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  1. Racing from Dundalk is free today on racing TV, also, I can give you Time forms top rated selections for each race for nothing. Race 1 to 8 as follows 7 2 2 3 4 6 6 1
  2. OK, I have been reliably informed that if you get the bonus feature on Secret of the Stones max, on the bottom row, working from right to left, the the second, third and fourth stones in, one of these is definitely always a wild. So if you begin there, you have a 1 in 3 chance to get the wild. Make your own minds up but it's a handy thing to know.
  3. Instead of you two throwing your toys out of the pram why don't you explain to those that don't know how it does work. We are here to help each other not to insult each other. We would, all like to know thanks.
  4. Well I know that £100 can dissappear very quickly on small stakes but a small syndicate stream can last a lot longer and give a bigger chance of returns or a big win. It shouldn't be difficult to set something up along those lines
  5. The Eurovision song contest and Eastenders have been cancelled. There's an upside to everything.
  6. Has anyone ever done a club or syndicate stream? For example, Darren gets 10 members here to pay say £100 to join, all names are verified for the stream and a day and time is set for the live stream where the £1000 is wagered and any wins are later divided.???
  7. My local Betfred is usually rammed with Chinese, without sounding racist I've been giving that shop a wide berth.
  8. I've heard land based are all to be closed???
  9. Can I have the doll when you've finished with it? 😁😁
  10. The local £1 shop is selling hand sanitiser for £8 a bottle. When Morrisons had bread on offer for 50p per loaf I saw the owner of the pound shop and his missus coming out with 4 shopping trolleys of bread
  11. One winner and a 2nd, monry back plus £1. Retirement beckons, 😁
  12. I was teaching my granddaughter some self defence??? VID-20200304-WA0000.mp4
  13. It's not Cheltenham but it's something to watch on the telly.
  14. Mentholdan

    DOA 2

    Whenever I get the bonus I only play the 2 least volatile bonuses which generally pay well.
  15. The final scores. The King in the North + £236.31. Mentholdan. + £145.00. Loads of placed horses over the four days as well, and a couple of forecasts including the Gold Cup and even a 10-1 winner from me today at Fakenham "I had to get that in 😁". I don't know about you "Kingy" but I'm worn out mate.?
  16. That'll do nicely, pity I couldn't have put that in my picks 😜
  17. Absolutely mate, no disrespect to non racing fans but I doubt they realise we've actually worked the oracle here. It's extremely hard to find winners at the festival, I've often drawn a blank here. Hand on heart, I know we are having a bit of fun "and that's exactly what betting should be" but our little compo has made me study up that little bit more. Sometimes I'll ignore some horses form but these last few days I've read through every single one. That is the first winning nap although it should have been the second with Goshen 😭. Still 3 races to go though.
  18. King of the North £266.31 Mentholdan. £175.00
  19. Well done mate, a great race, Santini lost nothing in defeat, another forecast between us. 😁
  20. King of the North. £199.94 Mentholdan. £185.00.
  21. Very unlucky there King, stitched up like a kipper, the Irish did an AP O'brien on ya. 😥
  22. As it stands.... King of the North £209.94 Mentholdan. £195.00
  23. They've just shown a replay in slow motion and Goshen's front and rear hoofs got stuck together for a second, a freak accident I've never ever seen before.
  24. I hope none of the stable lads was going to ask Gary Moore for a sub tonight. . He's a miserable fucker when he's winning.
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