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  1. Word got around that I had a decent win recently and so far I've had 2 phone calls and 1 person calling at my door to borrow money. One was family which I don't mind so much and I know they'll pay me back. The point is, I could just imagine the response I'd get if I went to the same three people and asked them for money because I did my conkers gambling. A few years ago I mentioned to a guy I was sub contracting for that I won 4k. Within an hour he asked me to lend him 1k because he was waiting on a payment from the job. I took me a while to get my money back but when he did repay me I packed up my tools there and then and walked off the job. I'm pretty sure others here have had a similar story to tell?
  2. Nice hit, and just proves the point I was making about smaller stakes the other day. Had that been on 2,3 or £4 stake it probably wouldn't have hit.
  3. Should have gone to specs avers. 🤑🤑🤑
  4. I googled "slot streamer of the year" and the first name that popped up was StopandStep 😁 it said Darren has done £100 spins on Spinal Tap and has had the red key on Goonies?? All in all, nice comments "mostly" accurate.
  5. Cheers Blindhaze, I'm adamant that the best stake to play Horus and "Fishing" in the Bookies is 50p. In my experience the best on line stake for slots is 40p 60p and 80p. I watch the guys playing on line for £10 & £20 stake and more often than not struggling to get over £200-£300 respectively. I won £400 for 10p on Book of the Irish recently, "a full screen of Leprechauns. Bandits 23k win came off 80p stake.
  6. Nipped in to Betfred this morning to put on a couple of £1 lucky 15s for today, fished in my pockets and found £4 in change so thought I'd do my usual 50p spins on Horus. Put the coins into the machine and up pops a big banner for Buffalo Rising so I thought why not for a change and set to 10 auto spins at 40p. Got the bonus on the 2nd spin and it paid £123 for 40p stake. Decided to play Horus for £8 and use the £15 for another £1 lucky 15 for tonight's racing and pocket the £100. Did 4 £2 spins on Horus, hit the bonus and then got the jackpot. All in all, walked in with £34, walked out withe 3 £1 lucky 15s paid for "£45" and £800 in my pocket. These days are as rare as rocking horse doo dah but nice when they happen. 😁😁😁
  7. I really enjoyed today's bonus hunt, glad to see you persevering with Horus megaways. I hope you go back to book of Irish sometime, I'm convinced there's a big payout on that slot.
  8. Well they're never going to tell you what they make from streaming, those that stream for ten or twelve hours are a continuous advertising medium. Add to that what they make from punters losses, money from subscribers and even gifts of cash, they're laughing all the way to the bank. It's easy money, perhaps time consuming but they never have to leave their house and its definitely not what could be described as hard work. I watch and moniter them all and they all have a very similar profile. They all come across as control freaks and all stream with a bullying attitude. A lot of them start "losing it" when they see criticism in the chat and can get very verbally abusive, they will ask for slot suggestions with a smile one moment and snappily reply that they're not playing "that" game because they don't like it in the next moment. two in particular come across as very volatile carachters when criticised. They all show signs of an underlying gambling problem and tend to "tilt" very easily. They all seem to crave the attention and feel a sense of superiority in front of the camera. The two that stand out head and shoulders above the rest that provide sheer entertainment, regardless of what stakes they play are Roshtein and The Bandit. You'll notice I make no mention of StopandStep, the reason being he doesn't stream. If he streamed regularly I would give an honest opinion. Of course all of the above is just my view on it and you may disagree but the next time you watch a streamer I urge you to pay less attention to the games and concentrate more on whoever is in front of the camera. Welcoming viewers in the chat as though they were long lost relatives and turning nasty in the blink of an eye and chat banning anyone who dares to criticise. After all, they've found the goose that lays the golden egg and they'll fight tooth and nail to keep it and control it. They've actually found a way to make a living and fund their own gambling habit at the same time. Happy days.
  9. Great to see that my old mate Marc Bolan has finally been inducted into the R&R Hall of fame, not before time. I hope they invite Bill Legend "the only surviving band member of T. Rex" over there for the ceremony.
  10. Went in to Betfred and put my lucky 15 on and as usual put the £5 change in the machine for 10 autoplays on Horus at 50p. Got the feature and it paid £154 without even getting to the black dogs. Played 2 x £2 spins and hit the bonus again, paid £16. Stayed on £2 but no bonuses although the odd £25-£30 here and there. Cashed out £170. Lucky 15 paid for, put £50 on to my account, the odd fiver in the machine again for the 10 x 50p autos, paid 0, £100 up so I left. Here's the weird bit, got home, cup of tea and sit down for the £50 bash on Montezuma, the wins were adding on to my balance before the reels started spinning, eg. got a £5 win and the reels spin and then in pop the reels, did it all the time, adding to the bonus as soon as I pressed the button and before the reels even started spinning. Anyone else experienced this?
  11. Just had my neice on the phone, she's a manager at LadbrokeS in Carshalton in Surrey. She's just been told her shop is to close "it's smack bang opposite a Betfred" and she's to be made redundant. Hopefully she should be able to walk straight I to another job with another bookies but doubtful she will keep her managerial status.
