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  1. Get on Micro Knights Darren, good luck. 👍🏻
  2. Not a huge bonus as I had a lot of dead spins but this one definitely contains a monster win if your lucks in, Anyone else played this yet?
  3. Always been one of my favourites this game, not my biggest X win but still cannot complain with 4 retriggers, lovely start to an isolated weekend. Also Darren If you could play this next time and give us a shout out mate. 😂👍🏻
  4. Darren can you play micro knights? Game can go nuts when it wants to.
  5. Yeah regardless of stake this can drain funds very quickly, I play from 50p to £7.50 on this one and like anything it’s luck, I had three other world bonuses in about a dozen spins on £7.50 before, you just don’t always get lucky enough to activate Cthulhu even if you get the maximum seven effects. I can’t grumble though as this is one of the few slots that I’m in heavy profit on.
  6. Big fan of this game despite most people saying it doesn’t pay big.
  7. I’ll second this one, can pay really well soon as you get 5+ portal effects.
  8. I played this the other day, £250 later I’d had nothing In the way of wins, jumped on black knight and left the shop £100 up and grateful.😂
  9. Didn’t even activate Garga but who’s complaining when you hit this on low stakes. 😎
  10. Your probably bored of seeing this nice but I do like it when the king pops up multiple times in a session for the big returns. Full screen pays a grand on £2 spins.
  11. At 45x multiplier anything goes for huge money, all the luck hitting the lamps to then not even be able to string a line of symbols, such is life though, onto the next one.
  12. How about this, I really thought when I hit these retirggers it was going massive. The last twenty spins went to dead spin city.. 😂
  13. Had a break from gambling for a bit and hit these two within ten minutes of each other today. £250 in £1500 out.. Tasty 😎
  14. You playing in the bookies I guess?
  15. Big fan of The Bandits videos but the last one was a tough watch at times, he can obviously afford these big stakes though so fair play to him and he actively discourages people from copying what he does and frankly you’d be silly to try and emulate him, I’ll stick to my regular £1 and £2 stakes. 😂
  16. All withdrawn at a little under 1800, not worth continuing the session beyond that as it’s so unlikely I’d have hit anything better at £1 stakes.
  17. Nice hit to start the weekend, the majority of the spins were dead, otherwise this really would have been massive. A little under £300 spent to get this so no complaints here. 😎
  18. Yeah this was a nice hit especially considering how little I’d spent, I did have a near full screen of the kings not to long ago and that was a bumper payout.
  19. Thought I’d play this tonight and after three dead spins on the fourth it drops this, not bad at all.
  20. Really like this game but still can’t seem to manage anything above roughly 500x, anyone here had big wins?
  21. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that game is toxic, seems to offer nothing..
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