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  1. Look whatever floats your boat ghost I'm just saying it's a lot of hassle for ten quid especially if the person who signs up is right dildo and ponses about, it's a disaster waiting to happen. Ask your mates at home by all means but I wouldn't rely on anyone here. I don't mean the usual suspects of course but you only want some other idiot to balls it all up and as I say it turns into a right ball ache for the sake of a tenner. Just sayin'. 😁😁😁
  2. No disrespect but it's a lot of fucking about for a tenner, I mean what can you buy for a tenner these days? A packet of smokes, two beers, three late coffees or a blow job. 😁
  3. Or did you punch the machine, spit on it a d throw stools a roos the shop and abuse the staff. I've seen punters do that for less than a fiver😭😭
  4. There a cafe near me called Fat Boys Cafe, they do a breakfast called the Gutbuster that costs about £12 and if you clear the plate you don't have to pay
  5. I spend a lot of time on Twitch and YouTube looking at different streamers and I can't believe my eyes and ears sometimes. A guy called Ayzee, looks like early 20s, he looks lean and fit as a lad hiis age should but fuck me he NEVER EVER Stops going on about what's wrong with him. He's a hypochondriac, how such a young guy can be so unhealthy is just unbelievable, maybe he's after the sympathy vote. There some guy on Gabriel Slots, it's not Gabriel but a guy from Oz or NZ, jesus this guy is awful, if your suffering from insomnia put this guy on, you'll sleep for a week, and he keeps calling th
  6. Gone to Ladbrokes today, I'll try anything to turn things around.
  7. I don't care what anybody says, with the rise in popularity of slot streamers, slots returns and bonuses have diminished considerably. I had a bonus on FF the other day on £2 stake, paid £2, 1X?? I had 2 more bonuses on same stake and the biggest win was £9. That's 3 £2 Bonuses returned less than £20. I've also found that games bonus consistently better "more frequent" and pay much better X with £3 £4 £6 and £8 stake, anything under or over just takes the piss. Problem is you can only up the stakes when you have a rare big win on a lower stake. Also, I've had a lot of success on DOA II bonus a
  8. 3 out of 4 finished stone last. 😭😭😭
  9. Here's my lucky 15 for today, you'll have to excuse the handwriting, I went out and forgot my glasses and couldn't see a bloody thing. I felt bad when Rainbow Jazz got beat and didn't feel confident to put anything up for a while and wouldn't you know it, a few days later a horse I'd marked up here a few times this season as a horse to follow, "Mokaatil" finally won at 25-1. I had it in a lucky 15 as well but could only get two 6-1 seconds with it, if those two won it pays over 1k. Two of today's runners are from my horses to follow, Herculean and Nebuchadnezzar, the latter won at 10-1 when I
  10. Yes Luke, I have a card from paddy Power but firstly you can only cash out £300 per day and secondly with a cashout you can't reverse it now, it's too tempting when it's sitting there so a non reversible cash out made sense. Otherwise I may have been sitting here tonight, get bored and start playing again.
  11. I cashed out £500 on paddy Power earlier today and a message in pop up said the money is in now, if not it will be within the hour, I checked it that instant and it was in. I was then lucky enough to cashout another £500 just now and the pop up message was the funds will be in my account in 2 to 5 days. Go figure???
  12. My little nephew Frankie following in his uncles footsteps.
  13. My old mate Marc Bolan would have been 73 today, a magic man, a real grafter and very very generous person. Left us way too soon. Will be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in october/ November. I wonder where Slash gets his ideas from?
  14. Just watched the latest episode from Lovecraft Country, wow, what a show.
  15. Have a good one mate, don't forget to hold your plums.
  16. No mate I'm a "spread" plasterer but I can turn my hands to most things but these days you need certain papers to "sign off work" such as plumbing and heating and electrics, if you can't sign off your work then any insurance becomes invalid. Basically, legally I can install a bathroom suite or kitchen and do minor electrics such as in the pics but that's about it. On the up side my work is very varied which makes it less tedious doing the same thing week in week out. A few weeks ago I even dug out footings for an extension all by hand, manually carried 2 ton of ballast through the property and
  17. As you can see the floor is damp that's why I got the roof boards on and then covered it with a tarp. I can't put the fibreglass roof on until I'm sure there's no rain for 24 hours. I'm a plasterer by trade but don't enjoy it any more, I really enjoy carpentry but can't make much money at it as I'm a bit slow at it. I enjoy plumbing but don't have any certificates and at 63 I don't fancy sitting the exams.
  18. Boarded out the roof yesterday and decided to install the electrics today. Felt roofs are old hat now and the in thing now is fibreglass roofing. Never done one before so look g forward to the challenge.
  19. Yep, love Steve Buscemi, never seen him in a dud role.
  20. I don't watch many TV shows, but this, along with Better Call Saul and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel are my current favourites. Lovecraft and Mrs Maisel have great music.
  21. I saw the movie, not seen the series, I'll give it a look.
  22. All I've seen are content warnings and a do you wish to proceed option.
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