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  1. I can just picture it "here's paedo Pete from behind the bushes" 😁
  2. I found some old photos today whilst rummaging through some old junk. The first one is Our filly Gotcher trained by Wally Carter andTerry Mills, the second is the Tack room at Loretta Lodge, our colours are the blue with yellow braces and just to the left are Terry's own colours, claret with gold sleeves and blue cap. The last pic is of my old mate Howard Jenkins with my mum, probably taken somewhere like Lakeside on one of our nights out. Howard is younger brother of trainer John Jenkins. Howard was a NH jockey at the time and an amazingly nice guy, everyone liked him. Last I heard he was li
  3. At the club it would be a £20-£50 buy in, depending which night, with a buy in option after the first break. Of course there were plenty of nice friendly people and funny enough you would get to know people better when you went out during the breaks for a ciggie rather than at the table. I only ever saw one woman playing and I think she was married to one of the players. When you think about it, it's difficult for poker to be a social affair when it starts at 8pm and finishes in the early hours. I never understood why the guys playing poker would want to play other games on their I pads and ph
  4. As a ps to the above, you would be amazed how intimidating other players try to be with their gobby chat, fucking arseholes some of them, I never used to say a word at the table when they try to wind me up, I'd just glare at them and try and stare them out. I was sitting on the button one night with pocket ace's, the guy to my right was fumbling with all his chips and they fell onto the table. He says "arrr what happens now" the dealer told him sorry mate they have to stay as they're all over the line. So obviously I call him and the bastard had pocket Kings. I went mad, calling him all the na
  5. I played regularly at the Royal Surrey Poker Club, real good players there. I came second once picked up £500. Also used to play in the local pub on Tuesday nights, 8 of us. The brother of Mike Brewer from Wheeler Dealers played in our school, he's a professional magician, he was allowed to play but not allowed to deal. I kid you not. I like to vape since I packed the cigs in years ago and you can't even do that in pubs so I doubt if I'll ever play again in the pub or the Royal Surrey. The other drawback at the Royal Surrey was it kicked off at 8 and wouldn't finish most night's till 2 or 3 am
  6. I'm so unlucky, next doors tv interferes with my electric drill.
  7. My ex wife once said why don't I use her vital statistics for my lottery numbers, I told her the numbers only go up to 59 and you can't have the same number 3 times.
  8. Did a lucky 15 today, nothing strongly fancied just something to watch on TV this afternoon.
  9. 0-1 Mallorca, had to wait till the 90th minute but we'll worth it, goal of the season without a doubt. Ronaldo would be proud.
  10. Big game tonight, 6 pointer away to Almeria. I'll settle for a draw.
  11. I keep telling my young neice to do a lucky dip every lotto draw, with 2 kids and another on the way it's a no brainer for the price of a coffee.
  12. Well I'll have it when available, you can catch covid more than once remember. So if its opinions you're after, get it done.
  13. I forgot to do the lottery tonight for the first time in years, had 3 numbers up. I don't care about the £25 it's just the irony of it. My dad did the same numbers since the lottery started and when he died I carried on doing them. The most I / we ever got was 4 numbers.
  14. What a mod would say in their other job. Would you like fries with that? Deliveroo! Going up? Any other suggestions....
  15. I'm beginning to think that this is a scam 😭
  16. Just been to the High Street here in Sutton Surrey, Betfred open as usual, all terminals and FOBTs open, newspapers pinned up and tellys on. And collected my winnings from a month old slip.
  17. I was getting worried this year as due to covid 19 I have done hardly any work since March but I just got an email saying that if I send my bank details I'll get 1.1 million dollars owed to me. So that's Christmas sorted.
  18. You can collect your winnings but not if you've been in twice already, you just have to wait till the following day. The rules are simple.... 1 Go in. 2 Place your bets. 3 Fuck off. No tables, chairs or TV. Not even with the best odds screen?????? Reminds me of the bookies back in the 60s and 70s.
  19. Mallorcas wonder kid gets his first goal after coming on as a sub on Sunday evening. 16 years old. 1166475279_LukaRomerovsUDLogros(29-11-2020)HistoricGoal!HD_HD(1).mp4
  20. Never mind the hampers, I wanna know if he wears oven gloves and what his favourite pie is.
  21. Good to see everyone reading the chat carefully. 🤔🤔🤔
  22. I didn't know there was one.
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