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  1. Evening all, I came to point in September where I realised I need to make changes to get the most out of life-I’m only 37, a dad of one, have a good job and life however I have never been able to shake the gambling bug. Currently I’m just under 4 weeks without a bet on football/horses and the same for FOBTs which given my extensive habit for 15/16 years, I’m feeling pretty good. I’m over the ‘itch’ to constantly gamble for now but I certainly won’t be complacent and I’ve registered with gamstop, Moses (Casinos) and self-excluded from bookies. My
  2. Been there, done that so I feel your pain. although slightly older than you, I started way younger on slots at caravan park holidays...hitting £30 aged 10 was the first step down this road I guess! Been trying to stop on and off for near on 10 years. Even been made bankrupt in that time with a hefty five-figures. Am coming up for 4 weeks gambling and bet free but it will always be an issue. Made changes such as getting a new bank account to block gambling (hopefully mentioning it’s monzo won’t be an issue on here!), gamstop online, self-exclusion from bookies.
  3. Evening all. I just wanted to know if anyone else is experiencing poor returns on the FOBTs recently? Extremely hard to get any bonuses and when I do on £2 spin, I’m often left with a £4 win just for the symbols (no wins from spins-cheers eye of Horus!). Fishin frenzy is just as bad...no wins on the free spins, only seems to be fisherman catches and only ever with small values...
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