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  1. No sign of "The King" I hope everything is OK. I drew a blank on Friday £70 loss. As The King is absent I didn't bother posting the selections yesterday and lo and behold I had three winners, 2/1 13/2 and the nap winning at 7/1. You can't make it up. No point putting today's selections up but just to say today's nap would be Proschema.
  2. I'm busy tomorrow morning so I'll put these up now and take a chance none of these will be non runners. 1.15 Tango Boy 1.50 On The Slopes 2.25 Mossy Fen 3.00 Tiger Roll 3.35 Polish. Nap 4.05 One True King. I've seen better cards at Cheltenham. 😁
  3. Yeah I'm glad you mentioned that because I'd forgotten all about it. I was on the phone today to my mate in Brighton, he likes a punt every day like myself. Anyway I mentioned it to him and he said the same as you about it happening before. I'd forgotten about that, I'm in my early 60s and tend to forget a lot things these days. 😩 I have on line accounts with PP, Coral, Bet 365, Sky Vegas, Video Slots Ladbrokes and Betfred. Ghost suggested I try Betfair so I went and signed up with them, only to realise I have an account with them too which I'd forgotten about 🤔 I've also discovered that I hav
  4. I would have been happy with double the odds. My biggest gripe is that it's Not a lucky 15, its a Yankee Plus, but the slip I filled out was a lucky 15 virtual slip. 😂
  5. Cheers stormy, my lucky 15 was just nags. Ironically the 35/1 winner was my own selection, the other 3 were tipsters picks, 2 seconds and a fourth. I never normally follow any tipsters but I didn't really fancy anything else so quickly shoved the other 3 with it. To me, an online account shows loyalty which SHOULD BE Rewarded.
  6. I just don't get why PP offer 3x one winner on a lucky 15 in the shops but only 1x for one winner on line? Those who know their bets will understand that this bet is called a Yankee Plus, Lucky 15 the clue is in the title. The virtual betting slip you click on to place your bet actually says Lucky 15 and not Yankee Plus. You would have thought you would get better offers from betti g on line? A lucky 63 in Betfred shops pays 5x for 1 winner, I hate to think what PP would pay on line.? Anyway they're the losers, my account is closed now, NEVER AGAIN.
  7. Cool, I'll deffo give it a look when I get home, on a roof at the moment. 😁😁
  8. None taken, I prefer to bet with "what they used to call" the big 4. Also, as far as I know there are no slots on betfair and I want to keepy horse bets and slot play on the one account. I will give it a look though. I don't understand it but I'll try and get my head round it, I'm one of those guys that needs things explained to him, "only once" 😎
  9. Closed my PP account and opened up an account with Betfred.
  10. Had a lucky 15 on my PP online account, only 1 winner at 35-1 here's a screenshot of what they paid into my account. If this is a lucky 15 I'd like to know what's so lucky about it?? The betting slip is found under the Lucky 15 banner on the app. but it should just be called a Yankee Plus. BTW there is no longer a contact number for PP to call about bet queries, only via email???
  11. I hope they are both well mate, boy or girl BTW?
  12. Hello stranger, how's life treating you?
  13. Luka Romero current Real Mallorca striker, 15 years old.
  14. As a Real Mallorca supporter I was surprised to hear from a pal of mine that their last game was shown live on YouTube. I would have thought there would be more than a few infringements by showing the game live but I decided to check just to see if tonight's game was also being shown live on YouTube. Sure enough there it is. This is all new to me but maybe you guys know of other games being shown live on a weekly basis?
  15. Imagine if Biden were to lose to one of the most hated men in the world. 😎😎😎
  16. It's very clear that it's easier to get a 0 X bonus on Any slot than it is to get a wild line or 5 scatters on any game. Put it this way, I've had more than my share of 0 X bonuses, as I'm sure most of you guys have too, but I've never ever hit a wild line or 5 scatters on any game. My dream wild lines are BOD, DOA 2 and Captain Venture.
  17. I lived in Mallorca for over 20 years, was a season ticket holder for most of that time. Its great to see them 2nd in the Spanish league 2 this season after being relegated from La Liga last season. They played some great football a d were very unlucky to be relegated. Let's hope they can go straight back up this season. Highlits for me were getting to the final of the last ever Cup Winners Cup final which was played at Villa Park which I flew over for. They lost to Sven Eriksons Lazio even though they played the better that night. They knocked out Ajax and Chelsea en route to the final. The r
  18. Already looking like Biden just has to turn up.
  19. I wish I had that problem. 😭
  20. 3 lucky 15s today, only small ones to while away the afternoon. I've done one with short priced horses, one with mid range prices and the other with longshots. Had an 8-1 winner yesterday so things may be about to turn around. 🙄
  21. I'm trying to imagine Frodon coming up that hill and repelling the challengers bearing down on him from two out and it just don't work for me. As for Faugheen, I'm now imagining all those England games where they go in losing at half time and the panellists saying how England can turn it around and they come out in the second half and play just as shit as they did in the first half. Faugheen the machine will need a bloody good engineer. Not impossible but highly unlikely. Almost 6 months till the Gold Cup, plenty of time to make your mind up. On a personal note, I'd really like to see Venetia
  22. Eye od horus is a classic example, practically every spin is one reel off a win and the bonus symbol is a blocker for a win most times.
  23. Done a lucky 15 today for something to watch on TV. Aintree has been kind to me in the past so fingers crossed.
  24. Diabolical, 1st fence fallers and the nap pulling up after 2 furlongs. I switched over after the racing to watch the movie Secretariat and I wouldn't have been surprised to see him get beat 😁 Standout prospect of the meeting was I Am Maximus, standout performance was easily Frodon, can we have a female Gold Cup winning jockey for 2021? Never in my wildist dreams can I see him winning a Gold Cup, so all things being equal you all better lump on him now. Aintree tomorrow, a lucky track for me normally. 😎
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