  12. I'm 62 years old, almost 63 and I've never held a credit card in my life. I was brought up by my dad and he liked a bet but he drummed it in to me from an early age, never ever spend money you don't have and borrowing money to gamble is the biggest no no of them all. He said if you work hard for your money its yours to do as you please with and nobody else's business. I also told him one morning that I didn't want to go into work that day and he said son, don't ever do anything in this world that you don't want to do, but don't come to me for a sub at the weekend. I got dressed and went to work. The facts of life were oh so simple in those days and I don't see why they should be any different nowadays.
  13. A while back I made some unfavourable comments on here about Chipmonkz stream and he made a couple of wry comments on his twitch stream the following day. So I mentioned in the chat that my comments were justified and that they were meant to be more of a creative criticism if you like. To be fair to Alvin "Chip" he took it on the chin and actually agreed that it might be fair and justifiable to speak out and even "may" be helpful. He is also 100% transparent with his deposits and not only that, he advocates that "ALL STREAMERS" should be totally up front about their deposits and withdrawals. I don't find his channel as much fun to watch these days because he's "too slick". By that I mean the odd cock up here and there made for a fun element but he's got it off to a fine art over time, for me perhaps too clinical. I suppose the guy can't win with me lol but I think everyone understands what I mean, a kind of "blooper less stream" loses a few laughs. But, and its a big but, will one of the streamers actually "come out" and explain to the viewers, in depth, before a stream, exactly how their affiliation works and how it affects their audience.? After all is said and done, in the not too distant future I don't think we will be having these conversations because surely it can only be a matter of time before slot streaming is outlawed and deemed illegal. If anyone says that slot streaming does not encourage gambling and problem gamblers are as far as I'm concerned just sticking their head in the sand. People whe read this that do not have a gambling problem probably won't agree with me and slot streamers definitely won't agree with me.
  14. Exactly, I also think most people watching know the streamers are affiliates but what they don't know is exactly how affiliation works. My advice would be to watch them but don't subscribe to their channels and definitely don't sign up to any of their offers. Here's food for thought, I often, very often in fact, get bookies sending me links to free spins, normally up to about 25, all for 10p per spin AND I NEVER LOSE. I never win too much but I NEVER LOSE. We're ALL being Scammed ALL the time and the more gullible ones get sucked in.
  15. Hi Kask, thanks for your comments. I'm not at all offended by bad language and to be fair to most streamers they don't swear incessantly, but they do swear quite often. I agree with your comment that I don't have to watch but I do want to watch, and it would be great for me to think that some of them tweaked their style of broadcast because they had read my comments. I also totally agree with you that most streamers promote gamble awareness but one streamer in particular "classy beef" was explaining on camera that if you had issues with gambling etc call or get in touch with organisations that can help you. He then went on to say in no uncertain manner that people watching the stream should not gamble using the same huge stakes that they were and the only reason they gambled with large stakes was to increase the entertainment value. He then stressed that what they were doing was not encouraging gambling. He then went on to say that a competition was coming up on the stream and that members could Gamble their points by trying to predict the outcome.??? The biggest issue is the donating to charity by these streamers. Let's just say that I'm an affiliate streamer and You are watching my stream and you sign up to one of my offers. From then on I am making money from what you lose. Then I decide to take some of the money I make from your losses and donate it to charity in my name or the name under which I stream. People could be mislead to think that the donation came directly from me when in fact it came indirectly from you, but I get all the credit. Therefore justifying everything by saying look how much I'm donating. If Ladbrokes asked you for a donation to a charity that they were sponsoring, how likely would it be that you would donate? Finally Kask, when I make these posts I'm not on some mad one man crusade trying to expose evil on line streaming, I'm just tryi g to explain how I think it all works but with tongue firmly in cheek. 😁
  16. I did ask on Casino Daddy what is the difference between a bonus and a fucking bonus and he called me a shit head, but they do seem like a nice bunch of guys 😁
  17. A more upmarket game would contain words such as, bum, knickers, poo, sugar, flippin, cobblers, blast, oops and the real bad one for the bonus would be knackers.
  18. One guy I saw streaming was drinking tea or coffee and was slurping like pig in a trough, another kept yawning like he needed a good night's sleep and worse than that he kept talking while he was yawning. One particular streamer called Joe on classy beef was grooming his beard with a brush while he was streaming and the thing that really gets my goat he was drinking out of a bottle. Yes I'm a bit old fashioned but I can understand drinking from a can but a bottle to me is the ultimate of being uncouth.
  19. I'm assuming that a line with hunt in it is the jackpot and bollocks is the easiest to get as its in the middle and all lines run through it. Can you clarify if its a win for the four corners?
  20. I know online streamers lurk here, as Ive posted messages here before only to be "mentioned in despatches" on their streams the following day. Here's my new year's message for you. Firstly, I am not your bro or your man, also, "we" are not printing, you are, if "we" were printing then "we" would be sharing the winnings. Also, can you explain the difference between a bonus and a fucking bonus? Do not spout all the bollocks about responsible gambling and say you're not encouraging people to gamble and in the next breath ask people to gamble points as to what the outcome of the next bonus buy might be. Don't have the audacity to justify what you are doing by saying you are donating some of your own money to charity, it was never your money to begin with, affiliate money just makes you a glorified VAT collector. Finally, when someone posts a valid argument in the chat that you don't want to answer don't get your Mods to blast the chat with messages just so the awkward and valid question dissappears from view at lightening speed. Thank you and happy new year.
  21. I'm intrigued, what are the scissors for? 😁
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