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  1. Wow, mind blown Well the funds got transferred back into my account at 4am So very happy with that
  2. Be that guy, the floor is yours...
  3. That's great Darren, thanks for that, also just finished watching your 50k special, what a video and well done, don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet
  4. Wow that's ridiculous. Do you still play them or do you just stay well clear with the new law?
  5. Yeah man, haven't we all Very impressive win! 7k? Woah My record is 2.5k on a fobt. Even with the new £2 stake you can still definitely do a lot of damage, that £500 I lost I could of really used today but of course it's my own fault, just glad I managed to get £700 back before I done even more damage
  6. Yeah I definitely will do! Thanks! But I am going to be honest, it's not so much a win, ended up tilting and put in £1200 altogether... A bit embarrassing haha.
  7. Yeah I was really hoping with tomorrow, I know because of the weekend it might delay it. I use an online bank called Monzo, they are usually very quick, I wasn't sure if it was to do with the bank or if William hill had certain payout times and if it's to do with the amount withdrawing
  8. Hello everyone, I just won £700 tonight on a fobt at William hill, withdrew it at around 6pm The funds went back onto my card Does anyone know if it will be most likely on my card tomorrow or Saturday? They said up to five days but I could really do with the funds over the weekend Thanks :)
  9. Hey Darren, big fan! I would like to see you trying to win the £10 000 jackpot at a casino, there are a few five pound games that allow you to win this Good luck!
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