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  1. It was a Corbet bookies tried that one with it being not as big as the others but when ive got the money I need to make them aware again of the self excision
  2. I was just thinking that the bookies wouldn't process it, if they find out I'm excluded, I won it Saturday afternoon and they said no one is on the account department till Monday so wouldn't get processed till Monday so just a case of waiting now
  3. They took my name address sort code and account number because they said that's how they pay out, even though I'm sure previous other bookies have just payed out to the card the deposit was made from, anyway this is why I now worried I won't get payed because with my details surly it will flag up that I'm previously excluded 🙈
  4. Hi new hear, I self excluded from all local bookies and signed up to GameStop so I can't gamble online but recently I had the urge to have a gamble so walked into a bookies that I was excluded from but they let me play, even allowed me to use my bank card to make a deposit onto the fobt machines, 2 questions Ive recently won £1000 £500 gold pot and a few gambles but when went to claim it they said because it's over £1000 they have to transfer it back to my bank via BACS from there account department, my worry is that it will flag up that I'm already excluded? And I won't get my money the other question is like online casino where they have a duty of care and in some cases the deposit have been returned because they shouldn't of been accepted being self excluded, does the same thing stand with bookies, so for example if they accepted a card payment when your excluded should all the deposits be refunded?
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