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  1. A bit rubbish the system today with only 1 winner and 2 seconds but it was just a bit of fun. With systems you have to make it a long term thing and stick with it through thick and thin. Monday is usually rubbish for quality racing and tomorrow is no exception. I thought it would be a waste of time even looking at tomorrow's cards but would you Adam and Eve it, there's one lurking in the 7.10 at Thirsk's evening meeting. Orions Bow is the selection, this horse hasn't won since 2016 which means he's slid down the handicap significantly but he has won at this course and over this distance
  2. Are you going to sort some T shirts out? Working in construction I can't have enough Tees in the summer months, 🌞
  3. Has a body got a pic of the game or is there any footage?
  4. My beloved Real Mallorca won away at Malaga yesterday to put them in with a chance of automatic promotion to La Liga. When I lived there I was a season ticket holder for almost 20 years, during which time we got to the final of the cup winners cup, only to be beaten by Lazio in the final at Villa Park. We finished 2nd to Barcelona in the league and reached the Champions league. The great thing about the team was that they were very accessible, they ate in a restaurant just a few yards from my apartment after home games and they met up before the home games just a few miles from me in a place c
  5. OK thanks for that, it was bugging me.
  6. I was watch a live feed by Chipmonkz on YouTube and someone asked "who would win a fight between Chipmonkz, Stopandstep and the Bandit"? This is the mentality of the viewers.
  7. Where does the name Stopandstep come from, any particular reason?
  8. Mostly luckys, 15, 31, and 63s, I don't bet singles anymore. My argument all along is that they're always banging on about offers and pushes and why you should always bet with them and this happens. "£59" not £590 or £5900.
  9. OK these are what the system selected for tomorrow. The system was devised by a guy called Van Der Wheil who went by the pseudonym The Flying Dutchman. Pytilla 3.55 Salisbury 11/2 Purple Paddy 5.40 Sal. 7/1 Shawaamekh 4.55 Wetherby 7/1 Uncle Norman 5.25 Weth. 12/1 £1win lucky 15. Tot. £15 Warning Fire 3.05 Weth. 4/1 Rich Cummings 4.25 Weth. 15/8 Ice Gala 5.10 Sal. 3/1 Steel River 5.55 Weth. 11/4 £1win lucky 15. 8 selections I've grouped into two lucky 15s, 4 longest prices in the first and 4 shortest prices in the second. It would cost fa
  10. A load of crap today, two 2nds and a loser from the big guns and my value bets supplied just 1 2nd at 12-1. One of mine even collapsed and died after the race which about sums the day up. There are no selections at all tomorrow as racing is desperate but what I'm going to do is this... About 45 years ago I came across a system for picking horses. The first time I ever put into practice it gave three winners out of three, this was just before Xmas so it came in well handy. I'll work out the systems selections for tomorrow and put them up just for fun. I will back them myself, I have to pu
  11. I suppose its like switching on the TV to watch a movie, you ain't going to get a blockbuster on every night
  12. You can put the groundsheet and camping gaz away, 2-0 to Sheffield and 5 mins to play.
  13. I went to Betfred with my neighbour this morning, he drove, I left my car at home. I took £10 in cash and a winnIng slip for £59 and £66 in bets for today which I filled out at home, Handed over my slip only to be told they can't pay me because their server is down. I asked them to call head office, which they did, and they told me they still can't do anything. I phoned customer services on my mobile and explained the situation, also that my winning ticket was now 25 hours old. They said there's nothing they can do. I said that I'm In the shop now, watching some bald headed bastard call
  14. Have to totally agree with you there, I'm pretty sure I know him too, his voice is familiar which I seem to recognise from a certain gambling circle and that guy was a right nimrod, a mover in if you know what I mean?
  15. OK, I called my workmate for you to find out exactly what happened with his wife. She did the same as you, self exclusion. She signed up months later with another casino but unknown to her it was affiliated. She lost 4k before winning 12k. They would not pay out. She contacted ombudsmen and the gambling commission, she eventually got her initial deposit back. NEVER GOT HER WINNINGS. Sorry. 😂
  16. Hi, my friends wife did exactly the same as you, she NEVER got paid out. Thry happily took her money while she lost 4K, she then won 12K and they refused to pay.
  17. The goal average could be flattened out in an hour or so?
  18. Well if we all liked the same thing it would be a boring old world. Also, I think Darren as good as said he'll do a much longer session next time so that would need editing down. I bet that bird spinning the wheel could crack walnuts between her knees when she was 4. 😆
  19. I really enjoyed that today, its not all over in the blink of an eye and it looks fun to play. But I'm thinking a perm might be the answer. I'm not a numbers man so maybe someone else could come up with a bet strategy. Great to watch tho.
  20. Tomorrow, first the big guns. Lord Oberon, 2.05 Haydock 9/2. Ledham, 4.50 Haydock 7/2. Sucellus, 5.00 Leicester. Evens. For me a £5 win patent, £35. My value bets. Jossies Hill, 2.25 Sandown 16/1. Intisaab, 2.55 Ripon 18/1. Beware the Bear, 3.35 Sandown 12/1. Baasha, 3.55 Leicester 10/1. Roar, 5.10 Doncaster 11/1. £1 win lucky 31, £31. That's a total outlay of £66 for me tomorrow.
  21. The Big O, In Dreams, I sing that every time I put a bet on.
  22. Forgot to mention today's profit. Bet, £31 returns £48.75, profit 17.45.
  23. Well, I'm not a happy bunny, 3 winners, a second in a photo finish and the other finished 4th Felix, "oh so tenderly ridden" more like schooling in public. That is definitely the one to go into the notebook. Towards the rear most of the way, made some headway on the outside and then just ridden out hands and heels to the line, no whip??? Next time out over 11 or 12 furlongs, but hey I'm not the only one to witness it. I'm going to have a fun bet tonight in the 7.00 at Chelstow on Dalaman. £5 each way.
  24. All advertising is offset in taxes, and sponsorship. If you have a product you need to sell it. All the big bookies collude and manipulate odds. They are dishonest and unfair.
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