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  1. I'm trying to come up with a reason why England can turn it around with Croatia and the only thing I can really come up with is home advantage. Because they are so predictable it makes them so easy to play against. If you were being kind you could say the last two performances were mediocre.
  2. I'd have Rashford in goal because he's shit up front.
  3. OK ok alright already, below is today's lucky 31 in your honour. I think there's 1 fav in there and check the note at the bottom of the slip. I tried writing sub for fav but my brain wouldn't let me. Also, after checking I found out that PP only offer 1X for one winner In a lucky 31 and 63 on line, I knew it was 1X for a lucky 15 but wow they are so out of order.
  4. Back a favourite? Wash your mouth out with soap 😁
  5. What a day, I'm sitting here watching the 3.10 at Epsom and my horse Oh This is US is involved in a photo and there's a huge explosion outside my flat and all the electric went off. I tried to get the racing on my phone but there was a problem with my data, so I've been sitting here with no electric, missed the Derby and the icing on the cake was finding out that Ornate got beat by of all horses Mokaatil. I've put that horse up here at least half a dozen times in the last 18 months and deserted him today in favour of Ornate. Just to finish off the day my other selection in the Derby was a non
  6. Two lucky 31s today amongst my other bets. £87 profit yesterday so if I don't get a winner I'm still £25 up I suppose.
  7. Caspian Prince is a non runner today.
  8. Any horse that Frankie sits on in any Classic or group 1 race gets the equivalent of a 7lb allowance. I think without any doubt that he is still the greatest jockey riding in the world today and is the equal of the greatest of them all Lester Pigott. Racing desperately needs Dettori and they really need to come up with a unique way to thank him for his services to racing in the last 30 years. When he eventually retires from the saddle he will be a huge huge loss to the sport. Whilst on the subject of great jockeys I think Holly Doyle is equal to if not better than Murphy, Buick Crowley and Wat
  9. It's a bloody hard race to win and the draw is a big factor, especially if you don't break well. Caspian Prince has won the race 3 times in the past so clearly loves the track but at 12 years old it's asking a lot but that being said, I'm sure bookies will be paying first 5 so he looks a solid each way bet.
  10. I totally understand, stress is an understatement. Those yuppies on the "shop floor" of the exchanges ought to try a session in Ladbrokes. The adverts say "when the fun stops, stop" well that would be, about 5 minutes for me. For the same reason of total victory, I could never see the point of having £10 win on a 4/7 shot. I keep telling myself that if 33% of all favourites win then that means 67% get turned over. Its what gets me up in the morning. 😁
  11. Ornate is horse I have a lot of time for albeit it's been a while since his last win. But last year at Newbury he was only beaten 2 1/2 lengths by Battash. He's had a recent run so he's fighting fit for tomorrows big sprint at Epsom, "a race he has won in the past" I think his front running style will be a big bonus and at 14 - 1 he'll do for me.
  12. Yes I backed Snowfall but in the words of Chipmonkz slots, "I wasn't expecting that"
  13. Ben Curtis is a great jockey, I'm always happy to see him on one of my fancies.
  14. Just goes to show what a brilliant jockey Frankie is, I expected him to make all but in the post race interview he said they were going way too fast, hence the reason for holding her up today. Well done to the trainer of the second filly as well, George Boughey is a name we are going to hear a hell of a lot more in the coming years.
  15. This is today's lucky 31, not been home long so a bit late putting it up. 1 winner already so guaranteed profit, anything else is a bonus. Fingers crossed.
  16. Snowfall for me, keep it simple, jump out, make all, catch me if you can. This games too easy. 😁😁😁
  17. Preparing the team for the upcoming tournament Southgate plays Lingard who's not even in the squad, an unfit Alexander Arnold who paid the ultimate price, an unfit Grealish and Mings, who wouldn't know a forward pass if it bit him on the arse. No doubt that we now have a great squad with real talent but it's all text book play with no flair or imagination whatsoever. This team has the same approach as the previous world cup team, get a goal within 30 mins. and spend the next hour defending. Southgate needs to do a "Rocky" and be prepared to switch because this team is oh so predictable.
  18. You don't need to apologise, nobody gets their arm twisted. It's very very tough at the moment with the rapid going changes and the really poor quality of racing. A 100-1 winner and a 200-1 winner yesterday shows how nuts it is. I'm leaving it until the Derby meeting on Fri. /Sat and then Ascot coming up. My lucky 31 the other day returned a small profit with 2 winners and another got beat in a photo at Cartmel of all meetings let me down for about 1k. Hey ho, it's only money lent, it's been over a year since I had 4 winners. Even on that day I wanted to do a lucky 31 but got held up and by th
  19. Again the racing is quite poor today so no real fancies except for Moidore which I'm pretty keen on. One I didn't put in the bet is Emporium Flame at Redcar, this the horse that I bought a share in for my niece's birthday, having its first ever run today so fingers crossed he equips himself well today.
  20. Pretty below average horses running today and not much confidence behind my selections. It's a free bet as I showed a profit yesterday. It'll be something to watch on a Sunday at least.
  21. The best team on the night won. Sterling went AWOL tonight and needs to prove in the Euros that he's not an under achiever on the biggest stage.
  22. A small profit on the day, they all ran well except for the last one. Even old B 52 ran well at 80-1 to finish 6th I think. Hey Jonesy had a nice warm up for Royal Ascot.
  23. I'll give it a good look.
  24. A lucky 31 today on my picks and an each way lucky 15 on horses that I follow.
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