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  1. Nice, I think the Bandit got over 100, years ago before he censored his YT content. I play the game for a few spins but rarely bonus. It is like Primal, down overall but when it hits it feels like you are well up on it.
  2. Some of it is to do with money laundering regulations as well. The Old Bill stop a local drug dealer with £5k in his pocket and he claims he got it from a slot machine and not saying which one because he has a winning system. Lottery only pays out £500 in a shop also for similar reasons. Of course crims can are still using bitcoin machines to hide large chunks of money after they phased out the 500 Euro notes. Casinos with their 10k jackpot machines have extra security to stop punters losing the plot chasing an obviously rarer big prize and to watch over larger cash amounts circulating the premises. Bookies would need a bouncer or two in each shop if they could offer such wins. In all honesty, it is better not to advertise such big wins in public. I would likely soil myself if a massive wild screen rolled in and being nearer my own bathroom is a great comfort.
  3. I prefer 10p a spin on Book Of Dead, White Rabbit or 9p on the DOA games but they won't let you do that with bonus funds. If they are going to pay they will pay at any stake. I haven't used a credit card to deposit for over 20 years, it was in the online poker boom a lot of cc firms started block gambling transactions and then withdrawing any winnings was too much red tape. Limiting players on one site is ok, but an affordability check needs to be linked like a credit check. Then real addicts will find their way back to FOBT and arcade slots. There are too many casino sites, more the ones that appeal to mobile players, and some of them are terrible with their playthrough requirements ie junglereeels 65x.
  4. Without knowing what games and stakes and how much you can afford to lose it is tough to answer the question. Personally I would set deposit limits, take a break or close account if need be, this at least buys you time to reflect on your actions. In my poker playing days some good advice was walk away from the game if you are tilted because it would still be there next week or year.
  5. My suggestion for online is to do a long play video 1 hour+ for people who want a longer stream type of format and a normal short play for the restless ones. Try out Golden Goddess, normal or jackpot version if you stumble upon it, thanks in advance.
  6. Not all of them but some give you another free spin if you have a win. It works out the same as one larger win and lots of dead spins, but there is an illusion of getting more from the game. Then they often put blockers on the third reel and loads of wilds on the 4th and 5th, or give you a line of honey badgers for sod all. They can be a pain to bonus as well, like Bonanza and WWTBAM so fairly boring for an occasional player. There seems to be more chance of winning Euromillions than hitting a theoretical 5-6 scatters or max megaways. I would prefer them to have more linked jackpot slots, so even on a small stake your next spin could hit for 5 figures as long as they don't mess with the RTP. More linked machines means more jackpots for average players. My small stakes are better spent on sports bets or 49's and less on slots because they don't hit big anymore.
  7. Agreed, also... Any slot can throw out massive wins but it can take months to see another one, unless you are playing everyday 100's of spins. I had to nanny myself and close/limit accounts to small deposits because they get inside your head that you just need to play a bit more to see a wild line or good bonus. A £20 deposit would extend into a £100+ slot session, which for me on normal wages isn't sensible. Best thing to do is switch games after 30-50 spins, if they are ready to pay they shouldn't take 200 spins and by then you might only break even. I put on my sports/lottery bets and do a few spins on 10 megaways slots with the rest of my weekly deposit limit. Keep it fun and all that boring advice.
  8. I wouldn't trust anyone doing prize draws in exchange for signups or to keep actively gambling. Fairly easy for someone to edit in a random draw with the required results and no arbiter. I don't even trust football draws and professional sport to be 100% legit, looking back at Platini and Grobbelaar, but they are the tip of the iceberg. Everyone is out to make money and I always think before handing mine over.
  9. Demo plays: go to SG Digital website > learn about our games. >try some of our games. Not all of them work and they don't have every game but many are playable. I done about 12 bonus buys on 300 shields and got one good bonus and Gods Of Olympus Megaways plus some of the other megaways were fun to trial with chunks of money I would never bet. It has a force option on some slots so you can just bring in the scatters or bonus you want to see. Some FOBT and casino slots too. It's a nice place for people who are on Gamstop or just don't want to give details to... until some busybody closes that loophole.
