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  1. Hi buddy I think you should do a live stream with maybe a £5000 deposit and play the £10000 jackpot games and see if you can hit the big one live
  2. Hi all I’ve just registered on gamstop with a 5 year ban does anybody know how it works does it know all the sites I use to gamble or do I have to add them all myself I need to stop before my wife leaves me it’s only the odd £20 or £50 here and there but never win and now I’m betting my phone bill money or the credit card payment so need to stop bigtime
  3. Hi all do we know who the winners were when the site reached 1000 members just to be nosey ??
  4. Wicked cheers buddy I can now see a few I’ve missed nice 1
  5. Hi all I’ve been watching Darren’s vids for a few years now but does anybody have footage of stopandsteps first ever YouTube video just interested more than anything as I’ve now worked my way through all the videos that have been uploaded on YouTube but they don’t really go back that far cheers all
  6. Same here played centurion a few days ago only deposited £30 won over £200 was as happy as a pig in sh👌T played agin yesterday and today and totally sucked me dry I’ve had the same on the goonies bloody game lol 😂
  7. I liked watching you on live streams but now I only watch nick slots he plays some good games and donates a lot of money to charity witch is great he does a few giveaways too just a pity I never win one lol
  8. Mine has to be the gooines amazing game best bonus has to be sloths free spins worst for me is book of ra can seem to spend loads and not even manage a win never mind the bonus
  9. Jimbob2306


    Hi all just a quick msg to say hi to all
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