cash and head to the bookies/online that money is gone. When I occasionally play in shops now its normally because I'm bored, but I gamble less and less now and have made a plan to pay back all my outstanding debts etc. The crazy thing is if I added up all the money I've lost over the 15 years I've been gambling I could probably buy a full spec Tesla model X! A good place to start is gamcare, they have a handy webchat facility which is handy if you dont want to talk on the phone etc. They also can help with debt management etc. Good luck!
  19. I'm going to stick a fiver on Belguim, if they win I'll get a fiver back 🙄
  20. I'll be watching it on sky tonight and cheer them along for you. Bit of a pain it being played up at chester le street though because of the test.
  21. That's super quick by monzo. I've got a monzo card, but I've never used it! I use Santander and it normally takes 2 days, but it even clears on weekends and bank holidays, which is odd. When I banked with the coop it took 4-5 days. I stopped using them after someone stole my card details (prob from a bookies) and the fraud team didnt call me, despite them making several transactions for between £500 and £2000 in the space of a few hours.
  22. Not me either, I was hoping to see the lovely slot lady playing centurion in william hills, I wasnt even bothered about the prize 😅
  23. If I ever see you I may get you to play it for me. My luck if pretty bad with that game on £2 stake. I've scooped the £500 once and had a couple of £250s. But most of the time the bonus shafts me for £14 :(. Ps well done on your online win!
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