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  1. I spoke with the UKGC, and according to them the bonus buys removal are not set in stone. It seems the online sites have removed them, down to there belief that UKGC will be making them do so in the future. There is nothing I can find on there website, and Betway and Videoslots have no date they need to work to. Be interested to see the outcome as the UKGC has had calls from players asking for them to be restored. Anyone with any link to what has taken place so far could post them on here for us all to see.
  2. I agree. The lottery is always a strange one. I always wondered why there was not more winners of the jackpot. But when nearly 1 in 14 million chance of winning, I suppose that answers my question. Do play it much so don't really concern me. Just wanted to know other member opinion on it. Thanks.
  3. Fair comment about Virtual racing. It is a numbers game (pick a random horse or dog using your favourite numbers or names) it says no more bet six second before the off, and bookmakers want bets on at least ten seconds before the start of the race. I have only ever known one big winner when a Lucky 15 was all correct and the player won over £70,000 for a £15 total stake. As for the 49's I wanted to uploaded a video I took from WH website but it is too bi, so I uploaded three photos instead, as my satellite dish can not see 4.8 East at the moment. Does not show much thought. Make up your own mi
  4. Has anyone ever noticed that the 49's draw in the bookmakers always show the draw live from four different cameras. The wide shot of the drum with the 49 balls flying in all directions is shown only when the previous number has been drawn. You never see the ball go from the machine into the tray. The journey of the ball from draw machine to the winning number tray is never shown. So this means you can never tell if the ball comes from the machine or not. The Irish lottery draw is independently overseen by KPMG, an independent body. 49's draw is produced by SIS and film by them. SIS is a satell
  5. I used to work for Betfred as a cleaner. I have excluded my from Ladbrokes around 7 years ago, never been back in there. Working for Fred was a self exclusion in it self. I could not bet where I was working. Worked out great.I would need to take my shoes and socks off to count up the self-exclusions I have had. The best way is to avoid going to certain places where bookmakers are. Take a different route. Buy online and have it delivered. Any way to avoid places near bookmakers. Maybe get a good trusted friend to go out to places with you, so you are distracted not tempted. They will remind you
  6. Can anyone advise? On Rainbow Riches pick n mix, you can pick three bonuses, then press BB to play the feature. You have to buy it. This costs between £10 and £25. If you win you play the feature, with no guarantee to make a profit. If you lose you get 5 free spins on the rainbow riches base game, as you have to buy the bonus, is this a bonus buy, if so when does the online sites have to remove there bonus buy by. Many thanks for any info.
  7. Hello. Stroud in Gloucestershire closed on Monday 30th September after nearly three years of trading. It have competition from two Ladbrokes and a Betfred. All three are well visited so WH had a problem from the start. Few customers and no best odds. The one on Westgate Street in Gloucester was also closed after I walked passed on Tuesday 8th October. No surprise to see shops go as when I worked for Betfred as a cleaner they only was interested in the machines. Horse and Greyhound picture dispute for months did not bother Ladbrokes/Corals or Betfred. 14 hours days 6 days a week, no one in the
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