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  1. A £2 bonus on horus turns into a nice little win on Coral casino.
  2. Well what a coincidence, you can't make it up. Tomorrow Chipmonkz will be doing A 12 hour CHARITY Stream from 12 till midnight. Beggars belief.
  3. I have a PP cash card, any winnings go straight onto that. When I had a big win a little while ago I had to transfer it onto the cash card as 5 separate withdrawals of £500 not sure if 500 is the limit for everyone but it is for me, I don't understand why I couldn't get it all in one go but I could just sit there and do 5 X 500?? Once it's on the card it's off to the cash point and take it all out, same process, which can piss off the people waiting behind you. And now I'm going to save you time and answer the other questions you now have. The reasons for all the above malarkey? Once it's on the card you can't reverse the transaction, and if I just transferred it back onto the card I deposited with the temptation is always there. I never have more than £100 in either of my accounts at any time because the temptation is always there. Can you, see a pattern emerging? 😁 I keep my savings at home in a safe, its not fortunes, I'm not a rich man, never more than a few k in there. There was one time I was at home watching TV one night when the doorbell rang. It was a neighbour who like me had lived in the flats for years. He handed me a box and said do me a favour and look after this until tomorrow. I said what is it, is it a present for your Mrs you don't want her to find? He said no, it's 17k I've saved up, my son has got himself into some trouble and the police are searching his house, I'm worried they'll come here and find this and put 2 and 2 together and make 5. So the safe came in handy that night. 😁😁
  4. I have 2 bank accounts, 1 TSB the other Metro Bank, the reason being the Sutton Branch of TSB closed down and the nearest is a few miles away in Wallington. Metro Bank is smack bang opposite where my TSB was so I opened an account there. They are open till late and all day Sundays. I have debit cards with both banks, no credit cards. I use both cards on Paddy Power and Coral, never had a problem.
  5. So what about Oisin, is he a silly boy, or even stupid? He's only 26, should allowances be made? Apparently he was just over the limit, whatever their limit is, who knows? He probably drove to the track. I like him, he's good in front of the camera, very eloquent. But on board half a ton of racehorse amongst other horses in scrappy 5f sprint at 35 mph.?? Would you place a bet on a horse if you knew its jockey was out on the piss the night before. There are a lot of ramifications. From an excitement point of view, it would be great come Saturday if they were level or just 1 in it either way.
  6. The one that really gets my goat is when streamers get donations from viewers for a charity that the streamer is sponsoring. I know Nick slots and Chipmonkz have both done this in the past, maybe they still do? Donating to charity is brilliant but when a viewer sends money to the streamer via a message in the chat, eg, "hi guys I've just donated £10 to you for your sponsored charity". When the money is all collected and passed on to the charity, it seems as if all the money has been donated by the streamer, even though they may add a message like "from us and our viewers". The viewer can just donate direct to the charity, in fact its probably easier. The cynic in me says the streaming channel is looking for Brownie points for being so generous. Making affiliate money that comes indirectly from their viewers and then accepting donations for their sponsored charity from the same viewers just seems like a double kick in the bollocks to me. In today's Chipmonkz video he says he doesn't understand the haters and that he's even had threats to himself and his family. People who make these threats should be punished, I agree to that, its disgusting. He went on to say that he would love the chance to sit down with people who have issues with him and / or his streaming content and discuss it with them over a coffee in a calm sensible way and he's sure people would see things differently. A while back during a live stream of his I made a valid, sensible and reasonable point in the chat, no bad language or threat, just a reasonable question, the message never appeared in the chat, it seems I got chat banned for my point, which I deemed to be reasonable, peaceful, non aggressive.?? I watch All slot streamers videos on YouTube, even the ones I don't like. I'm not some fucking saddo lone ranger type, I just like to make sure what they're putting out there is, well honest-ish, I suppose. During todays live stream Chipmonkz was doing £45 spins on Montezuma I'm pretty sure it was, I can't exactly quote him unless I watch again "not" but he said something like, Don't you people at home copy this, we're only doing this because we had a win earlier, he does it often and says "we play these stakes so you don't have to" That was a quote BTW.
  7. I'm having trouble trying to work a few things out they just don't add up basically. Let's start with The Bandit, I really enjoy his streams and he comes across as a decent bloke. He's not put any videos up on YouTube for about a month now. The last time he took a "sabbatical" he basically said he hadn't been in the mood lately a d just couldn't be arsed, not had the inclination to play. The bit I'm struggling with is that I've seen this guy do double or nothing gambles "many times" on 25, 30 and 35k wins. This style of gambling doesn't suggest to me that he's the kind of person who "can't be arsed". I just don't get it.?? The other thing that's causing me to scratch an itch is this... Hideous hit 67k on a 2euro bonus a couple of nights ago, Bandit hot over 120k on a 6 euro jammin jars bonus a little while back and Rocknroller hit a huge huge win on Danger not too long ago either. Hideous is the most frequent streamer, normally 2 or 3 times a week, Bandit is averaging once a month, not too sure about Rock roller?? But anyway 3 streamers have hit life changing amounts live on stream yet this forum which is open to potentially 1000s of people and I'm pretty sure I've only seen 1 big win posted on here at around 5k??? Lastly, if Hideous 67k win is legit. he says he can only withdraw the money in increments of 10k over time. I believe as yet his first 10k withdrawal has not gone through, "his win" came on Leo Vegas BTW. Which basically sends the message to all potential players that you can lose as much as you like at any given time but if you win you can only get the money bit by bit over a period of time. 😭😭😭😭😭
  8. I've always said keep your head down, you just cannot imagine the nut jobs that are walking the same streets and breathing the same air as you or I.
