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  1. hi guys i use to only win on the golden dragon so when that game went i near had a decent win .So went off the fobts stuck to my horses' Anyway since last week betfred had new dragon machin it like the golden dragon .Now to win on fobts you need a good wad money just wait for the bonus Since the bookies reduced the bonus returns to make more money it sucide gambling,Anyway i decided to invest £5.00 on the new machin the plays are 5p i had 5p on 10 numbers and splite the rest with my fav numbers anyway straight away hit 250 /1 £125 for 50p the guy next to me put £2.00 on
  2. having cold front coming looks like a bad winter it good bet if you can afford to gamble before xmas
  3. I played leaders of the world as i got betfred loyalty card got 9 spins on the bonus i put in £50 before bonus only got max return of £ 2,00 so when i got the bonus i sort now it time for a return instead i got back 50p with £2.00 stake that was a R I P OFF i complained to betfred said there regulated by the gambling commision but i think as the bonus wins they are paying out alot less to recoup any winnings poeple get. When i played the machins last year i always got between £100 to £400 now if you win £20 on a bonus your very lucky
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