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  1. Hey darren no video for tonight?
  2. Hey Darren seems as tho we are back on lockdown will we see the return of Sunday live streams?
  3. Gutted live stream was the best videos maybe could you do 1 a month or something?
  4. Any video today Darren? And is there a live stream Sunday?
  5. Would love the live streams to continue on a Sunday was the best videos of the week please keep doing them Darren
  6. Ffs Darren live streams are better then the shifty bookies videos was waiting for a live stream tonight hope you change this and do live stream on a Sunday bit pissed off if I'm honest was looking forward to it
  7. My guess £3245 think you will have a good week hopefully go Darren
  8. Jammin jars is crap never gets any decent wins
  9. Flame busters deal or no deal megaways please can you deposit £2000 and make it a long one like before love all the vids keep it up
  10. Flame busters and fat rabbit please also shout out please love the live stream vids
  11. Either flame busters or drops of gold big bets
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