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  1. Yes free spins for joining, at 30 per day for 10 days. So looks like I only get the £100. What on earth happens to the rest of the money though?!
  2. I deposited £10 and got the 100% bonus. I didn't win anything off that. I then got free spins credited a few hours later and that's where I had the win after winning on the spins and wagering the 40x through those winnings. Please don't tell me the winnings don't count - that would be ludicrous surely..
  3. Thanks my biggest slot win ever. (Usually a low stake player) Thanks for other replies aswell, I do get quite anxious around these things especially after seeing such negative reviews online it seems they try anything to stop you getting the money! I know it can take days even over a week to get to your bank, not fussed about that it's just the amount of time it takes them to process that worries me! I can still see it in my account now with the option to 'cancel'.
  4. I have read a fair few negative reviews about this site so was just hoping someone could help. I signed up and got the free spins bonus, managed to win about a tenner then had to wager through it, did so on 'Eastern Emeralds' with £1 spins and was lucky enough to get balance up to around £1000 in cash! Withdrew the lot on Thursday night back to the same Visa i deposited with, however today (Sunday) the withdrawal is still 'pending' and not been processed, have gone to live help and they have 'escalated' it, is this normal for this site? I ask because literally every other site I use has withdrawals done in hours.
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