  9. Could someone nip to the petrol station and get me a couple of bags of petrol? VID-20210928-WA0000.mp4
  10. My local BP garage here in Sutton Surrey said no petrol this week and they estimate that it could be up to 10 days.
  11. Happy Birthday mate, you share it with my 5 year old nephew Frankie as well. 😁
  12. I've been prepared for a situation like this by pouring petrol into ice cube making bags and just leaving them in the freezer for situations like this. I reckon I've got 2 weeks, supply frozen. Otherwise it means getting Hercules out of his, stable.
  13. Electric Warrior released on this day 50 years ago today. Unbelievable. I was 14 😭😭😭
  14. Here's the pic I took especially for you, this is the way I drove everyorning for ten days, it even tells you to turn right on the road. It was only on the afternoon of the 10th day when I was leaving that I saw this post had been erected and no cars could pass through. So this post was concreted in between 8am and 3pm on the Friday, it, was from the following Monday and every day for 10 days after that the fines started arriving. My argument is, if they didn't want cars coming in then why didn't they just put the post there in the first place.???
  15. Yep, but you didn't post a pic of yourself with your cheeks puffed up and a look of disbelief on your face.
  16. Darren had a shed load, I saw pics of them all around the room, pretty sure he should have a few left.
  17. Just a heads up to anyone who appreciates good TV, if you get the chance try watching Ted Lasso, an American football coach who comes to England to manage a Premier league club. It starts off excellent and just gets brilliant, IMHO.
  18. not to put a dampener on things but you dont need a ticket on your windscreen to get a parking fine these days trust me, and the other little trick they use is sending out the notification AFTER the early payment discount time has lapsed. As for your £950 pants down arse spanking, I feel for you. I only hope you can take comfort in knowing "been there, done that , and got the T shirt. ive said this many a time before, unless youve had to walk home from the casino in the pissing rain, skint, at 3am in the morning, you cant really call yourself a gambler.
  19. Just a quick update on my progress. Found a car I liked last week, advertised at 103k miles on the clock but when I did my own check it was actually 150k and there was a 2 year gap between one particular mot which meant the car had been off the road for about 2 years, also, when I asked the seller to show me his drivers licence to prove it was his name on the v5 document he refused to show it. More recently, I found a car advertised on Facebook where you message the seller, here's how the conversation went, remember these are all separate texts. Me, Hi, I've seen your ad on Facebook about the BMW for sale, I would like to come and view it, Seller, OK. Me. When would it be convenient to view the car please? Seller, Any time. Me, we'll can you send me the address and postcode so I can view the car? Seller then sends me just the postcode, no address no look forward to seeing you or thanks mate or kiss my arse. The address tur s out to be in North London while the guys Facebook page shows he's in Beckenham?? I've decided against the Toyota and decided to get a BMW X5 mainly because the engines are practically bullet proof.
  20. I normally go to the memorial service every year on this day at Golders Green crematorium. There's usually around a couple of hundred people turn up, "same old faces" Marc's brother Harry, Gloria Jones, who was driving the car when the fatal accident occurred. Marc and Gloria's son turns up now and then but he now lives in the USA. Its all very tasteful but we do go mad later at a local club with live tribute band and a DJ. A friend of mine, Remco, sometimes pops over from Holland, he has some videos on YouTube under the name Glittersfrombilly, he does some really good Bolan covers, worth a look if you get the time.
  21. If normal service is to be resumed, Emma Raducanu will get knocked out in the first round at her next tournament.
  22. It's a very entertaining and really well designed slot, can pay some decent wins but it's never going to pay a monster such as jammin and gaga
  23. Just seen Emma Raducanu speaking fluent Chinese on the telly, that means, she just added another 1.4 Billion to her fan base. 😂
  24. I was playing goonies on Friday and had a win on £1 stake so did a few £5 spins and got the red key, it gave me Chunks truffle shuffle and only 5 of them. Thinking it was a duffer but then he turned into the skill and crossbones and it chucked a few more in. Paid £800. Only the 2nd time I've had the red key. Sorry no pics.
  25. When I demolished the wall and rebuilt it, moving the door and frame over to fit the TV, all I could think of was Bernard Cribbins singing Right Said Fred. 😂😂
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