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  1. I watched the movie "Stardust" last night, its a biopic of the early days of Bowies career. The story was very good but where the hell did they get these actors from? Marc Bolan looked more like a bricklayer! And as for the scene where Bolan is offering Bowie some LSD ?? err, I don't think so, Bolan was too scared to take an aspirin let alone LSD. It also kind of hinted that they didn't like each other, Marc and Deeb were best mates from the age of 16, Deeb was Godfather to Marc's son after he died and literally paid for his upbringing. Also Angie Bowie was American but was played by anE
  2. I'm a big softee, put the tree up for them today, just look at their little faces. How can I moan about the expense when I spunk so much on punting?
  3. Top of the league now, I hope they can start to put some distance between the teams below them and eventually get automatic promotion, I hate play offs. Its a long long season though.
  4. Had a smart meter installed yesterday, bloody useless. Two days and not one bonus.
  5. I've told my little nephews they won't be getting any presents this year as Santa is self isolating.
  6. I ordered a pack of toilet rolls on Amazon and got 6 PS5s. 😭
  7. Sad to hear that Maradona has died, I saw him play live many times. I also saw George Best play live loads of times and I can't separate them. Greatest players I've seen play live. =1 Diego Maradonna =1George Best 2 Christian Ronaldo 3 Lionel Messi. Best was always in my local bookies in his later years, gambling mad.
  8. Shishkin beat 3 fairly average horses the other day, had to shorten his stride on more than one occasion, was "fairly impressive" but its early days yet. Pretty sure he'll have one more run before Cheltenham we'll know more then.
  9. I don't need a hamper, already got my turkey, plucked it and stuffed it, only have to kill it and cook it.
  10. There's spend and there's wagering. You can deposit £500, get a big win say like Darren did of 2.5k and then gamble all that away. Initial deposit of £500 becomes a 3k wager. Total loss = 3k but actual money from initial deposit lost is the £500.
  11. Been in a punky nostalgia mood today, The Damned and The Ramones, a bit of Siouxie, Joan Jett and The Runaways. The Damned The Ramones and The Runaways all released classic debut albums, if you think you're not a fan of punk try giving those 3 albums a listen, you might just change your mind.
  12. Mallorca missed the chance to go top of la liga smart bank when held to a 0-0 draw at home to Sporting Gijon. Mallorca have the best defensive record of any club in Europe, only conceding 2 goals so far this season. Mallorca have Betfred emblazoned on their shirts and Sporting have William Hill as their sponsors kinda funny to see in an all Spanish game 😁.
  13. Just a heads up. Any of you guys receiving spam emails for penis enlarging pills, don't bother, they don't work.
  14. I thought of you when "kettle" won. Seems to like/ be well suited to the track.
  15. I backed Bushy Park today, 15 mins. before the off, took 7-1 ended up winning at 7/4!!! Now that's what you call a gamble. Apparently it was 16-1 this morning.
  16. Stone last, reminds me of my selections 😂
  17. If I had my way I'd ban anyone under 18 from Any form of gambling, and drinking, driving, getting married and joining the armed forces.
  18. Same old England, woeful. Little creativity and time after time the wide men receiving the ball and passing it square or back. They keep playing these little triangles on the wing and eventually giving the ball away. A player should NOT be running to receive a pass, it should come straight to feet. Apart from Grealish the best midfielder we have is Harry Kane. It's saying something when your main striker is a better midfielder than anyone else in the team. Plenty of great haircuts and tattoos but not much football.
  19. By the way the game was LIVE ON YOUTUBE again this week.
  20. Second in the league now. Luka Romero celebrates his 16th birthday on Tuesday. Made his Premier League debut at 15 when he came on as a sub against Real Madrid. They call him the New Messi??? Big boots to fill.
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