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  1. I’ve even e mailed the developer. No reply.
  2. It’s the music 3 mins 11 sec into Video
  3. I’ve seen advert Victoria pluming from 2009. Don’t think it’s the same music. Anyone agree ??
  4. Yes it is flame busters. It does sound like music from a Nintendo game ??
  5. Hi on one of your recent bonus hunts you played a old school fire game does anyone know where the music is from. ??? I know it from somewhere. ???
  6. Hi everyone. Can someone tell me the highest % payout on £1 & £2 stakes in coral at the moment ( not including premium play or online ). If so you can beat 91%. If so what games ??
  7. New online slot exclusive to the online casino “ RIZK” new who wants to be a millionaire ( not megawatts ). can you play please. Big shout out plzz when you win. 👍👍
  8. Does anyone have videos / photos or remember the name of a true odds real pin ball slot machine repeater I used to play at a bingo hall in the 00’s ??? It had a real ball at the top of the machine and dropped down on repeat chances .
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