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  1. 1 hour ago, ghost22 said:

    newcomers  not allowed in the derby man , they  stopped allowing it years ago . as for the field sizes bring it on , theres nothing i like more than laying a 2-1 shot in a 30 horse claimer or low grade handicap on betfair , anybody backing horses at bookie sp these days needs sectioned 

    I know both Morston and Lammtara both won the Derby with just one run prior to the race. There must be loads of untraced 3 year old out there more than capable of the job. Trainers must be pulling their hair out. 

  2. When racing resumes on Monday I expect to see loads of races with the MAXIMUM permitted runners. After the lay off, trainers will be keen to get a run under the horses belts so fields of 16 runners and more would, "I imagine" be of the norm. I can see horses winning at huge prices and favourites getting turned over left right and centre. I shall be betting from day 1 of the return but just for fun and a bit of interest as something to watch on the TV. I may be totally wrong of course but I doubt it. 

    Keep it fun until the form settles down a bit, I think there will be many surprises. I'm not 100% sure to be honest if a maiden can run in the Derby but if they are, it's by no means impossible to see the Derby won by a horse that's never set foot on a Racecourse before. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, BlindHaze said:

    Just browsing through the BBC and this story came through as ‘breaking news’


    And according to the Gov website, bookies and arcades come under ‘non-essential shops’


    I may be putting 2 and 2 together and making 5, but it looks like the FOBTs will be raking it in once more very soon as long as they can maintain social distancing. But I bet I still get some idiot standing right next to me telling me how I should play my 20p stakes....

    Hold your plums! 

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  4. 7 minutes ago, BlindHaze said:

    My overall impression of it was ‘what the hell is going on?’!

    Yep, spot on. The people who say they understand it reminds me of the old fable, "The Kings New Clothes." 😁😁😁

  5. The new Street Fighter game has to be the worse I've ever seen. The people who create and design these games are extremely clever people so who am I to say but I feel that designing these kind of slots they are barking up the wrong tree. 

    You won't catch me touching these types of games with a barge pole. 

  6. Played today on £1 spins, hit the bonus and got the retrigger first spin. Not a massive amount but OK for just a £20 deposit, cashed out £200 in the end. 


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  7. I'm pretty sure the lightning numbers don't drop until the bets have been placed, which means they know which numbers are there biggest liability. Whilst the roulette wheel is random you can bet that the lightning numbers aren't and the ones that drop down will be of less a liability. It's a bit like virtual horseracing in some respect, the bets have to be on 5 seconds before the race starts, in these high tech days it only takes a split second to work out the biggest liabilities in each race. 

    It's not exactly rigged the way The Sun bingo is but I'm convinced it's all pre determined to some extent, the Sun can more or less fix the winner to come from a certain postcode.

    Its all a licence to print money but that doesn't mean you can't get a massive win out of it. When you see the results of winners on the screen it just shows their username and the amount won, not the stake. By that I mean a £10.000 win could easily just be a £5000 even money bet on red or black.

    When you buy a car they tell you it does 50 miles to the gallon, because 10 miles to the litre doesn't sound so economical, but when you buy the petrol they tell you it's £1.20 per litre because it sounds cheaper than £6 per gallon. Its a game we all play in everything we do everyday of our lives. Basically they all think we're fucking idiots.

    I was watching Chipmonkz stream a few weeks back and he was raving about lightning roulette and even an experienced streamer like him had to have the chat explain to him the math behind the game and even he couldn't grasp it for quite a while. 

  8. If you bet £1 on each number the bet is £37 with a guaranteed return of £31 when there are 3 lightning numbers you have a 12-1 chance of it hitting. The math is easy, you would need the lightning number to hit at least once in every 8 spins at a minimum of 50x to make profit. So it makes sense to pop in and out for a few fun spins and maybe get lucky. If you don't hit a lightning number you're on a hiding to nothing. 

  9. This is why Napoleon is my favourite game, with a 100,000 X for a wild line it has to be worth a visit every time I make a deposit. We'll done. 

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  10. 22 minutes ago, Handbag1980 said:

    Will be interesting to see this years crop of 3yos and how they wintered given it was mild and they are hitting the track 2mths later than normal. Headman is one to keep an eye on this year.

    I imagine we will see huge fields when it resumes, finding winners will be difficult. The top stables like Gosden, and Johnson, Hannon and O'brien have the best facilities to cope so it may pay to follow the likes of them, but saying that, I can see them having 3 or 4 runners in the same race.?? Where's "The King" when you need him, I'd be interested in his views too. 

  11. 16 minutes ago, Rob1969in said:

    I didn't catch their names? could you tell me please, I will follow them too..

    When I played it back I couldn't make them out either😁 There's loads of background noise when I'm filming and it's only from my cheap Huawei phone. I will find out though, I want to know for myself. I have to use Android phones because I'm a tech dummy and they're compatible with my Android TV and the apps I use. When lockdown is over I'll get my 4 year old nephew round to show me how it all works. 😁 Thanks for taking an interest though. I'm on the track every morning during lockdown so I expect there will be more to come. 

  12. I'd rather watch paint dry than a soulless match played behind closed doors in a league where teams wear luminous shirts. I know it gets results but German footy lacks the flamboyance of Spanish footy and the speed and passion of the premiere league. Not for me. 😭😭😭

  13. 22 minutes ago, Stepandstop said:

    Looks lovely 👍

    any fruit machines around 😁

    You heathen, if you only knew the full story. Over 200 years ago when Lord Derby and Lord Bunbury flipped a coin, had he won, Epsom could have been home to the "Bunbury" and not the Derby as we know it. Fruit machines indeed.? Watching these animals being exercised in the early morning mist knocks spots off a day at the races. Its completely free of charge to watch these beautiful beasts exercising, but if there were a fee I'd gladly pay it. 

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