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  1. Well said King, I hope he reads your post, you talk a lot of sense. He should definitely NOT be banned from you tube though, we're not living in North Korea, 😁😁
  2. Well said King, I hope he reads your post, you talk a lot of sense.
  3. The only thing I know about rugby is that it's a game played by men with funny shaped balls.
  4. This was tonight's bet, one winner at 14-1 and a 2nd "waterproof" returned 28-1 did me out of about £450 still with triple odds for 1 winner a return of £43. A profit of £28.
  5. I've been watching the latest streams from over the weekend from the usual suspects. Most of them did their bollocks, Bandit especially, he ended up 50k down. For that reason I'm just depositing £20 a day for a bit of fun this week while they're running cold
  6. 😁😁😁 I've seen 4 on occasions never seen 5. When I first started playing it I thought they were bells.
  7. I play this game a lot on the Fobts and one thing I have noticed is that the Golden Portals seldom come out of the blue. For example when you start seeing one or two popping up often then they do seem to drop in soon after, not necessarily the same when playing on line. Anyone else noticed this??
  8. At the age of 63 I wouldn't mind betting I'm one of the oldest members here. My taste in music therefore is probably a bit different to you "young uns" Today is the 42nd anniversary of the death of Marc Bolan so today I'll be blasting out all my old Bolan vinyl on my old record player. Yup, still got one of them too.
  9. Send it to Roshtein and tell him that for a price he can put it on his blog and claim it was his own. 😁😁😁😁😁
  10. One winner on one ticket, 13-2 @ triple odds. 2 winners on the other ticket 12-1 & 16-1 for a total return of £271.50. Total profit. £241.50. 😁😁😁
  11. These are today's hopefuls, with very little confidence after yesterday.
  12. I went out this morning with £80 cash on me. I put on two £15 lucky 15s and as usual put the £10 change in the FOBT to play Horus. Got the bonus up for £1 and it paid £7 in total. Got it a gain for the same stake and it paid £90 then once more and it paid £267 "I filmed that one and tried to upload it here but got a message saying the file was too big" Anyway after that I went and bought a new drill for £150, put a few lines on the lottery and bought a few bottles of vaping liquid. I got home and emptied my pockets and counted out £320 on the table. I looked at the cash, thought of my 2 big wins this week, looked at my two lucky 15 slips and thought, "this just might be my week". Ah well, there's always tomorrow 😁😁😁
  13. That went well. 😭😭😭
  14. Machree has it all to do, he's practically drawn out in the car park, but stranger things have happened.
  15. Here's my other bet for what it's worth. 😁😁
  16. I don't want to let myself down. 🙏🙏🙏
  17. Trust me, I can't afford to do a £9 spin session either, my intension was to have 10 spins afrer picking up a nice win earlier. The base game paid so well that I just kept going. In the end I managed about 250 spins. At no point during the session was I down more than £90. If anyone out there is in a position to do a £9 spin session I'd be interested to know how the base game paid and or did it bonus. I'll have a other bash when the opportunity arises, I'm not going to waste my recent win trying. 😁
  18. I was watching Chipmonkz stream on YouTube where he was doing a bonus hunt. He cancelled the bonus hunt a little way in because it wasn't going as well as he expected. This is all wrong, the bad beats are just as important to see as the great wins if you want to show people the reality of playing slots. He seems to make up his own rules as he goes along. You can'tove the goalposts, to me it's just as bad as playing with fake money.
  19. Be careful, there's not enough room up Darren's arse for the 2 of us, even with a crow bar. 😁😁😁😁
  20. Hmm, imagine that on £9 🙏🙏🙏. I'm not in a million years suggesting to anyone to play it at £9 a go but... If I won a jackpot of say £500 on another game, I'd probably have a bash at 10 spins for £9 especially knowing how Liberal the game is with wilds In the base game, I think you'd be unlucky to lose the whole £90. It could be a game for say 4 like minded people to each ante up say £250 maybe once a month and give it a bash. Imagine getting 2 bonuses in those first100 spins, you Coul cover you're arse by doing the least volatile bonus game as well, if you didn't show a profit your losses would surely be minimal?? I think its vital to understand that the win ratio seems to be higher at the max stake.
  21. My selections aren't tips, they're just my fancies. All I can say is none of my choices are forlorn hopes, they are all more than capable of winning the races they are in, even "Sir Ron" in the St Leger. I've done my bit, now it's up to them. 😁😁😁
  22. My lucky 15 for tomorrow. Dazzling Dan. 1.50.Donny. 10-1 Machree 3.05 Chester. 16-1 Sir Ron Priestly 3.35 Donny. 8-1 Elarquam 4.15 Leopards Town. 3-1
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