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  1. I have had 5 scrolls a few times and never got 500 😭
  2. Well there are several places that would be worth a look...I don't think stab vests cost that much nowadays 😄
  3. He doesn't look like his cartoon character at all! He is a lot thinner and has blonder hair!
  4. Still think you would have had more fun in Skegness😁
  5. On behalf of Seaton Slots due to him being on a business trip, he has asked me to say WTG Darren and welcome to the club.
  6. I agree with Seaton-slots, watching the returns that Darren was getting he would have been better off playing the base game as I am sure he would have earnt more playing 50 times as oppose to the bonus?? game.
  7. £100 spin? I know a man who did £176 a spin 🤣🤣😍 what does that make him?
  8. Oh dear!!!! No fish and chips for you on the seafront!!!😁 And to think I was going to buy you doughnuts too!
  9. Happy Birthday and many, many more to come 🥰
  10. Hello Darren, I think you will have a balance of 876.75... Good Luck and Merry Christmas x
  11. In another paper they claimed they won it on a one pound bet on The Pig Wizard!
  12. The music was bugging me so I used shazam to see if it could tell me but ….. No results! But it does sound like the old NES Adventureland music
  13. I am so pleased that you are finally admitting that it's your fault! 😀
  14. I do think they can become a bit boring, However, I have found that my money seems to last just a little bit longer on them.😁
  15. Happy Birthday!😃 Might I suggest playing Fortune favours the brave, I think its a newish game but is fast becoming one of my favourites or even Emperor's treasure. Good luck hope you win big!
  16. I play Reel King a lot and I have never seen a full screen like that, I have had £500 put its always been from a pot win. Well done 😁
  17. Why not make silly bets with your wife about the results of football matches, such as if Lincoln win 3- nil I will wash up. That way its a fun thing and not costing money.
  18. How strange! My first £500 was also on the old sit-down Elvis and was 5 pink cars.
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