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  1. Big Bass Bonanza is the quickest way to the poor house. By all means play it but get in and out. It teases a bonus very very frequently but can go hundreds of spins without a bonus. The chances of getting the X 10 feature are practically zero but the bonus always pays something, unlike say Napoleon. I wouldn't give it more than 50 spins at a time. If it does bonus, give it another dozen or so after, back to back bonuses can happen on this game but I wouldn't chase the bonus. 

  2. There's a chance that this year's Cheltenham festival could go ahead without any foreign trained runners due to the travel restrictions in place. This of course means no runners from Ireland unless the restrictions are eased by mid March. Betfair have already agreed to refund all ante post bets if this is the case and It should be a formality that all the other major bookies will follow suit. But Cheltenham with no foreign raiders doesn't bear thinking about. The racing will still be top class but it just won't be the same. 

  3. 1 hour ago, cazza6565 said:

    Oh my i love black and white pics so much. In fact I've hardly been anywhere in England and I'm no much younger than Mentholdan I don't think. 

    I'm not shy, I'll be 64 in April. Old enough to know better than to play slots. 🎰

  4. 4 hours ago, Stepandstop said:

    My wife won’t let me go I’m under the thumb she wears the trousers 🙄

    She's afraid you'll get a sticky bonus. I'll make sure we get a profile pic of everyone coming, I mean, we don't want to be sat next to an ugjy one. Don't worry about Darren, he'll be driving the coach. 😁😁😁

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  5. If you walk into a bookies or arcade once or twice a week to do a tenner or a score then the rtp don't come into it. Even if you sat there for hours at a time feeding it I don't really suppose that has much relevance either. Rtp is over hundreds of thousands if not millions of spins. At 96% it means for every 1million it eats it will "supposedly" return you 960k back and keep the other 40k. I'm hoping someone here has the patience to work out how long it would take to do 500k £2 spins on Fishing Frenzy. 😁

  6. 2 minutes ago, ghost22 said:


    with all due respect sir how can you look for work when everyweres closed ? tell you adviser you would like to retrain and do his job , see how he replies to you 

    Yeah, that don't quite work with those people, they are of the same school of thought as my late dad, if you're breathing you can go to work. And don't call me sir, the last person to call me that was old bill, its a bit unnerving. 

  7. Let's all chip in and rent a charabang for the week when this is all over, stopping at Skeggy, Blackpool, Southend Margate and Brighton. Feel free to add any other destinations. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, BigMac Mick said:

    Ahh well done, that's good isn't it.. well done, i've not eaten for 3 days well done,  and i got robbed yesterday..  well done, 

    can you buy me a sandwich please?  well done

    Ditto, I can't afford my weekly jar of beluga and bottle of Moet since I got car jacked in my Bentley, the bastards even took my Rolex. 

  9. Let me see if I've got this right, you Can go to the shops to buy food. If you like a drink you can still buy as much alcohol you like. If you gamble you can still bet on line. If you want to exercise you can still go running. If you like your fishing you can still go fishing. If your a sports fan you can still watch football, racing, darts cricket etc on TV.?? I do hear some people complain about not being able to visit relatives but most of the complaints I hear about are not being able to do our favourite things. I've not spoken to anyone face to face since Christmas eve when I dropped presents off at my nieces house but I've spoken to loads of people over the phone, including today when my job adviser from the local jobcentre called me to ask me what I've been doing to actively look for work and if I didn't comply I'd be at risk of losing my £340 a month payments. I have no idea how I will manage without my £340 every month. 

  10. 1 hour ago, ghost22 said:

    i can pay off the wife or have her shot , whatevers cheaper 😂 , dont think he can name with libel laws , but we know who he meant , guy with a big black hat to start with 


    Come on now, It's not just about fake money is it. You've got Nick slots banging his own drum, saying how his streams have managed to donate over 100k to charity, the money came from donations from his viewers and from himself from his own income, so if his income is from affiliation then surely that is also indirectly from his viewers as well.? Is he just trying to justify what he does by donating a large sum of mostly other peoples money under the Nick slots banner.? Then you got Mr Chipmonkz and his sidekick, nipping up to Scotland to stay with his girlfriend in one household, coming back to another household where he resides and then going to a third household, his place of "work" where there are no social distancing measures in place whatsoever. To me that is just totally and utterly irresponsible considering the risks involved of spreading this highly contagious virus. I don't even care that it might even be within the permitted rules, people's lives are at risk, its moronic. Thick as shit. There's only two things that motivate these people, greed and notoriety regardless of any consequences . So it's not just about fake money, there's integrity and common sense to be questioned. During one stream Mr Chipmonkz was playing £40 spins and said "don't copy me, I play these stakes so you don't have to"! What a condescending puffed up prick. IMHO. Obviously I'm not going to moderate my own post but if it's deemed to be too offensive then so be it but I stand by what I say. 

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  11. It was pretty obvious the guy was harmless and clearly not the sharpest tack in the box. I don't think he should have been thrown out but staff should have advised him to leave other customers alone. As for all the "well done's" if your gonna hit someone for the price of a sandwich you could hardly stand behind them calling them a jammy bastard. Darren could have at least got the guy a roast dinner, I mean, Jordan gets 15%.😁😁😁


  12. Sometimes it's not about who they beat but more about the way they beat them. This was the case today with French Aseel. For me this was the most impressive performance from a novice hurdler I've seen in years. If the Triumph hurdle was in the next few weeks it would win it turning handsprings. Even so, I'm willing to bet that nothing will emerge from the pack to get near him. He looks the real deal. 

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