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  1. I noticed there was no reply to this post, has nobody seen it. A mostly all black cast it's a bit like Roots meets Indiana Jones, give it a look its great fun.
  2. Nice one Rob, not my favourite game, in fact never played it myself. What's next on your bucket list of top level, Steamy, Sword and Grail??
  3. Mostly longish odds, I just wanted a fun bet today to watch on TV as I'm not working today. I've backed all of these in the past especially Sfumato and Misu Pete, sentimentality getting the better of me.
  4. Cut and fixed all the roof timbers today, had to cut all the firring strips "the wedge shaped pieces on top" by hand.
  5. If UK streamers are to be banned on Twitch surely its just a matter of time before YouTube follows, suit? It's complicated but as far as I can see anyone streaming slots with the £ sign in the bet or balance section will be blocked. Which means basically no streams on Twitch from UK streamers. Some streamers in the UK have been streaming slots from casinos NOT recognised by the UKGC.
  6. I'll tell you a little story. Rainbow Jazz is trained at the famous Loretta Lodge stables in Epsom, "just 5 minutes up the road from me" the stables were built by the late great Brian Swift who named the stables after his wife Loretta. The stables were then bought by an aquaintence of mine called Terry Mills, Terry was a self made millionaire who started out with 1 skip lorry. Terry didn't hold a trainers licence at the time so appointed a friend of mine, Wally Carter to train for him until he could get his trainers licence. I knew wally for some years, as we used to go to the pub together, Th
  7. The owner is a friend of mine, he heads a small syndicate. We lost in excess of 5k today. It, was looking like money back and a ok profit until it unseated the rider at the last when he looked sure to finish 3rd. Its a shame we lucked out it would have been nice to share a winner. The thing is now I'm dubious of passing on any info for fear of letting people down.
  8. Half an hour to go and your looking good on all 3 👍👍👍
  9. Does this apply to Spanish footy too? 😁
  10. I can barely pick 1 winner let alone 4, although I did put up a winner on Saturday. 😁
  11. If it doesn't win it will be in the curry.
  12. I'll be backing Rainbow Jazz in the 1.15 at Warwick tomorrow, current odds 12-1. I've been told its expected to run well and that's all I can pass on. If it gets beat it gets beat, dont shoot the messenger.
  13. I was just wondering if anyone else here has been watching Lovecraft Country on Netflix. Every once in a while a brilliant TV series comes along that just gets better with every episode and I would be interested on anyone's thoughts on the series. It's totally off the wall which is right up my street.
  14. I'm a mod on here but I've never ever blocked a post, there have only been 2 posts that I were going to block but when I got there Blind Haze had beaten me to it. 😭😭😭
  15. Nope, I've just got a big mouth. 😀 Seriously though, I like to talk, I like to share, have fun and not take life, or myself too seriously. I have been accused of being too critical of certain streamers but I think I've been honest in my comments and they have only got themselves to blame. "They" say they welcome criticism but when I do offer my two penny worth it's always the same old answer, "mods, take out the trash". 😁😁😁
  16. Actually it's gambling related, my mate bet me £400 I couldn't build his workshop in a day, the cheapest quote he got was £1200 so I'm not really sure who's the winner? 🤔🤔
  17. Back to work today, laid the first block at 8am, this pic was taken about 1pm, should have it finished by 5 or 6. Still got it at 63. 😎
  18. I never realised how similar my fish was to the one in the picture!! I caught mine at Furze Farm Fishery yesterday.
  19. Unlucky, finished 3rd. Only two for me today, Elarqam in the 2.50 Newmarket and Hey Jonesey in the 3.40 Ayr.
  20. My fishing frenzy today
  21. I had 4 £2 bonuses on FF on the FOBT the other day, biggest pay out was £29. 😭
  22. Well to be fair I've not been out much lately
  23. Not sure on how to post links, see if this works.
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