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  1. I agree with all of that and The Bandit seems to have gone AWOL this week, licking his wounds perhaps. I've watched all the usual suspects latest streams and videos this weekend and they're all below par. I really felt sorry for Jordan this week in the Chipmonkz slot battle, after it was all over he really looked like he wished he hadn't of won when Chip spat the dummy out.
  2. You had to be here earlier, just my sense of hour. Nothing really, just some idiot here.
  3. Who remembers Piegate? Sutton United reserve keeper 8-1 to eat a pie during the game. He ate the pie and lost his job "He was forced to resign" I didn't get paid out!
  4. Love, marriage, fortune etc.
  5. We haven't left yet?
  6. Forgot to mention that when I withdrew the £2k from my bank, apart from signing for it I had to produce my driving licence which they photocopied. This is the bank I visit at least 3 times a week and I'm on first name terms with all the staff. They said its a formality nowadays. News to me.
  7. I had no idea where the money came from and didn't want to know, as far as I was concerned it was my good fortune and someone else's hard luck. It could have been something simple as someone saving their pound coins over a few years and it could just as easily have been a stash that someone had robbed from a clubs fruit machines or something like that. I often wondered if the person who put it there had died or forgot or even a thief who hid it there and then got banged up for some other crime. I used to get up to £100 for a scrap car as long as I had the "log book" if I ever saw a car that was dirty or had flat tyres that looked like it hadn't been moved for ages I just put one of my cards under the wipers and hope to get a call back. I did so many I honestly can't remember where I got it. You'd be amazed at some of the cars people asked me to take away, BMWs, Mercedes, Jaguars, only needed a valet, nothing wrong with them, nothing worth more than £1500 or £2k but neverthess some really nice cars. BTW when I won the 2k from Paddy Power a couple of weeks ago I went to the bank and withdrew the lot, I had to sign a form to withdraw it. Being self employed it all has to be accounted for, easy to explain but not so easy to be believed. I used to be VAT registered and was investigated once, Customs and Excise came to my office and removed all the drawers from the filing cabinets. I was honest and had an accountant so no problems that time.
  8. A few years back I used to collect and scrap cars for people. It wasn't uncommon to have an old banger on my drive. One particular old Ford fiesta was sitting there for a few months and my partner kept on nagging me to get rid of it as it was an eyesore, I relented but it had four very good tyres on it so I jacked it up and took the wheels off. The spare in the boot looked unused so I thought great I'll whip that out too. When I took it out there were two biscuit tins hidden underneath and when I opened them they were full of pound coins, almost £3.5k in total. I never told the missus, I just hid them in the shed and everyday I'd take about £100 of them and feed them in the FOBT and print the ticket. You can't begin to imagine how difficult that can be, I had to go to a different shop in a different location every day and dropping 100 coins in a machine quietly isn't exactly easy. One little shop was my favourite because it was just one guy and when the shop had just one or two punters in he would ask if anyone wanted a bet in an upcoming race because he used to stand outside and have a smoke, as soon as he was outside the shop I'd shovel them in like nobody's business.
  9. Hi Darren, I would recommend Fishing Frenzy Megaways and Book of the Irish on line, Fishing Frenzy can give multiple scatters for more spins and I think Book of Irish will be right up your street as its got a gamble feature which you can exchange for free spins, it's not uncommon to RETRIGGER either and can pay very well, it also pays regularly in the base game allowing for plenty of gambles for free spins.
  10. Nothing special with mine, it's just the title of a song, "The lilac hand of Mentholdan" My old dad God rest his soul had a team of labourers working for him, their nicknames, "which everybody knew them as and always called them by were" Chuckles, Slash, Long Harry, Bingo Charlie and Porky. Nobody paid tax in them days. 😁😁
  11. If I were gay and from Dorset I'd be Queen of the South. 😁😁😁
  12. Fanny Logan proved to be a class above the others by a long way. Pattern races for her in the future, the world is her lobster.
  13. SH Boom finished 2nd last. All I can hope is it was just a bad day because next time it will be a huge price.
  14. Every now and then a horse pops out of the page at me. SH Boom is the one today, slowly getting the hang of things with every run. Even if it doesn't win today it surely won't be long before it gets its head in front. It's just a hunch nowhere near certain but I've had £50 on to win. Fingers crossed.
  15. Went out at 9am, paid my monthly broadband bill £43 another bill for £40 put £20 diesel in the car, had a coffee and cake with my niece in the high street £10. Two lucky 15s in Betfred £30 Took the car to the garage for two new tyres and wheel alignment £151 stopped at Sainsbury on the way home bought a couple of towels and a few groceries £40. Got home and locked the f*****g door behind me in case anybody else came on the "earhole" wow,! Just over £300 for an average day. If I didn't have a win I'd be in shit Street in a week. The lucky 15s turned out fruitless. I swear being a gambler is harder than digging ditches. 😁😁😁
  16. It's like a status table. I shall be keeping a sharp eye out for the postman bringing my gold star badge. 😁😁😁😁😁
  17. For me, playing slots is winning a few quid while having fun, with the added bonus of maybe hitting a nice payout in the base game and a huge payout in the bonus game. But here's the thing, if you don't hit a nice base game win or get a bonus very early on, you're just chasing money hoping to break even. Basically the fun has gone out of it pretty soon after you started. If you keep chasing you can very quickly get yourself in the crapper. We all play for fun and to get a buzz but essentially we all do it to win money. Playing slots is a marathon not a sprint but a fast start can give you a massive advantage. I found that a hell of a lot of times I lose to begin with, then claw back to levels and so on and so on but I just can't seem to get my nose in front.
  18. He's a good dancer though, he's got all the moves. 😎😎😎😎
  19. Who wants to be a millionaire I'm guessing.??
  20. Before that I was playing 100-1 roulette, £3 on 14 & 22 with that crazy sliding green and red bar, "first time I've ever played that thing" anyway, I hit both numbers within a few spins, it cost me a nice few quid to get there mind. I ended up cashing out £1200 all in all.
  21. I'm typing this whilst in Betfred now. Just hit the bonus on Horus for £2 twice on the trot. First one paid jackpot and the second paid £301. 😋😋😋
  22. Well said King, I hope he reads your post, you talk a lot of sense. He should definitely NOT be banned from you tube though, we're not living in North Korea, 😁😁
  23. Well said King, I hope he reads your post, you talk a lot of sense.
  24. The only thing I know about rugby is that it's a game played by men with funny shaped balls.
  25. This was tonight's bet, one winner at 14-1 and a 2nd "waterproof" returned 28-1 did me out of about £450 still with triple odds for 1 winner a return of £43. A profit of £28.
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