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  1. Should respect everyone any way Darren is a good man soft soul others will take the mic out of him for what hes dry sense of humour iknow your a mod and these kind of people need to be band from the live stream in and instant
  2. Cant wait to watch the stream miss your live streams so much. Do you remember when you was live you accidentally done 2 spins of 50 pounds👀 I could not type fast enough and you said thanks jamie nut lol its nute still going to say nut I bet well I best not bet 🤣 any ways cant wait great news hopefully hyperlinks is with you👍 now this would be the dream stream🥳🥳🥳 5k cash out incoming...
  3. Stunning mate is there any chance I could watch the race if you have a video of the race congrats on that I myself could only dream of owning a horse 👌 shame about enable
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