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  1. Hi all, I don't know about you guys but I always try to buy something when I have a decent win. In the past year I bought a large screen TV and a couple of matching leather sofas for the lounge out of winnings. In the past I've bought a laptop, a new phone and stuff like that. A couple of years ago I bought a BMW from winnings, it was only a used 3 series but a nice enough motor. Past experience has taught me that if its sitting in the bank I'll only lose it back in the long run so it makes sense to have something to show for it. The most enjoyable time I had from a decent win was funding a tr
  2. I won a bonus on eye of horus on a £20 spin. Got the win for the three golden portals and then sweet FA, not a sausage in 12 spins. I'm so unlucky, next doors TV interferes with my electric drill.
  3. Skardu duly obliged and recouped losses previous in the week. Got boxed in for most of the race but was maneuvered to the outside and won a shade comfortably. Will probably run in the 1000gns now. Tomorrow's bet for me is a win patent. Ayutthaya. 4.00 Ripon. 8/1 Zabeel Prince. 4.10 Newmkt. 11/2 Machree 5.45 Ripon. 5/1 All prices are approx. Current odds.
  4. Besides, we know what he looks like because of his caricature on the you tube videos, he's obviously Asian with big bulging eyeballs.
  5. I was in my local watering hole playing for the darts team. Some bloke I've never seen before comes up to me and, asks me which one of our team is Mark P******* which is me. So I'm saying who wants to know, why do you want to know, Ive never heard of him, I mean, I would never tell a stranger who I was or anything come to that. He went off scratching his head and me saying "nosey b******" At the break we're having our sarnies and this bloke grabs a microphone and announces that I had become a member of the 180 club after scoring one the week before and presented me with a metal pin. I f
  6. I think that may be just a tad intrusive?
  7. It's all about good TV. Yer man cant waste 30 mins of you tube time trying to get a bonus, a bit boring for the viewer. Yes you can edit but it involves time getting bonuses and more time editing. Also, as I keep saying, treat these videos as learning about the game, after all you have no cash interest in it.
  8. I very seldom bet each way but I did today, just before the off it drifted to almost double its odds so I had a dabble each way. I get best odds so the win bet wasn't affected, all irrevelant now of course as it finished 6th. I would like to point out though that I'm not putting them up as TIPS, I just thought it would be fun to post my bets for anyone interested to see. I'm always interested in others opinions. Another thing that I always stand by is that when there's interference the best horse normally always wins regardless. A few years back though I backed Jacqueline's Qu
  9. If you think Bookmakers are bandits you should try dealing with funeral directors! f*** me. Take my advice people, make sure your kin are well insured. A morbid subject I know, they say you can't take it with you but somebody close sure can. The Vikings had the right idea.
  10. Newmarket 1.50 Blackheath. 7-1 This horse is ultra consistent, will act on the going, improving. Having its first run this season but that will not be a problem as it won first time out last year. When I back a horse I don't spend too much time worrying about the opposition, I just concentrate on knowing what my selection is capable of. I've had £140 win but at 7-1 is a great each way bet too.
  11. I remember a slot called photo finish where if you got the feature you had to press the button exactly when the two horses heads cross ad the line together. They also had a greyhound version as well.
  12. Mustang Gold is entertaining, has a bonus that also includes a Grand, Major, Minor and Mini jackpots.
  13. I just remembered an unusual one that happened about 12 years or so ago now, maybe longer, your memory lapses as you get older lol. I was sitting outside a small bar where I lived in a place called Santa Ponsa in Mallorca. The bar was called the Rising Sun. Anyway, I was having a coffee with Alan Hudson, ex Chelsea and England player, a bit of a lad in his time but a brilliant player and really nice guy. While we were chatting away, you couldn't make it up, the then Mallorca manager Hector Cuper came strolling by. I'm a very forward person so I called out to him and asked if we could take a ph
  14. What a rotten week, can't buy a win on anything and my team Real Mallorca are in a play off position but could only manage a draw away to Numancia thanks to an early own goal. I watched the game and they were all over Numancia and bossed the game and posession. Sigh.
  15. The coffin is being nailed, screwed, chained and padlocked.
  16. Cool, buying the eggs has saved your Bacon. 😎
  17. Had a £1 lucky 15 on the nags today. No strong selections really, just something to pass the time on TV. San Satiro 12-1 2.25 Wincanton. All Good Things 7-1 2.40 Stratford. Silent Steps 6-1 3.45 Stratford Misdflight 13-2 4.50 Stratford. All best odds at Betfred.
  18. Shame on you Gambling on a Sunday 😁
  19. That's what I like about forums, great little nuggets to be told. In the 80s I bought a racehorse, it was a yearling filly, I'll post the story later.
  20. Oh great news, that would be about the same odds as me getting 4 winners in a lucky 15 then, or shagging Sophie Ellis Bextor? 😁
  21. I have quite a few friends who play Bingo regularly, usually at the big name halls. I find it quite boring but you can get a drink there and food and slots of course. I suppose I've been about 50 times in my life, I'm 62 btw, spending about £20 on average on books. I've never ever won a bean, not one line. Any bingo stories?
  22. Working and living in Mallorca I met loads of famous people, they seem to let their guard down outside the UK. Sting, Joan Collins, Mike Oldfield, Agnetha from ABBA, Isabella Rosselini "the most beautiful woman I've ever met" Michael Owen, Bonnie Tyler, John Noakes, Jamie and Louise Redknap, "she was by far the nicest person, said help yourself to tea and biscuits or make yourself a sandwich, really pleasant" and quite a few more, but the most interesting person I ever met was Enoch Powell, while I was on the tube here in London. The nastiest was Sting, my mate told him to F*** off. I on
  23. Ha ha this is so funny and ironic. Watching someone who has a shed load of money playing the slots who's not inconvenienced if he wins or loses. I want to see him win because when he bets he bets with raw cash, but most importantly I just want to see proof that you can hit a whopper jackpot for a Pavarotti. It's like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow
  24. When betting shops were made legal the government literally issued bookmakers a licence to print money. What the government should have adopted is a tote system where all bets for any event go into a pot and winnings shared evenly, with the equity going back in to government coffers therefore aiding the economy. I can't see betting shops lasting, I think in the not too distant future they'll be as rare as rocking horse doo dah. I have no sympathy whatsoever for them. My neice works for Ladbrokes, she often works alone, gets spat at, sworn at, has stools thrown at the glass partition and verbal
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