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  1. Very nice, great to see someone else not afraid to oppose the shorter priced horses, good luck.
  2. I can't find anything to get excited about tomorrow, today was much the same. I've sorted out four long priced runners for an each way Lucky 15. Afaak 2.45 Goodwood. 18-1. Ornate 3.15 Goodwood. 100-1 Peachey Carnehan 5.35 Wolv. 9-1 Bird to Love 8.25 Lingfield. 20-1
  3. Kameko got boxed in after a very poor ride and I'm convinced he will get his revenge, as good as the winner is, I'm sure Kameko is better. Tara Dylan was oh so tenderly ridden, 6 lengths behind the whole field until they turned into the straight, moved up easily on the outside when it was far too late to finish 6th, the win is imminent. Machree won easily nothing to add to that. Two winners in two days. 😁😁
  4. Hi Darren, just wondering when your going to start streaming again on twitch for those of us who "don't do" YouTube??
  5. I don't want to get too in depth with the Sussex stakes or any race for that matter otherwise I could rattle on for ages. Just to, say I'll be opposing Siskin with Kameko, I'll just say that he's improving with every run and I think the track at Goodwood will favour his running style. My main bet tomorrow isn't at Goodwood but at Thirsk. Machree runs in the 5.00 and currently on offer at 9/2 he ran a great race first time out this season doing his best work toward the finish and he's won 2nd time out for the last two seasons so he's had his prep run and ready to win tomorrow. There's hor
  6. My kind of game 😁 well done buddy, keep sending the pics in please.
  7. Thanks, Space Blues was a very easy winner who showed a blistering turn of foot when asked the question. I backed him to win Β£450 which was a large bet for me but I've mentioned this horse here on the forum at least half a dozen times in the last year and he seldom disappoints so he didn't owe me anything and I fully expect him to step up to group 1 company next time which will probably be abroad as there are no 7 furlong group 1 races run in this country, which is a bit naughty if you ask me but anyway wherever he goes next you can back him knowing you'll get a good run for your money. Stradi
  8. We also have a community room with large screen TV, dart board, pool table, apple pc with free Internet, I've never seen anyone using it except for the odd meeting. Ironically, the only room where people seem to "congregate" is the laundry room.
  9. Goodwood meeting starts tomorrow, my main bet tomorrow will be Space Blues in the 2.45, current odds 9/4. Looking through all tomorrow's runners I'll also be having a fun lucky 15. Benny and the Jets. 3.45 Goodwood 22/1. See my Baby Jive. 2. 00 Ayr 7/2. The Jean Genie. 5.00 Yarmouth 22/1. Unforgettable. 5.45 Galway 10/1. I like doing the odd coincidence bet.
  10. It's not just my garden, I live in a small apartment block and we share it. I've been here 8 years and I've NEVER been out there. The only people I've ever seen out there apart from the foxes are the gardener and window cleaner.
  11. They're not real, only prints. All picked up at car boot sales. 😁😁
  12. No, the neighbours feeding them doesn't help. They're not so beautiful when they're shagging outside my window at 3 am. Especially when I'm not getting any either. 😁
  13. I counted 21 in my garden but could only get these 6 in shot. A covid virus will wipe us all out and foxes will rule the earth.
  14. As my old man used to say, "a motor ain't no good to you if you can't get a wheelbarrow in the back"
  15. This is not slot or gambling related but quite funny. I'm working in a property at the moment that's on a council estate. The house almost opposite has a black Bentley and a Range Rover on the drive. The owner is Callum Hudson Odoi who plays for Chelsea. His brother/agent lives there and Callum turned up yesterday in a Mercedes G Wagon. It's a bit tight for parking and I'm worried my Toyota Lucida might get a knock. 😁 If you guys came into a substantial amount of money would a new car be on top of your shopping list? If so which make / model?
  16. Nice one, not bad for someone who prefers nh racing. I had 2 winners a 3rd and a non runner in my lucky yesterday, I prefer had the NR ran but it still paid Β£84.
  17. Diamond wins all prizes on the card.
  18. He's coming on now with deposits of 2. 3 & 4k where has all this money suddenly appeared from?
  19. I'd say get used to it, I can see slot streaming being outlawed in the UK. They have limited FOBTs to £2, banned bonus buys and the £10 - £40 or £50 a spin merchants will kill it off for all streamers in the UK. Watching Chipmonkz the other day playing Danger on £40 a spin, he said, "don't do what I'm doing now, I do this so you don't have to" You have got to be kidding me? 😜😜😜 I can't afford to and I don't want to.
  20. I'd be inclined to go for the Sussex stakes and should he win that then a tilt at the Breeders Cup Mile on the turf. If he were successful in the latter then leave him in the USA to stand at stud. If however the mile is beyond him then back to UK and aim him at the top sprints next season. He's so exciting to watch with that blistering gear change. We watch and wait.
  21. Pinatubo finally got his head in front this season in a 7 furlong group 1 race in France. He finished off his race in the manner of a horse that will stay a mile or even further but the form of the race looks very weak, "the third horse only placed in a listed race last time" I reckon the Sussex stakes at Goodwood could be right up his street, time will tell???
  22. Disappointed you didn't gamble it 😜😜😜
  23. Fuck me, I wrote it in block capitals, not that it made any differenceπŸ˜‚ a 20/1 second beaten by a 33/1 shot rubs salt into the wound, that would have doubled my stake on its own. I'll try and print them a bit neater in future. I'll have another go tomorrow.
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