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  1. Half an hour to go and your looking good on all 3 👍👍👍
  2. Does this apply to Spanish footy too? 😁
  3. I can barely pick 1 winner let alone 4, although I did put up a winner on Saturday. 😁
  4. If it doesn't win it will be in the curry.
  5. I'll be backing Rainbow Jazz in the 1.15 at Warwick tomorrow, current odds 12-1. I've been told its expected to run well and that's all I can pass on. If it gets beat it gets beat, dont shoot the messenger.
  6. I was just wondering if anyone else here has been watching Lovecraft Country on Netflix. Every once in a while a brilliant TV series comes along that just gets better with every episode and I would be interested on anyone's thoughts on the series. It's totally off the wall which is right up my street.
  7. I'm a mod on here but I've never ever blocked a post, there have only been 2 posts that I were going to block but when I got there Blind Haze had beaten me to it. 😭😭😭
  8. Nope, I've just got a big mouth. 😀 Seriously though, I like to talk, I like to share, have fun and not take life, or myself too seriously. I have been accused of being too critical of certain streamers but I think I've been honest in my comments and they have only got themselves to blame. "They" say they welcome criticism but when I do offer my two penny worth it's always the same old answer, "mods, take out the trash". 😁😁😁
  9. Actually it's gambling related, my mate bet me £400 I couldn't build his workshop in a day, the cheapest quote he got was £1200 so I'm not really sure who's the winner? 🤔🤔
  10. Back to work today, laid the first block at 8am, this pic was taken about 1pm, should have it finished by 5 or 6. Still got it at 63. 😎
  11. I never realised how similar my fish was to the one in the picture!! I caught mine at Furze Farm Fishery yesterday.
  12. Unlucky, finished 3rd. Only two for me today, Elarqam in the 2.50 Newmarket and Hey Jonesey in the 3.40 Ayr.
  13. My fishing frenzy today
  14. I had 4 £2 bonuses on FF on the FOBT the other day, biggest pay out was £29. 😭
  15. Well to be fair I've not been out much lately
  16. Not sure on how to post links, see if this works.
  17. It's looking ever more likely that UK players will have a 2€ cap on online slots. Not if but when.
  18. As I'm probably the biggest Marc Bolan fan on the planet I was made up to see that a new tribute album to him called Angel Headed Hipster, Was advertised just before today's video. Made my day. A great album with huge stars paying tribute to Mr B.
  19. This whole weekend was a disaster 😭😭. Last week I banked £1400 winnings fron slots and horses, as Jim Bowen would say "that money is safe" 😁😁. Onwards and upwards. Its only lent.
  20. Only one of my horses to follow today, Blackheath 3.20 Leicester currently 13-2. Any suggestions for any others to make up a lucky 15?
  21. Lee Mack has a new TV series coming soon, Not Going In.
  22. If its any consolation I drew a blank today so you're not alone. £20 on each and not a sniff. I got the "attack" feature on Napoleon but could only land 2 scatters.
  23. Well the only thing that's going to suit Pinatubo is a slow run race and he's never going to get that. I really don't know where he goes from here, I can't see him going for the Breeders Cup mile. Yes he clearly stays a mile but not a yard more and the opposition know that if its a fast run race he won't stay. It must be really frustrating for the owners but hey its not like they need the money.
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