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  1. 658 final balance. I hope you win more though. All the best
  2. Hi, could you do a eye of horus, Tridentia, and there are two other versions of eye of horus i've seen on that big bonus wheel machine i've seen you play before? Somewhere in the Arcade? Maybe a rise of anubus thrown in, too? How about a challenge to see if you can get some decent bonuses. I know they can be garbage, but 1 out of 3 can pay. Cheers
  3. One thing you learn about gambling is, 9 out 10 you lose, however that golden day hits. It just might be down to probability, or just luck, or even timing? Probably a bit of everything. I never give advice on gambling, especially slots. If i did have to give any wisdom, i would say if you win big... go buy a 65inch 4k tv or treat loved ones that very same day. Buy something or pay debt...otherwise the money starts catching alight in your pocket, the urge will come and you'll blow the lot the next day.
  4. Hi, dude. How about rise of Anubis, or Heidi and Hannah's bier haus? Good luck bud, hope you land some big wins.
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