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  1. A Western themed slot challenge with games like Dead or alive , Diamond mine mega ways, six shooter and many others.
  2. Hi Darren, Watched the live last night so good to put a face to the voice love what you do. I was on Casumo yesterday and played these two games. Very entertaining, have you ever played them? Hitman and Long Poa. Hope your all good and staying safe.
  3. Okay thanks Darren, perhaps I'll invest a little time in it and see how it goes 👍
  4. Hi Darren, Happy New year. Hope you had a cracking Christmas and you have a prosperous 2020. I'm just curious as to whether you know if on Monopoly Megaways when you build up your houses does the property have any reflection on the win you receive? I.e if you get the hotel on Park Lane or Mayfair would this pay more than if you was to activate free spins on the cheaper properties on the board? Just a bit of curiosity. Love the vids. Tom Dunn
  5. All the best darren for tonight. Love your shows. Have you tried the new Eye of Horus megaways out yet? The Dog House is quite a good game too with a good bonus if you land them kennels and multipliers. Good luck win big
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