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  1. Happens a lot, in the past few weeks i've had it numerous times on Well Well Well game. One of the times it only took 4 spins to hit Jackpot, as you say you almost feel cheated not to be able to use all those other spins!
  2. Thats interesting. I understand the % pay out etc, what i've never been sure of is, is that by machine, by game, by shop, by county...... Just stuck me as odd that over numerous days and in different shops it was wins galore! Time to not get greedy, might change to 20p games for a while!
  3. Hi all, just a question about slot games. i used to play roulette quite a bit but since the £2 stake have moved to slots with a bit of success here and there. that is until the last two weeks. Had a go on Well Well Well game in the premium play and within my first £20 won £380. Almost every day since I’ve done really well, I’m up over £3k, had two jackpots yesterday on £70. The guy on the machine next to me had done £300 on another slot game, switched to Well Well Well and in £30 he had left won over £300. Tonight just put £70 in and although I only had £12 left again won Jackpot. is this just pure fluke or can the bookies make certain games pay out? be interested in thoughts.
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