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  1. Skipped the 3rd race. Vinndication 6/1 fav looks tempting but he has jumped right before, has plenty of weight, it's Topspeed figure is midtable and there are potentially many flies in the ointment. Cogry would be my punt at 20/1, although the Racingpost don't agree, no shock to see almost anything win this race.
  2. Some guesses for Tuesday: 1 FiddlerontheRoof 13/2 2 Esprit Du Large 11/1 3 Espante 7/2 4 No bet on the mares race between the front 2 so no value imho. 5 Mithouka 33/1 6 Sprinfield Fox 7/1 The races can be a bit of a lottery and not always won by the best form horse. Mine are just a rabid bunch that have won on testing tracks/conditions at places like Thurles, Exeter, Sandown, Fairyhouse, Kempton and Hereford. Gone ew on the 5 fold and win trebles. On the day I will back the singles on the exchange because realistically one winner would be profit and a good
  3. Build the swarm to the final part of level 4 on a small stake then switch to a bigger stake. It can be incredibly volatile taking ages to pop the swarm and pay a terrible bonus. It is a good game for streamers but for low rollers like me best to stick to small stakes and trying different slots.
  4. 777 Heaven and Sevens and Melons were great machines by Project. I always loved the sounds, hidden holds and that the boxed bars doubled the win. Another fav of mine was Only Fools And Horses with the big dice at the top. All the token machines seemed more fun, apart from the brainless Bar X ones that the old folk enjoyed.
  5. Best to stick to cash and the bookies, maybe a few bets to fill the week away from the slots. Online promises a lot but most players never stay ahead, often the casino conspires to rip my balance after giving me a decent win. There are too many sites online, even with deposit limits, and it gets into your life whenever you put the computer on. The worse thing is having a massive win because the slot takes it all back gradually, streamers do this all the time.
  6. For the casino they are getting their vacant machines played plus some other cost savings. From the footage it is like playing an emulator and not a real cabinet, there is no casino atmosphere with background noise which you get betting on live table games.
  7. 7 Neighbours has some good content and he doesn't peddle.
  8. Barney Gumble


    Raging Rhino original, Pragmatic Play slots, Motorhead, Queen Of Riches, Golden Goddess, Dragon's Luck Power Reels, Wicked Tales, Dark Red, Immortal Romance and the reskins.. They can all pay well on low stakes and fun to play which is important for me. I can't stand playing boring Blueprints or megaways paying out 12p wins.
  9. If you have to invest 100x before you start it's going to be tougher than playing the base game. Most players are never going to get a 90%+ RTP because it would take too much investment to get a fair average. Someone will post up a 10000X + win in time, in a way I am glad Darren didn't because the questions it puts. It must have to churn out some massive wins to make the RTP, how and to who it does that leaves me very sceptical, more than these linked jackpot machines. Games like Chill, White Rabbit, Bonanza and some other BTG's had decreasing bonus buys as you played the base and got th
  10. The trade off with FOBT and arcade versions is they bonus more often and give out more wins. Darren always seemed to do well on Thai Flower FOBT bonus, but the online one probably doesn't pay so well. With online slots like Book Of Dead , DHV, Lil Devil you don't want a premium symbol because it is very unlikely to give you 4 and 5 of a kind, it's just a theoretical win that gets you chasing... like the DOA2 end bonus.
  11. Both of those casinos had allowed problem gamblers to make massive deposits on credit without enough checks. There was a recent case where Betway done the same. That site recently blocked my offers because they didn't like me winning free bets which covered my slot losses, so I restricted my account to 20 quid a month. Certain sites cater to high volume players and streamers, they don't like the small fish and offer very few bonuses once you get settled in.
  12. Maybe they had complaints about his activities and lack of openness on the yt platform. Problem gamblers might of cited his channel. He is still promoting videoslots and casumo, which fell foul of the UKGG laws. Credit card firms and banks are really cracking down on debt and it wouldn't surprise me if certain streamers are heavily reliant on new affiliates to cover their debts and gambling.
  13. I like the highly volatile slots and in my mind every spin could be a massive bonus or wild line, there is no logic to it. I have to limit my slots to once a week excluding free spin promotions and do sports bets the rest of the week, which are kind of fun and not compulsive for me. Moderation can work but depends on the person. Some things can't be. I had to stop drinking/smoking years ago because it was the only way. Lucky I can still gamble a bit and do other hobbies without wrecking myself.
  14. I used a CC in the early days of online poker but they started blocking withdrawals so you needed an e wallet account and had to get your bank account verified, then the site wanted you to withdraw back to the original card. I am sure much of it was done so players could gamble large amounts on credit quickly and they didn't have to payout the winners very easily, all the time earning a lot of interest on the money. Much easier to use debit card now, if anyone messes you about with that then the site isn't legit, plus the money is very real so if I spend that I won't have any petrol to get to
  15. Had over 300 x on a 10p stake but must be down on the game overall. As with most Megaways there is a very small window of opportunity. My other theory is if you hit big on one game it claws it back later on, maybe not just by the RNG. When you leave some slots on a win it recalls that when you reload the game, it must have a log of all your spins somewhere. The other thing is games that owe me a bonus play better after a few dead sessions. For many reasons I switch my fav slots to new ones, just seems to get a fairer spread of luck.
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