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  1. The most popular phrase used by streamers, "I wasn't expecting that!"
  2. Very nice hit 😁😁
  3. Hi guys, as bloke who lives on his own and in his early 60s I can easily go a whole day without chatting to anyone. Anyone that is apart from the shop assistant who serves me or the cashier in the bookies. It's nice to have this little forum to chat generally about something we all have a mutual interest in or even show someone and share with them the good fortune you've had that day. In the relatively short time I've been posting you kind of get to know the other members and soon work out which of them is on a similar wavelength to yourself and who has a similar sense of humour. Also, as other members release little titbits of information about themselves you build a kind of mental picture of them. I find myself picking up the phone more often now just to see if something new and interesting has been posted. 😁😁
  4. 3 winners today, I just can't get all 4 😭😭😭
  5. Bollocks, yeah very sorry, still well worth the watch though. 😁
  6. Oops, never thought I might be spoiling it for others, sorry guys
  7. Well done on the bonus hunt mate, almost 2k profit for 3 hours work. Keep that up and you'll soon be in the same wage bracket as Seaton Slots. 😁😁😁
  8. Bought a 40p bonus on Kong Megaways at Coral today.
  9. Happy Birthday mate, stick to Horus, 50p spins.
  10. I've always been the same as you but relented just this once.
  11. Got the bonus on DOAII and decided to play the least volatile of the bonus games. Got a nice multiplier and the 5 bonus games too.
  12. Way to go, nicee to think you made £200 on top of a days wages.
  13. My little nugget that works for me is I ALWAYS start with 50p stake. My game is Horus and only Horus "once in a blue moon I play roulette but only ever 100-1 roulette. You just can't justify playing Horus and getting the bonus on £2 spins and winning a tenner and then playing at 50p a spin and winning £170 on the bonus. So it's 50p spins for me and ONLY UP THE ANTE after a decent win. BTW pro raising seems to work often on Horus.
  14. Firstly, I too would like to offer my condolences for your tragic loss. Your story is the polar opposite of Fergs recent post. Your wife's passing has contributed to pushing you over the edge whilst his problem could ultimately wreck his marriage. What I will say though is that the fact you make good money doesn't justify the huge losses you've had. That money still has to be paid back. You could end up losing on your own what you and your wife had built up over the years and that's not fair on her. You know exactly what you should do or you wouldn't be posting here but I know all to well its not that simple. So my advice might surprise you. If you can't stop then all I would say is when you do have a win "because nobody loses all the time" cash out immediately. That way the money is in limbo for two or three days and you can't lose it back. Good luck in all ways.
  15. I should have heeded the warning, not one in the frame today. Saying that, three of my original selections were non runners so I had to sub them. I spent hours going through the form last night for nothing.
  16. Yeah, I Learnt from my dad. 😁
  17. I did a Barry Manilow and made it through the rain.
  18. I've just pulled up in Moorrisons car park here in Sutton so I can nip into the bookies and put my lucky 15 on but it's like a tropical storm and I can't get out of the car. Is someone trying to tell me something??
  19. Fuck me, she'll be washing up for the rest of the season 😁😁😁
  20. As I said, it started with my weekly £10 bonus from PP, along with the message that the RTP for that game was 96.3% so I just auto spun the tenner at 20p for fun. In total I cashed out £800 from that game yesterday. Everyone hits a purple patch now and then, it's the law of averages. 😁😁
  21. When you walk into the bookies to put your footy bets on get a mental picture in your head of your wife and family, nothing in the world is worth jeopardising them for. You say your wife moniters your spending, that's no way to be in a marriage, she should be able to trust you implicitly. Have you explained any of this and your problem to her? Good luck my friend.
  22. Ahh the good old days😁 Seriously, if anyone is in Kings Cross, I can recommend the Alhambra B&B, ultra clean, reasonable and a superb brekkie.
  23. I didn't realise he was from Devon, he mentioned he got his first bonus at Kings Cross, seems he has other vices too? 😁😁😁😁😁
  24. I just got my weekly tenner from PP with a message that the RTP on Horus is up at 96.3% so I thought why not, Set it to 50 spins at 20p and got the bonus with 2 retriggers. Then upped the ante to £5 a spin with the winnings. 😁😁😁😁
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