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  1. Here are my two lucky 15s for today. The screens were all down in Betfred today but the cashier has guaranteed me best odds by signing the slips. I gave the cashier £40 and put the £10 change in the fobt. I had 2 wilds and a soldier on Napoleon for £1 stake which paid £200. I then got the bonus for£2 on the same game which only paid £24 then had a couple of numbers up on 100/1 roulette for £1 stake. All in all cashed out £310 so the lucky 15s are are essentially freebies. 😁😁😁
  2. I've also limited my circle of friends, I've gone from 1 to none. Think I'm joking??
  3. They both went well but you have to be open minded about the form, especially as a track record was broken in an earlier race.
  4. 25-1 winner trained by A. O'brien, 50-1 second, 66-1 3rd. I hope you took my advice and just stuck a pin in? I did and still couldn't get one in the frame. 😭
  5. Well done Kyle mate, really pleased for you.
  6. Can you change the booking to three people? 😁😁😁
  7. Streaming is how they make their money, carry on like that and they'll get booted off, they are not promoting responsible gambling and that's what the powers that be want to see.
  8. Can you change the booking to three people? 😁😁😁
  9. We spit on them and rub them with our shirt sleeves. 😎😎😎
  10. When I made my initial post in another thread about these rediculous high stakes, the point I was making was that these guys are there own worse enemy. If they keep on doing £40/£50 & £100 spins then streaming will get banned eventually, either by the government or by them putting pressure on the likes of twitch and youtube to regulate it, and rightly so. It doesn't take an Einstein to work out why the streamers are doing it or what they want to get out of it. I've deleted my twitch app, that's how strongly I feel about it.
  11. I give up, got left at the start. Surely next time????
  12. I'll be having a good bet on Bodak Yellow in the 6.00 at Chepstow. Not a huge price at 11-10 but really impressed me when it ran a couple of weeks ago and went into my notebook as a sure fire future winner. It'll take a good un to beat it.
  13. Streamers such as Casino Daddy, Ayzee, Classy Beef and Roshtein regularly playing at £/€ 40 per spin, Chipmonkz often playing with stakes of £20 & £40 and the other night £100 per spin. How long before live streaming is banned here in the UK? or maybe a cap on stakes of £2 per spin. Even if the Gov. don't step in they can put pressure on the likes of Youtube and Twitch.
  14. And I thought we were a sharing lot here?
  15. Best bet by far is both teams to score imho. 😎
  16. These are my selections for today, the one I'm most interested in seeing is Turjomaan, after a year off he was thrown in at the deep end at Royal Ascot, this is a more realistic ask. The other interesting runner is Subliminal, Luke Morris riding this for Simon Dow is an interesting jockey booking.
  17. This is the last thing the consumer wants. The more competition the better it is for the punter. The bookies are heading in the same direction. 😭😭😭
  18. With just ten days to go to the Derby there are 48 horses left in the line up, 19 of which are trained by Aiden O'brien and 8 for John Gosden, neither of which have the first or second favourite. Two that are still in have yet to race so that all but eliminates them and another still in that you can put a line through is Pinatubo. My advice this year, don't put your bet on until the day of the race and then stick a pin in. If the weather stays like it is expect good to firm going, they're watering the course every day but the subsoil is mostly chalk so it dries out very quickly.
  19. Being serious though, I hope it all works out for you. Gl.
  20. Before you post on here you need to take a DNA test. 😜😜😜
  21. I had a few winners over Ascot, two of Frankies on the Saturday, but it was Hey Jonesey that got me my best result, it ran twice Ascot week, I backed when it got beat but it came out on the Saturday over a furlong less and wearing first time blinkers. I took 40-1 in Betfred in the AM and it ended up winning at 18-1 so it didn't go unsupported. I didn't go mad though, need some time to find some form lines. I'm looking forward to our next head to head. 😁😁
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