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  1. I've Been chat banned on Casino Daddy Permanently, for making a joke criticising the music the guy was playing. No foul language, just a quip saying he needs to get real, playing some house music. Up came the message "you are permanently banned from chat" I'm pretty sure a certain person/persons have "had a word" I'm pretty sure the Mods. on one account are active on "others" who shall remain nameless. I know I'm critical at times of streamers but I like to think it's mainly constructive criticism. "apart from Nick slots" the man who can't put a sentence together without a deletive expletive between every other word. I once came home from work when I was in my late teens and had to pluck up the courage to tell my dad I'd got the sack at work. He smiled, put his hand on my shoulder and said "son, it's an honour to get the sack, any idiot can pack his job in" So I'll accept the honour from Casino Daddy.
  2. Would you like me to mark your card πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I was ill all day yesterday so I texted my neighbour upstairs if he was going to the bookies and could he put a bet on for me as I was too ill to leave the house. He texted back saying he was in the bookies and I should text him my bet. I texted the race meetings and times and the horse number to avoid confusing him. Of the four in my lucky 15 I had 1 winner at 10/1, that was the ONLY ONE HE SCREWED Up, I texted number 5 and he wrote down the 6 horse. I went to his flat in the evening and instead of collecting Β£31 I had to hand over Β£15. The 3 losers he got right!!! Says it all really.
  3. Very well done, nice return present😁😁😁
  4. I've been practically glued to twitch over the last 6 weeks watching all the streamers strut their stuff. Practically all of them are boring beyond belief, most of them are playing music which makes me want to slam my head in a car door. Nearly all of them constantly use language that would make a sailor blush. There's a deal of witty banter in the chat which I like to get involved with, it can be a laugh a lot of the time. some are dedicated bonus buyers others prefer to grind it out. It's only my opinion but the two stand out streams are Casino Daddy and Chipmonkz for entertainment. Casino Daddy is the more professional of the two but unlike Chipmonkz they don't seem too bothered if they win or lose. There are two others I'm so disgusted with by what they do and what they stand for I'm not even going to mention them. They know who they are. Chipmonkz had a little "dig" at me the other day for remarks I've made about him here in the past. I think they were fair comments but credit where its due, they've got much better lately. Its also nice to know they're aware of the topics on here. 😁 Anyway, the main point of this post is to say that constantly watching different streams teaches you a hell of a lot. The MOST IMPORTANT THING TO KNOW IS THIS, YOU CAN, AND VERY OFTEN, WILL WIN MORE FROM A BONUS ON LOW STAKES THAN ON HIGH STAKES. Varying bet size is no bad thing but don't think you have to bet big to win big. Considering the max payout on a FOBT is £500 not many bonuses pay that much.
  5. The reason for the photo is that the goalscorer Junior Lago is the player between the ref and the Madrid player on the ground. Reminds me of one of those old spot the ball pics.
  6. I just watched my team Mallorca beat Real Madrid 1-0. Mallorca scored early on and had a second disallowed but only after the intervention of VAR. Madrid went down to 10 men mid way through the 2nd half and never really threatened throughout the game, even with a lot of possession. Mallorca fans are so fickle, I sat in those stands for 20 years and those fans who turned up week in week out would suddenly be wearing a different scarf or shirt whenever Madrid or Barcelona came to town. Anyway that has made my weekend as I've got a stinking cold and feel rotten. Forza Mallorca.!!!
  7. Nothing today but they all ran well. Huge prices going in all over the place which I thought might happen today. YOU MUST NOT LET A BIG PRICE PUT YOU OFF.
  8. Champions day at Ascot tomorrow, it's the end of the season, a lot of horses have gone "over the top" and the ground is like a bog so anything can happen. I'm doing an each way lucky 15 tomorrow at huge prices 1.35. Khadem. 33/1 2.10.Withold. 12/1 3.20. Veracious. 25/1 4.40. Dark Vision. 33/1 £1 each way lucky 15. All 4 winners return £580.630.87 😁😁😁
  9. I'd like to see a bonus buy world Cup over a few weeks or even months. Starting with 16 or 32 games and getting to a final 2. Groups to knockout stages, semi final and final. Then we would see the real king of the slot games. All the faves, Horus, F Frenzy, Goonies, Book of Dead etc. Would be fun, I could do a mock bookies odds and we could have a vote prior to the start. 😁😁
  10. There could be a sting in the tail. 😁
  11. I often wonder if the pattern of the scatters for a bonus has any bearing on what the bonus might pay. Has anyone noticed anything while playing?
  12. All four winners today, and because the prices were quite short I added a £1 win "accie" Total returns £813. 😁😁
  13. BTW the guy had the game on turbo mode and I timed it, "I know, anorak" anyhow, its set at 42 spins per minute, 2520 spins an hour at 45 cents per spin, total outlay in 1 hour €1134.
  14. Ironically, the first time my neice Hayley played the game, she loaded Β£10 onto her phone app and played 11 spins at 90p, she hit 5 scatters on about the 5th spin and won over 2K, go figure.
