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  1. I totally agree with you that the majority aren't fake, I believe the casinos have too much to lose.
  2. Hi Liam, to which points don't you agree, can you be more specific please mate. Not trying to start an argument just keen to hear your views.
  3. That's a rediculous statement. There's small stakes and large, one size doesn't fit all.
  4. It's my birthday today, 63 years young, ill let you off if you give me a birthday shout out on Fridays video.
  5. That's it, the fame has gone to his head, sod the fans. 😁😁😁
  6. If I worked in a bookies or a punter having a bet I would not want to be filmed. But I would have no objection to anyone filming their games an a fobt. Why on earth would I??
  7. I've watched every single video from Darren and I've heard people talk to him, to which he politely replies but not in one single video from a bookies have I ever seen him film anything but the machine he is playing or the one either side or the coffee or coke can that he's drinking. This isn't to spy on people, the glasses are either clear lenses or sunglasses, they are fitted with a HD 4k camera, which means a sharp picture of whatever he's looking at which is ideal for these new tall fobts with graphics from an upper screen. Much more comfortable than sitting there holding a mobile phone trying to keep it steady and in focus. You can film anywhere and no one would ever know.
  8. I don't see how filming in Bookies is a problem nowadays, you can buy the glasses with built in HD 4k camera almost anywhere??
  9. BC Slots is now on lockdown in USA so cannot stream from casinos. He's had do an on line stream to compensate and its worth watching just to see the different games and rtp on US on line casinos. Something different. He must be popular in America with 250k subscribers.
  10. Twitch Viewing figures at 8.40 this evening, Roshtein 11k Classy Beef 1k Sammy Slots 33. Someone should message Roshtein and tell him where he's going wrong.
  11. You should be able to say what you want about any streamer, as long as its not slanderous. They're mostly doing the same thing, albeit at different stakes and logic says those that are playing at 20p and 40p stakes are more likely to be real as opposed to "fake". However, my biggest bugbear is how some of them are using their stream as a vehicle for their "views" even more so with the current state of affairs. There are people who watch these guys and believe what they hear is all true. I think gullible is the word I would use. I've heard streamers telling their audience that the government have messed up the way the corona pandemic has been handled, that heads of state "haven't got a clue" that is an actual quote from one popular streamer. They then go on to tell everyone what the government's should be doing and how the situation should be handled and when it will all end. Stick to what you think you do best guys.
  12. Take extra care during lockdown.
  13. I'm not worried about the bill, I've always paid my bills. Like I said sometimes I let them slide for a month purely because they were so small. What I can't get my head around is this, if they've screwed up reading my meter or miscalculated in the past, how they can just send you a bill for the previous 8 years and expect it to be paid within a week without even questioning how it all came about.
  14. I live in a one bedroom flat and the central heating and hot water are in with my community fees. My leccie bills were like £20 every 2 months. Some bills were so low I used to let them roll over to the next. They didn't like that and I came home one day to find they took my meter and replaced it with a pre pay key meter, "being in a flat it was in the communal hall outside my front door" I've had the pre pay key 2 years or more. If I owe them £1600 why would they wait 2 years to send me the bill??
  15. We've had lockdown for a month and I've managed to snaffle 2 half days of work in this time, hanging on by the skin of me teeth then this comes through the door?? From 8 years ago until 2 years ago, all for the same address I'm at now. I mean are they for real. I swear if they've clocked up my past bills and I do owe the money I'll just sign on for the next 2 years. What a joke.
  16. I can't see him going anywhere but Madrid.
  17. You two need to grow up, if your old enough to gamble then your old enough to know your behaving like a couple of juveniles. I suggest you apologise to each other and move on. Let's keep it friendly.
  18. Mine came the time I went out with 5k cash to buy a BMW I'd seen advertised. When I got to see the car it clearly wasn't how it was described in the ad. I walked away, ended up going to the casino with the cash "no I don't know what I was thinking either" came out the casino with BFH, bus fare home.
  19. Nice indeed, spend it wisely 😁
  20. Playing napoleon on fairly low stake this morning and I got 3 attack bonuses in 3 consecutive spins, they all landed and one was the soldier and 2 wilds.
  21. I don't like to hear too much bad language but I think coming from him it somehow is less offensive. He is an excellent narrator and certainly entertains. I made up for him but "can he hang on to it or will he blow it all on another Reel King binge?"
  22. A nice win on jammin jars for the bandit on his latest YouTube offering "Monday slots with the bandit" the stake was £6 and its 56 mins. into the video if you don't want to watch the whole stream.
  23. Well he told me he was fed up with pushing that bike up that fucking hill.
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