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  1. While we're in lockdown I thought I'd post this picture of me so you can put a face to the name.
  2. The Derby WILL be run on July 4th, behind closed doors. I was speaking to one of the groundstaff yesterday morning, a guy called Simon, he confirmed that a company had been awarded the contract for fencing off the entire course for 24 hours with 6ft High fence encircling the track. The problem with that is you can see almost all of the course from the road around the track which no law in the land can stop people using. All they can do is heavily police the area to stop people loitering. Good luck with that one. As for Pinatubo? I've seen it all before, those precocious 2 year olds that beat everything out of sight, only to return to racing as a 3 year old and can't run a yard, Tromos, R B Chesne and Arazzi spring to mind. While all three remained good horses, they just couldn't repeat the kind of form shown when they were 2. So I would hold fire on those ante post bets.
  3. This morning up on Epsom Downs
  4. Racing will return soon behind closed doors, in the meantime, on Epsom Downs this morning its business as usual.
  5. I always use either Paddy Power, Betfred, Coral or Ladbrokes, between them they have most games and you can't go wrong really. I prefer Paddy Power because if you win you can use the card they send you and spend it in shops or cash out at the cashpoints. Another good thing about the card is that when you look at your PP account on line and it shows you have for example 1k in credit, it always shows £0 when you insert the card at the cashpoint, handy if it gets stolen or you got a nosey other half. 😁😁😁
  6. If Royal Ascot goes ahead they should have ten races each day instead of six or seven. With the classics earmarked for July most horses will need a prep run. I can see horses winning at huge prices and winning by even bigger margins. I was up on Epsom Downs every day last week and they were watering the course as they would normally. I'll be going up there early tomorrow to watch the horses doing their morning excercise, it will be interesting to hear what the trainers think.
  7. Amongst tonight's questions, "what colour oven gloves do you use" and "when do you think lockdown will end" and "do you like trash music" You can cook us a meal while your solving the countries problems and spinning some discs. And where we're you tonight because "this stream isn't live" I genuinely fear for the future of this country.
  8. I think you'll find Mrs Johnson had a hand in it too.
  9. There's a lot to be said for small stakes.
  10. Back on again today, invested another tenner, smaal stakes only on Napoleon, cashed out £212
  11. Watching Chipmonkz live stream this morning and he said "he would love to do a slot challenge with StopandStep" The gauntlet has been laid down, the glove has been smacked across the face. He also said you "seem like a very nice guy" we'll we already know that, but will you accept the challenge? Can Step stop Chip? Do you have that ruthless streak hiding behind that smooth exterior?
  12. I once was gifted a tenner by PP and ended up cashing out 2k, it can happen.
  13. DOA II wild line is the holy grail, you know as well as I do, it could be the first bonus or 1001st, it should be on everybody's bucket list.
  14. To kill the boredom I deposited £10 to my Paddy Power account and played Book of Irish for 10p spins. I hit the feature which paid £6. Upped the stake to 20p and got the bonus again with a full screen of aces. Over to roulette and hit a number for £1 upped the stake to £5 and it hit again. Over to Napoleon and got the bonus twice on £1 both paying just over 140X I was up to £500 at one point, stopped at £400 and went straight round the corner to the cashpoint and withdrew the lot. Not bad for a tenner.
  15. It must be something in the air, I got this bonus on Goonies today, I thought I'd hit some kind of special bonus but no. Anybody else seen this? SVID_20200430_140150_1.mp4
  16. I cant wait for the racing to start back up, six weeks since I posted the above, seems like 6 months.
  17. Well played DOA II on demo and it didn't bonus in 500 spins, seems about right 😁
  18. Congratulations Kyle and Caitlin, wishing you both, or should I say the three of you, or maybe four, you never know you might get a retrigger, anyway, joking aside, all the best.
  19. I'll be watching the live stream on Sunday on my phone don't worry about that. 😁
  20. I'm without Internet until 12th May which is a bummer. I was with plusnet but my contract with them expired on 15th April and I could not get out of it until then. I've negotiated a new contract with Vodafone for over 50% less but it won't be activated until 12th May. I can probably watch live streams on my phone until then but it's not ideal.
  21. I disagree Liam, I think £2 is the perfect stake for a £500 deposit. Nothing to do with the amount per spin in ratio to the deposit but how long you would have to play at very small stakes and or how short the stream or video would be at higher stakes.
  22. Imagine coming through the door at night? Hello darling, how was your day? "I've had better love, dropped 160k today". Never mind, I'll put the kettle on, what do you want for dinner?
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