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  1. Same thing happened to me, short time at 50p stakes, it was no big deal though.
  2. Mentholdan

    Lil devil

    Every "tease" 2 bonus symbols, lights up 1 heart, light all 40 hearts and you get the special bonus "Heartstopper" you can't change stake or the hearts dissappear, and it's mostly crap. Probably the most overhyped game out there. My advice, forget it.
  3. Mentholdan

    Lil devil

    Very nice, well done mate.
  4. OK sorry about the confusion, I can't think why I put Keats down, it was rather late and I had a "senior moment" anyway, the actual name of the horse is Sykes, its due to run on the 23rd in the 2.45 at Haydock. So anyway I've been told its expected to run very well. There are so many things that go wrong in jump racing so don't shoot the messenger. A lot of things can go wrong in a week in racing, a lot could happen, going changes and so on, perhaps even a change of date and venue? I was told next time it runs get on it.
  5. Scratch the original post, it's not Keats, trying to do 3 things at once at 1am addles your brain and now I've lost the paperwork, bear with me and I'll update later, rushing off to work now, later.
  6. I've been told to back a horse next Saturday the 23rd, it's called Keats, I'll remind you guys next week.
  7. Who me, what?? I only wish you the best of luck my friend. Bees and honey = money.
  8. Yeah, his wife said I wish you could go that long. 😁😁😁
  9. I can't see any problem, the bookies aren't just going to walk away.
  10. Brilliant result, well done mate.
  11. Well all that's been said doesn't make sense does it, and it's not fair on the punter either. I mean the government have restricted FOBT stakes but on line you can bet what you like but one medium has the potential to pay huge jackpots and the other is limited to £500. Its not as if on line gambling is hard to access, Everyone has a mobile phone. So if a punter wants to bet with larger stakes it's the easiest thing in the world to do. I don't buy the money laundering argument either. I have an account with PP, it comes with a chip and pin cash card, I can use it at the "hole in the wall" use it in shops, I can pay money onto it in their shops, I could get by without any of my gambling money showing up going in or coming out of my bank account. The whole high street betting shop limit stinks. This didn't come in to being from the government acting alone, I can't even begin to imagine how many meetings there wer between the government and the bookies, its a deal. I can just imagine the bookies saying to the ministers about how many shops will close and how many people will lose their jobs, and all the tit for tat offers being banded back and forth before the £2 limit was agreed on. The facts ARE, limiting Fobts to a £2 stake will not help solve problem gambling, you can bet the same stake on line as in the Bookies if you want to, on line slots have the potential to give far bigger payouts, AND THAT IS NOT FAIR. Not a single thing done by the government helps the punter.
  12. Hi guys, I've spent a great deal of time recently watching dozens of slot streamers on Twitch. I've watched all these streamers play the same games over and over and learnt a lot. You get to know which games are hard to bonus and those that are more frequent, games that play well in the base game and those that have features in the base game. As an example, Genie Jackpots and Goonies give you an extra chance to bonus in base game features. An important fact is that I see people playing £4 & £5 stake regularly and when they do get a bonus they very seldom pay more than a FOBT jackpot of £500 which can be won at £2 stake. What the on line games can do however is completely go off their tits and pay monster amounts in the bonus and sometimes in the base game. A question seldom asked and one that puzzles me is this, a £2 bet on the horses in the Bookies can in theory pay mega money so now that the FOBT machines have been limited to £2 maximum stake, then why are their jackpots limited to £500? A FOBT jackpot should be able to pay the same as the on line game don't you think. I'm all for capping gambling limits but they shouldn't cap the amount you can win on bookie slots. By doing this people are only being encouraged to gamble on line because the returns potential for the "monster wins" is available but the stake limit is much higher, 100x and 200x the stake of a FOBT is not unusual. I just don't see why you can play for example, Fishing Frenzy for a £2 stake on line and win say £1200-£1500 and play the same game in the Bookies knowing your max win can only be £500???? ANT THOUGHTS??
  13. Agreed, same meat different gravy.
  14. Really enjoyed that one today Darren, I won't spoil it for the other others.
  15. I have a PP card, I deposit money onto the account in shops, the card can be used to withdraw cash at the hole in the wall, in shops etc just like a debit card. No Nosey banks involved and if you ever need to show "someone" your bank statement, nothing there. 😁😁
  16. I picked up £200 in Betfred this morning, 50p stakes only on Horus and Fishing. Got the bonus on both with 4 scatters on FF. Swings and roundabouts?
  17. Sitting here in South West London watching Valladolid V Mallorca in stunning HD on Spanish TV. Don't you just love modern technology?
  18. Mentholdan

    Jimbo slots

    I cannot stand this foul mouthed little toerag and after watching his win from yesterday I like him even less. It just goes to show that when your lucks in, its in. It was bad enough having to listen to that squeaky sewer of a mouth but now you can see him as well. Do you know what, good luck to him. As much as I can't sta d him it's nice to see people win and gives hope to the rest of us. I'm going to bed!!
  19. I would recommend another bash on luck of the Irish, I hit £500 off of one 50p spin last week.
  20. NEVER EVER EVER chase your losses. If you ENJOYa gamble leave it alone for a little while. Next time deposit smaller amounts and if your up for example £100- £200 withdraw it there and then. By all means leave your original stake to play again. I find it harder to win after a cash out so leave it for a day or two.
  21. Coral at Carshalton Beeches just bit the dust
  22. Mallorca are 4/1 to win today, very very generous considering last week's win.
  23. Last week we beat Real Madrid, this week we travel to Leganes, who are languishing at the bottom of La Liga on 2 points. If everything goes as it normally does, we'll lose. 😂
  24. I never get tired of seeing people win.
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