  10. To be fair Darren doesn't promote chasing on FOBT's, his max loss is about £400, since the old roulette days. Even his online stuff is mild, he could really up the stakes, hype and get more signups but that doesn't seem to be his way. Well maybe he wants more people to go to the bingo hall. As for dodgy machines, 7 Neighbours and Trono have highlighted the perils of motorway services slots, without being sponsored to do so. Most people have no business putting a grand in a machine unless they are laundering cash, go to a proper casino if you want to bet like that.
  11. If you are betting within limits then spending more on one action shouldn't be an issue. Magic Mirror and Captain Venture type games that go 100's of spins without a bonus are worse because it seems inevitable you are going to be in deep before seeing a reasonable bonus. DOA2 needs a bonus buy because the base game is so boring and then the bonus does nothing 99% of the time. The truth is players like to be on the right side of the volatility but complain when it bites them and bonus buys highlight a snapshot of how bad it can be.
  12. With PP/ Betfair merging with Stars and the relaxation of US gaming laws firms like WH will be looking to put gaming machines and investments there. I remember the good old days where there were less bookies covering more horse racing and events, people would buy their own Sporting Life or Racing Post and sit at a table to pick out selections. They would discuss the merits of certain horses to each other or be conjuring up some correct score permutation. The staff would ring up for an ante post price.There was more of a community like a reasonable pub. They built a house of cards. Nowadays they are just glorified arcades with too many anonymous people in them. They should go back to being bookmakers primarily, with maybe a couple of £100 slots in the corner.
  13. I wouldn't swap it for Wicked Tales: Dark Red. I really like that slot and the young damsel. Never see any streamers playing it.
  14. With slots It isn't like you intend to lose the £200, the compulsion takes over and excuses any guilt or fear. With betting exchanges you can trade out in-running so putting a large bet on over 2.5 goals and a saver on 0-0 isn't so risky. Of course putting a large bet on anything without a chance to trade gets most people thinking unless you are Harry Findlay or similar.
  15. I used to watch the live streams the next day, maybe like a lot of peeps who go out of an evening or have family, which defeats the object of Darren spending his time setting them up. Most of these live streamers are just desperate affiliates, which I don't put Darren in that category. That said some longer videos, with more slots maybe less spins and a 10k casino slots now and again is fine for me.
  16. Online, same as sports and lotto bets because it is more accessible and you don't have an audience, or messing about with a terminal that is busy or clunky. I only have one betting account now with a low limit on it to do my bets and a few spins on some megaways all under control🙃. Not that I have ever been a big hitter, but playing at a dozen different sites before could mean hundreds into my overdraft each month.
  17. Darren's content probably covers his costs and a small profit. The bingo hall, bookies, casino and arcade don't generate any revenue directly and he was doing those for a long time before doing online. They all change casino sites because a lot of people have signed up to the established sites already. The big hype streamers encourage addicts and want large amounts of people to signup for their affiliate links, actively play on the sites for the comps they run as well. I had a 250k win on Reel King in demo mode, which is the same as watching a streamer doing it with money that is meaningless. In the real world you aren't going to be a bit glum losing 50k and carry on doing the same the next week for very long, something doesn't quite add up.
  18. Similar kind of issues as mcshadypies, too easy to gamble online. Even the most sensible, intelligent rational person can get led down the path. Look up Justyn Ress Larcombe, an ex army major, 6 figure salary. A £5 free bet led him to eventually lose 750k, divorce and his family life. He bounced back, swum the channel and is now helping a debt charity. I had to stop online because I would overspend, even with a budget I would just join a new site to chase a bonus on some slot game that could pay massively. It all started with a mega win on Gonzo's Quest with an overstake at Pokerstars, eventually I had to stop playing on that site after losing a lot of money back. Sports betting never got me chasing like that. If I really want a bet now it is in a shop and I don't feel the need to touch the FOBT's. Darren's content is a good fix which helps or playing on SG Digital website with loads of demo slots. There isn't a need to play slots anymore for cash for me, having an understanding how they work. Haven't had the 300 Shields Extreme 300x yet, but have had Super Big Money on Beavis and Butthead... well I just selected the force. Good luck to anyone struggling.
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