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  1. Nice hit to start the weekend, the majority of the spins were dead, otherwise this really would have been massive. A little under £300 spent to get this so no complaints here. 😎
  2. Yeah this was a nice hit especially considering how little I’d spent, I did have a near full screen of the kings not to long ago and that was a bumper payout.
  3. Thought I’d play this tonight and after three dead spins on the fourth it drops this, not bad at all.
  4. Really like this game but still can’t seem to manage anything above roughly 500x, anyone here had big wins?
  5. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks that game is toxic, seems to offer nothing..
  6. That’s incredibly unlucky, had golden goose many times but in all that time only had 1000x once on a £1 stake, numerous 500x wins over the years.
  7. Anyone else play this at William Hill? Seems to go nuts for me, play this solely on 80p stake which is a bit lower than I usually play other slots but potential still there for big returns, hasn’t been shy at all.
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