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  1. To be fair i've had some success with the new £2 a spin roulette. Cashed out 100 from 50 the other week. Then spent 20 on slots on another FOBT...i've played 100 quid on 2 and 1 quid stakes and had nothing. Very volatile! Especially drops of gold, that's on my ban list now.
  2. As i've heard SS say every time I play this I just think "Typical Horus"! Never seen anyone else or ever had a big win. I'm sure they do happen though....
  3. Blimey, sounds like it's not just me who had a sh*tty weekend! Wonder how much is actually real cash then? Or do these "high roller" streams have an agreement where they get a % of their losses back? Does SS do the same with affiliation? Noticed he uses Dream Vegas a lot. Seen him use Paddy Power and he lost it all as far as I remember. Sounds about right going from my experience of PP...!
  4. Cheers for the replies, agree totally. Since the first post i've made it even worse, lost about another £325. Deposited in total £425 yesterday 😐 (off work so temptation kicked in). Deal or No Deal Live & Monopoly Live... won almost £90 on ML from a 50p stake... Cashed out 75 and tried to turn 25 on DOND live into more to recoup some but to no avail. Spent about £50 trying to get a £5 qualification on DOND Live and still didn't make much.... Cashed out the 25 so at least I saved 100. Definitely time to wind it in, i've set limits up on PP and Casumo. Just really p***es me off that people can get huge wins from grinding out 18p/36p/20p/40p stakes and when I try it nothing! Spent £40 last night and played for about 2 hours on DOA, tried 18p and 36p stakes, autoplays etc got 3 bonuses and they all paid less than the line wins! Won £20 on a line win from a 36p stake! No idea how people get these huge wins from tiny stakes on DOA. Is it regular play at those stakes that matters maybe? One a week? One a month? Who knows! Maybe the best strategy is to set myself these limits and then any wins can contribute to getting some of this back. Could take a long time but at least I won't be losing huge amounts if I limit myself to £10-20 a week max. Thanks for all the help, I appreciate it. Reading other peoples stories helps too. Realistically, can it take years to hit big wins on slots? Perhaps i'm hoping it will just happen quickly but in reality the casino's like to see years of play before you hit a big win.
  5. Thanks for your reply. Have watched that guys Ted talk on YT and just goes to show it can happen to anyone. Glad he managed to turn it around. To be fair Casumo does have a play for free option, might be worth a go. I put another 100 in Casumo and played various stuff tonight, WWTBAM (no bonus at all!). Bought bonuses on Extra Chilli and even with gambling to 24 spins and got 8 on a retrigger only got 60 quid! Cashed out 65, I'm done I think. Just way too variable. Probably did the best on Live Roulette and Texas Hold Em... the latter is way too risky really though. Need to bet big to win big... (Not gonna happen now!) The slots RTP's are misleading really, I'm sure the slots just pay out depending on your history of win/loss and what other people are winning/losing on that slot. Scratchcards and maybe some small sports bets from now on.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Definitely, i'm not a rich person, however I can afford to lose it but it's still gutting. It's a big percentage of my monthly wage. Yes i'm usually a pretty rational person and only started gambling heavy about a month ago. Think it was a combination of boredom and work stress. Stupid really. Biggest i'd usually do before that is the odd 20 quid on online roulette. I've not told anyone about any of this yet and hope not too unless necessary. Biggest worry is if I go for a mortgage how to explain what i've been doing for the last 4 weeks... I know they check at least 3 months of accounts. Problem is like everyone there is still that urge "just put another 100 quid in you might get the grand back"... then the rational side of me says yes and you could be another £1k down too... I try small stakes but never get anywhere unfortunately. Did £10 on 777 in the bookies yesterday on 20p stakes and nothing. Each to their own but it just seems like it's very very very hard to win on small stakes. Maybe I should just stick to scratchcards.
  7. Lost over £900 over the last few days, Friday night spent about 300 trying to get a decent bonus on Legacy of Ra, put about 200 into WWTBAM on PaddyPower and was about 105 up, spent £10 on bookies slots, £10 on scratchards then went on Casumo last night again on WWTBAM and put 50 in and said i'll put the extra 35 in and that's it... ended up putting in £500 trying to get a half decent bonus, biggest bonus win £65 😡 (so 500 on top of the 85) then had a break and put another £10 on King Kong Cash 20p spins (nothing). All in all i'm down about a grand at least including the 80 I lost in the week and the 80 last weekend.... Do I take a break or quit completely? I'm obviously doing really bad. Thing is I deposited 200 last weekend and walked away with 700... think that swayed me this weekend that it would happen again. I'd like to think i'm a rational person but really think it's time for a reality check!
  8. Agree with you, it's brutal, i've lost circa £900 over the last 2 days. I'm either quitting or taking a break for a while. Bloody WWTBAM on Casumo... £500 without even a decent bonus. FML! Quit now and just do scratchards setting a limit each week.
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