  15. Sorry that should have been a total of 14 wilds in total, which means 1 wild in every 5.1 spins
  16. I was watching a, stream on twitch tonight, a guy grinding DOA II for 45p per spin. Each bonus was played on the most volatile feature. 1st bonus took 541 spins, 2 wilds, paid €8. 2nd bonus 12 spins, 4 wilds, €12 3rd bonus 249 spins, 2 wilds €10.60 4th bonus 6 spins, 3 wilds €7. 36 5th bonus36 spins 0 wilds €8.80 6th bonus 69 spins 4 wilds € 190.80 913 spins, 6 bonuses = 1 bonus every152 spins. In all 6 bonuses there were a total of 13 wilds, = 1 wild every 5.5 spins of a bonus. Total outlay €410.85. RETURNS FROM BONUSES ONLY €237.56. I didn't count the returns in the base game, "I'm not quick enough" but he didn't hit 1 line of 5 in any of the 913 spins. But all in all he had a bash and it didn't cost him a fortune. On the last bonus he had 3 chances to hit a wild line. It was interesting to study and work out the numbers but boy was he a boring bastard, hardly said a word, just sitting in his chair trying to look mean and moody, so basically just looking like a dick.
  17. The ones never to bet on are virtual races. Your bet has to be on 10 seconds before the race or it will be VOID. Before the race goes off they know which are their biggest liabilities, for that reason I don't trust them.
  18. It's ideal if you lose in moderation and within your means and have the odd big win along the way. Today I just did a fun bet on the horses from Ireland seeing as the UK racing was abandoned. I had a 50p each way lucky 15, Β£15 stake. One winner at 20/1 and 2 placed horses. Total returns Β£80
  19. I too can't stand Nick slots, he's very big headed and opinionated and narcissistic, as are most streamers who are in front of the camera in their streams. As I've said before, it's like the X factor auditions with them, they don't care if they're no good as long as people get to see them. They just love the sound of their own voice. Learning how affiliation works is interesting and enlightening but as its not illegal I find it hard to criticise. Some might think it's immoral but people who sign up to casinos through a streamer have no one to blame but themselves, unless of course they're unaware of how it works. My biggest problem is this, I was watching nick slots last week and that day he was giving away 5 prizes of Β£500 in a competition, very generous indeed. He chose the winners at random at the end of the stream. My gripe is that I can never be sure that the emails aren't just phantoms to make him look good, like a streaming Robin Hood. For me he would have to make it more transparent. In short, without calling him a liar, I just can't believe him.
  20. Absolutely, and I can't stand the geezer either, he's always going on about what he's got and his Audi sports car. I've got f**k all by the way and drive a 1997 Toyota Lucida with all the rear seats removed. My dear old dad always said "son, a motor ain't no good to you if you can't get a wheelbarrow in the back"
  21. In a recent stream he unwrapped merchandise sent to him live on air, it was half a dozen or so game posters. I would imagine if anyone sent an email to any games creator such as Netent, Blueprint etc and told them how wonderful their games are that they would send you a bunch of stuff through the post. I'll give it a go, apparently I'm an expert at crawling up peoples arses. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  22. Too right, I remember that the VSC had a strict dress code, no jeans or shorts in those days, you had to wear a tie. No photo ID driving licences so you had to take your passport. I also remember going to Ascot races one icy cold winters day specifically to see Desert Orchid race, I was wearing a roll neck sweater under a heavy overcoat. The bowler hat brigade at the entrance wouldn't let me in without a tie. They sold me a tie which I had to wear over my roll neck sweater to get into the track which I then took off and put in my pocket. Desert Orchid was withdrawn about half an hour before the race. 😭😭
  23. I'm 62 years old and never had a credit card in my life, I was brought up to believe that if you don't have money to pay for what you want then save it up. I also think it teaches you to look after the money you do have. My golden rule is only gamble up to 20% of what you have, a bit like poker 😁 Also I've never had a credit account with a bookmaker. A friend of mine is an Independent bookie "private" I sometimes phone bets over to him if for example I'm working and can't get to a betting shop but if I lose I will always drop the money off to him on my way home. We're like the sheepdog and the wolf in the old cartoon. 😁 Only once in about 40 years he hasn't been able to pay me my winnings.it was about 35 years ago, I had a £10 forecast up on the horses, it was a 16/1 winner and a 25/1 second, I had about £1200 to come and it was the Monday before the Cheltenham festival. He asked if I could wait until after Cheltenham a d was OK with that. I never had a winner at Cheltenham and my balance was down to £100. In the last race on the final day of the festival I had the £100 on a horse that won at 16/1. We often went to the Victoria Sporting Club together and I remember one time in the early hours of the morning we broke the golden rule and ended up walking the 15 miles or so home from London. I have debit accounts with Coral, Betfred and PP but NEVER EVER USE THEM TO BET ON HORSES, ONLY SLOTS.
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