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  1. I know what you mean but....... 1 it was only a £1 stake and 2 its nice just to get that bonus. I'm trying not to spoil it by giving too much away here. He's not a bad streamer either, I've seen plenty worse, he's fairly easy on the ear.
  2. Gabrial slots latest video is up on you tube, the first bonus is on Genie Jackpots, well worth a watch.
  3. I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Now you've explained that today is tomorrow its all crystal clear, apologies. I hope you win.
  4. No its not, its today today, tomorrow is tomorrow. 😬😬😬
  5. Everybody's interesting to talk to if you dig deep enough.
  6. When I lived in Spain I always asked for payment for my work with a cheque made out to Al Portador "The bearer" You just went to the bank, handed over the cheque and collected the cash. If you lost the cheque in the street then whoever found it could do the same. Also, cheques never bounced in Spain, it was a criminal offence to write cheque without the funds in your account. The good old days. Then they changed to the euro, capped the amount of a Al Portador cheque. Euro notes were 5 10 20 100 200 and 500, they called the 500 a "Bin Laden" everyone knew they existed but nobody ever saw one 😁 most shops at the time posted signs saying no notes changed over 100 euros. I finished a job one evening and got paid in 200 and 500 notes, I was an hour or so from home with very little petrol and no gas station would accept the notes. I literally made it home on fresh air, freewheeling downhill onto the forecourt.
  7. I bet on horses now, put my bets on when best odds are available, and only put the change from the bets in the machine. I usually bet £15 a day and use the £5 change for the slots.
  8. I had just come back from living abroad for 25 years, never seen a FOBT before, won 3 jackpots in 3 spins on one occasion and thought this is easy.
  9. I got the code right for the £50 vouchers, I was overthinking it at first but quite simple in the end. Just got to get picked out of the hat now.
  10. Been there done that got the T shirt. Had a blinding couple of weeks on the Fobts about 7 years ago, won over 7K in the 2 weeks. Went in a few days later and lost 5k in a few hours. With the new laws I normally just play 50p spins now, up it to £2 if I have a win, works for me.
  11. Let us know when u get it, would be interesting and useful to know, best of luck and congrats on your win. 😁
  12. Probably Tuesday, it's normally 3 working days
  13. Unfortunately, for everyone like you and me, there are hundreds, potentially thousands, who are the opposite. They will be more inclined to "click on a video" if they know it contains a big win and Darren is surely trying to maximise his viewing numbers. Don't forget YouTube is world wide and I'm pretty sure Americans will be more interested in on line big wins than a £500 jackpot in a bookies. Let's face it, they cant watch a sporting match unless the teams score more than 25 points each. Imagine an American, coming to the UK and you take them to a grass roots non league footy game that ends 0-0??? 😁😁😁 I'm with you though, it kinda spoilt the surprise. To digress a little, most of the really big jackpots I've seen won on YouTube have been with moderate stakes, no need to bet huge.
  14. And before any of you nimrods say its a fake slip???????
  15. Had a lucky 15 today for £1 stakes, £15. Had the first two winners 10-1 & 14-1 the next was second at 7-1 a d the last ones still running. £191 back but I was in for a shout for a while.
  16. My eldest grandson came up to me the other day and said "there's a man at the front door with a bald head" I told him to tell him I've already got one. The old uns are the best.
  17. I always wear mine in bed, and me boots, you never know who's gonna be knocking, 😁😁
  18. Apart from the fake money and real money argument there's also the marmite factor, either you do or you don't. I was watching a stream the other day and the streamer was running down and taking the piss out of Darren. I'm sure they all bump into each other at the slot shows, all mates when they're face to face. I'm sure it'll all go off one day.
  19. A woman who lives in my apartment block is 82 years old, she got a phone call and the caller said if she did not go to the bank and withdraw £4000 her daughter and granddaughter would be harmed. She left her flat and a car was waiting for her outside. She got in the car and they drove her to the bank. She went in alone and tried to withdraw the money. The cashier was suspicious as to why she would want to withdraw ALL HER Savings and called the manager. She finally broke down and explained the situation. The car waiting for her had gone when the police arrived. So, the crooks knew she had family, including a granddaughter and they knew where they lived. They knew this woman had a tad over £4000 in the bank. The police deduced from cctv that one of the gang was in the bank preten ding to be a customer whilst monitoring what was happening. A friend of mine who lives in Brighton told me a very similar story, this time the victim lost all her savings £12000, she did as they said and she left the money under a parked car at the end of her street like the gang told her to do'. Yes I know, unbelievable isn't it. These vermin can make hundreds of calls to potential victims, they only need one gullible person to get their big pay day. So what's this got to do with Roshtein?? It's the same meat, different gravy, a confidence trick to get you to part with your money. Have you ever noticed how these fake streamers keep on and on and on referring to WE, and US and OUR big win. Where the fuck does WE come in to it? What's on offer for us and we??? a few points, points for what?? Join a new casino, they will offer you 25 free spins on your first deposit, yes 25 x 10p spins, fuck all in other words, deposit £100 and they will match it, with wagering requirements of 40x so you have to bet £4000 before anything comes to you. I don't know why they keep using the word wagering, it's betting, its a bet for christ sake. I haven't heard anyone lately say they are going to the betting shop to put a wager or an Investment on. When watching the videos listen very carefully as to what they are asking you to do, click the like button, click on subscribe, the more they get, the more money they get. I've heard them ALL say, "yes but what I get out of it is peanuts, very little" so why ask for a like or a subscribe then, maybe they think they'll get an Oscar nomination for their streams? Brian Christopher just chalked up 150k members to his channel. He actually hired a function room at a big casino for the party. The room was decked out with merchandise, T shirts, hats, wrist bands, key rings you name it. Sorry to rant on Nomadsteve but it's all a massive con mate, like the women I mentioned, if your gullible you will get done. Christ I'm even getting emails from the Inland Revenue telling me my tax rebate is waiting for me, it all looks genuine but I know its bullshit but I guarantee you plenty will get suckered. I watch all the streams because it gives vital clues as to how the games play and some of them are so bad at what they do it makes hilarious compulsive viewing.
  20. I watched the game yesterday, at home to Real Sociedad, its going to be a long hard struggle if that's all they have to offer. They've got BETFRED splashed all over their shirt too. That bald headed bastard is a jinx to me.
  21. It never ceases to amaze me how the leaders of countries like North Korea, Syria and Saudi Arabia have all been warned of the consequences if they don't get their acts together, they do nothing and nothing changes. Boris needs to adopt the same attitude as these tyrants and call the bluff of the EU. I honestly believe if Brexit fails and we do not leave the EU or there's another referendum called, there will be riots the like of which we've never seen before in this country and democracy will be dead.
  22. Congratulations Darren, I don't see any reason why you won't double that figure in the future. It just goes to show how popular slot streams are.
  23. Well done mate, I'm sure you just intended to share your good fortune. Now then, spend it on women and gambling and just waste the rest. 😁
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