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  1. Rainbow riches pic n mix, gold pot at £100 stake "by accident I may add" £50.000 😍 happy days
  2. Bet 365 are decent for online sports betting in my opinion, I've never had an issue like
  3. Yes I did withdraw it all, bar for the 80 odd quid which I left in for footy bets an horse's etc
  4. A nice win from early this year "by accident really " I was playing 2£ a spin an hadn't had a bonus for a while, wen it initially come in on £2 it give me 250£ ×2£ stake so win was 500£ , why I was playing me mate asked me what the max stake was , I looked and it was £ 100, anyway basically why we was still talking I forgot to put the stake back down, 2 spins later that happened, gold pot at a 100£ stake 😍😍
  5. I've been hammering him on his live stream ha ha, asked him loads of times if he's playing with worthless money, all you get out of him is "CLEAN, CLEAN" as he points at his balance, the guy is an absolute sausage 😬
  6. Thanks for the reply, maybe I've just been very unlucky ,who knows, I just feel like that casino kind of owes me a half decent win now, I'll maybe give it another 5/6 hundred then call it a,day on there if still no joy, does anyone know what the hockey game is called what the guy above mentioned?
  7. No I don't mind who replys tbh, I've never taken a single bonus since playing on there, I don't play loads of games on there really, danger, magic mirror, a few other megaways, just really, really struggle on there, , had a 5 £ bonus on magic mirror last night , paid under 50£, worst casino I've played on tbh, I just feel it owes me a half decent win now!
  8. Hello, this question is to stop and step really tbh, just not sure how msg him personally, answer it via my email if you dont want to answer on here, it's about dream vegas which I know you frequent, basically what's your opinion on the site? Bin playing on there getting on 6/8 weeks now playing 2/5£ stakes an I'm still yet to have a win over 450£, I've depostid nearly 6k!, my experience of other online casino, e.g , 365, ladbrokes, coral, sky bet have never been no where as dismal as dream vegas, just wondering your true opinion, the, Colin
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