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  1. It's looking ever more likely that UK players will have a 2€ cap on online slots. Not if but when.
  2. As I'm probably the biggest Marc Bolan fan on the planet I was made up to see that a new tribute album to him called Angel Headed Hipster, Was advertised just before today's video. Made my day. A great album with huge stars paying tribute to Mr B.
  3. This whole weekend was a disaster 😭😭. Last week I banked £1400 winnings fron slots and horses, as Jim Bowen would say "that money is safe" 😁😁. Onwards and upwards. Its only lent.
  4. Only one of my horses to follow today, Blackheath 3.20 Leicester currently 13-2. Any suggestions for any others to make up a lucky 15?
  5. Lee Mack has a new TV series coming soon, Not Going In.
  6. If its any consolation I drew a blank today so you're not alone. £20 on each and not a sniff. I got the "attack" feature on Napoleon but could only land 2 scatters.
  7. Well the only thing that's going to suit Pinatubo is a slow run race and he's never going to get that. I really don't know where he goes from here, I can't see him going for the Breeders Cup mile. Yes he clearly stays a mile but not a yard more and the opposition know that if its a fast run race he won't stay. It must be really frustrating for the owners but hey its not like they need the money.
  8. After finally getting his head in front last time Pinatubo runs in France today and is a hot favourite to follow up. However, his recent win was at 7 furlongs and even though he may well stay the mile "I still have my doubts" I think Siskin is a viable proposition in the race. Proven at a mile I think he has the beating of Pinatubo and that's where my money is going today. I won't be disappointed if Pinatubo wins and proves me wrong but I think he has it all to do. Its all about opinions in the end, until 3.25 that is.
  9. I gave Napoleon a rest and tried fishing frenzy and got the bonus. My only strategy is £20 in and do 10 £2 auto spins, if nothing hits walk away. The shop I use is chock full of Chinese punters so the machines tend to get a hammering.
  10. None of my horses to follow run for ages and all of a sudden there are 4 running today so I put them in a lucky 15.
  11. Back in the bookies today to put my lucky 15 on, put £20 in the machine and this happened first spin. Went straight on to 100-1 roulette and bet £1 on 4 and 22 and 22 dropped straight in, cashed out £450.
  12. Nice win, enjoy your winnings.
  13. True, all my wins have been in the base game, I've had four bonuses on it this week, one for £2 and three for £1 none paid zero but the highest was a measly £14.
  14. By the way, don't copy me, I bet these stakes so you don't have to. 😂😂😂
  15. Don't forget the saliva swab. Nice one Dave,
  16. Just got back from putting my lucky 15s on today, another nice hit on the FOBTs £64 on Napoleon @ £2 spins £164 on Horus @ £1 spins and a few bits and bobs, cashed out £300. It's been a good week with over £1200 cashed out. Think il give them a rest for a while now.
  17. In the bookies today playing Napoleon on £2 stake, I was in for about £100 when I hit the solder and 3 wilds in a diamond formation. I was thinking that's a handy £140 or so but turned out to be £500 jackpot. I was forgetting each win was 6X 😁. Got my phone out to take a pic for the forum but forgot it was on auto spins. 🙄 Finally cashed out £650.
  18. I went into Betfred to collect my winnings from my lucky 15, handed the ticket over and the guy asked me "have you got a mask?" I told him it was in my car. He said "I can't pay you out because you haven't got a mask on". So I said to him you haven't got a mask on, we're separated by a full height plate glass screen and even if I was wearing a mask I'd still be handling this betting slip which I'm handing to you and then you'll be handling it. "I can't pay you if youre not wearing a mask" he continued. I left and went to the next nearest branch and collected it there and pulled £450 from the F
  19. The only person I ever watch on YouTube now is Andrew Camarata and he's got nothing to do with slots. I find the chat on the streams now is so infantile, I just wonder how old the average viewer is? About 11 I would imagine judging by the comments, "by the way Darren, can you give a shout out to Mike Hunt and Hugh Jarse" id like a quid for every time they come up. This is why The Bandit is the No. 1 streamer, he doesn't have live chat because he doesn't stream live and he entertains his viewers. If however you do have questions about Covid 19, Football, politics or any other current affairs t
  20. £1. A lucky 15 is 15 bets @ £1. 4 singles 6£1 doubles, 4 £1 trebles and 1 4 horse accumulator. If only one horse wins the odds for that horse are trebled. eg.. a 10-1 winner becomes 30-1. If however you only have 1 winner and one of the others is a non runner you only get the single odds plus the non runner. eg. £1 on a 10-1 returns £11 plus £1 on a 10-1 onto the non runner returns another £11, Total returns £22. Ask in the shop if you can take a price and get best odds. eg if you take 10-1 and the horse wins at 12-1 you get paid at the 12-1 odds.
  21. One winner and a non runner yesterday, my horse selections are on a par with Blind haze footy bets. A lucky 15 today and the non runner from yesterday is down to run today so he's back in??.
  22. Well done mate, I just can't bet in a "3 horse race" but well done.
  23. My niece is a betting shop manager, I asked her what her thoughts were on people filming in the shop. She replied "I couldn't give a fuck" so I suppose it just depends on the shop manager. Maybe it's just that I'm getting old, but if I were in any establishment, be it bookies, bar or restaurant or whatever, and I was told I couldn't do this or that, I'd never cross their threshold again. I'd rather spend my hard earned where it was appreciated and I was shown some respect. I'm 63, a while ago I was involved in a dispute in a car park over the stupidest of small incidents, a youngish guy, in hi
  24. Sorry mate, I follow blind haze. 😂😂😂
  25. Here's a paddy Power slip with all the info. I bet at betfred because of the enhanced odds if you only get 1 winner, eg 1 winner in a lucky 15 is 3x the odds, eg a 10-1 winner becomes 30-1, 1 winner in lucky 31 is 4x the odds and 5x the odds in a lucky 63 for just 1 winner. Different bookies offer different bonuses, always check with your bookie, it "can vary from branch to branch even with the same bookie" Some bookies will double your winnings if all your selections win.
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