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  1. Eye of Horus is probably the worst con slot I've seen for 20 years. Saying that there's other games out there where it's impossible to get certain wins that are advertised but nobody cares enough to do anything. I once emailed a firm who made/programmed a game saying the wins advertised were impossible to get even if I put in a million but they ignored me. It's just one giant brainwashing scam and with the likes of Nickslots around more and more people get sucked in. The bookies make billions from the £2 footy bet players because loads of them lose money on the fobts while in the shop. It's a terrible sector now, I've sacrificed my footy bet on a Sat now because I do not even want to go in a shop now
  2. Remember the good old days when you knew when a fruit machine was going to pay out or you went in a arcade and £50 would last you all day. For me it seems like all forms of slot gambling now is simply about rinsing people of their money as quick as possible. Vegas seems a complete con, fobt are worse than they ever were, there is no way they are on over 90% and online you are just asking to go bankrupt as quickly as possible. No skills involve, you lose simple as that but it seems all the firms involved want it faster and faster. I think the only form of gambling people should get involved with that gives you half a chance and is skill related but still needs a bit of luck is the stock market. But watching Vegas video's and from experience seeing the money now getting pumped into Fobt's tells me it's time to say goodbye to gambling unless you do it sensibly for a bit of fun.
  3. Mick

    This website

    Thanks for the info. Wordpress certainly looks the easiest to use for a none tech savy person like me.
  4. Can I ask Stop and Step how long it took to set up and any cost because I want to do one on another topic but would not know where to start. Can clearly see you are a bit tech savvy Stop from your youtube videos.
  5. And again the usual brainwashing big win video by nickslots. How does this scam fool so many people, are that many people hooked to slots they cannot see they are being brainwashed by the casino's ??
  6. Mick

    Fobt moaners

    Seem to be raking in fortunes still on the £2 spin. If these machines are on 91-94% I'll eat my hat. People do not seem to understand they are being ripped off as day after day they pump the machines. I was hoping on the day of £2 max this would be the end of fobts but clearly the bookies are still raking in the cash, not as much as before but clearly plenty to keep the shops open. They only close a few down to make the addicts all congregate around the same shops, more profits less costs.
  7. Right on cue the weekend brainwashing big win video by Nickslots has arrived. How youtube allow this continue baffles me. That guy is just evil !
  8. Hey Stop. From my old days on the Fobt's did you know there's a game where some of the wins are impossible to get. They are not set in the program. Ever played fairground fortunes. One of the worst game every programmed onto a Fobt.
  9. There was a good video about affiliation which more or less exposed what the streamers had been claiming as total BS. The Bandit claimed that when you win he loses and he only makes money when you lose, well in that case a online slot with a £5 million mega jackpot, what happens if somebody who signs up with his links wins that. He cannot exactly cough up £1.25 mil or 25% to cover the loss or £2.5 mil 50% can he, it's all BS. He never did answer that one. And of course try and ask nickslots any question and he blocks you instantly.....I see the usual weekend big win brainwashing video's are back
  10. You have to give Nick credit he puts a lot of effort into brainwashing the addicts making them think he is some poor slot player. If only they knew how much money he takes out of the game I'd say well in excess of 6 figures. That is why he blocks every comment on the subject. He does not want the scam to be exposed.
  11. It's strange that despite %'s being 90%+ and seeing people lose thousands quickly that a affiliate like Nickslots can do live streams for long periods most days, clearly play them when not streaming and barely lose year on year. You do not have to be that clever with maths to do the sums here and if somebody is doing £2-5 spins it does not take long to do £100's worth a spins where over time you in theory owe the casino around £6-10 depending on the %, that takes minutes if that, times that by hours and then days and weeks and then a year then it's impossible to sit playing slots like this even with incredible luck without losing a 6 figure sum. I questioned him in a friendly manner over this, he blocked me within 30 seconds. He seems to block every single comment that does not say "well done nick" "your a hero nick" "I want your babies nick"...I also think the charity donation is a massive decoy to the obvious here....I'm surprised the government/gambling commission is allowing all these affiliates to use youtube still, youtube closed them all down but let them all start up again, must do some serious damage to the weak minded especially the weekly "big win" brainwashing nickslots video's
  12. I always thought it was a con though Blindhaze. That it would come out in years to come but by then nobody could prove they lost all that money illegally and thus not claim it back unlike the PPI. "This machines is random" ...yet in a feature of 15 boxes one of which contains £500 I never once picked it after hundreds of tries. That line is also the biggest con in gambling, if everything was random they would not be making billions a year from it.
  13. The shop had 1 cashier and 3 punters me included. She was emptying a fobt when it went faulty. The shop was very small and quiet. You could clearly hear her say that is the quickest anybody has come out to fix the machines ie half an hour. There was around 480 when I glanced over, guy lost that, he then went back 4 times and reloaded 200 clips and lost that. The next person lost 600, in incredible speed. I could not believe the speed the money was being lost. I used to like playing them now and again but since the drop to £2 reduction I truly believe the %'s advertised to be false or misleading
  14. Thanks for answering Stop. Believe me it was not me who lost the money. I was having a few bets on the greyhounds. I noticed a guy with £400 in the fobt. He might have won initially but he lost all that, went back to the counter to load up more with his card numerous times then finally gave in. Somebody else jumped on thinking they were on a winner and did £600 and was moaning no feature. I was half tempted myself but I no longer take out my bank card to bookies for that very reason, you could end up losing thousands but the point of the story is how evil they still are. No wonder Ladbrokes are keeping most of their shops open. It just takes one of these a week to cover all their costs and the rest is pure profit. I made a comment on one of your video's SAS and you removed it. I was just curious you cannot do all this for the goodness of your heart, somebody must be paying you well so is it the bookies, or the online casino's as a affiliate ? Mentholdan. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks that about Nickslots. There's some really nasty people out there that want to get rich so long as it brings misery to others. For me fobts and online slots are gambling heroin. At least the gambling commission has put the breaks on that feature buying, that looked dangerous...could see people losing tens of thousands or basically their life savings in a evening
  15. The clue to how much money they still make is it was Sunday evening 7pm. She called out a fault on machine 3 and within 30 mins a guy was there to fix it. Imagine that kind of service when your boiler breaks down or your internet goes to pop. There is just no way these are on 94%. When I play them now and again they eat my money. Sorry mr stop and step but you must be heavily editing your video's because when I watch people play them nobody has your kind of luck and I know you lose from time to time. Are you really paid by the bookies to promote them ? I could do do that if so, I could not sleep at night being a gambling affiliate especially one like Nickslots who seems to arrogantly get enjoyment from getting people hooked to online slots with all those brainwashing big video's. Have you seen his comment section on his video's, all bad or negative comments are blocked instantly. I think that is disgusting.
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